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Greatness, Finally


May 19, 2008 by mescu619

phone had great interface, reception, and sound quality.
mediaflo works great, disabled 3g and battery life doubles.

Simply Awesome!


Feb 25, 2009 by skidudephil

This is the best value in a GSM phone going right now. Full HTML browser, responsive touch screen, mobile TV and video share capable. I got mine for free on contract at Costco with a case, car charger and headset plus free activation.

The touch screen is a bit cumbersome for texting but otherwise great execution all around. Battery life is surprisingly good. Excellent music phone and the large hi-res screen makes it great for games as well as for mobile TV or CV viewing. Best free phone I've ever had!



Apr 20, 2011 by cfchestnut

The LG VU CU920 is definitely sleek and stunning made by LG, you can see the world in a whole light, check out crystal clear TV, web, pictures, or videos on a large, intuitive touch screen. I got the utmost with mobile entertainment and downloaded over 50 videos from Mobiles24.com network along with applications, ebooks, ringtones, wallpaper and games directly through the USB and connecting through mass storage to my SD Micro Card. I haven't use the music player, and enjoyed using the 2.0 megapixel camera and recorded video.

On the LG-Vu.com mobile network I spoke directly with a live technician who answered all of my additional questions.

There are lot's of Network's that allow you free downloads which includes;


So start enjoying your LG VU CU920 phone. Att offers a lot of nice downloads for a small price.

piece of crap phone.


Feb 7, 2011 by jasmine34

This phone should never have even entered stores. It is glitchy, slow, flimsy, and a waste of money.

Horrible Customer service and Phone


Dec 31, 2010 by ariona91

I really really liked my phone when i first got it. I thought that it was very nice looking and
easy to use. Then the problems started. my screen started to not work within a couple of months. It would just randomly freeze and i would have to take the battery out to get it to do anything. Now i have had it for just over a year and i can no longer make phone calls my battery could be completely charged, and if i go to make a call i can talk for about 30 seconds to a minute before my phone will shut off. i am not happy at all with this phone. and now because my phone is pretty much un-usable and i have to buy a new phone. and pay the 75 dollar early upgrade charge. I purchase the insurance for when things like this happen and they will not replace it.

Glad I got this as a free upgrade


Oct 23, 2010 by 9h05t26

1. Cam takes great pix (Had to get use to the auto focus feature though)
2. Web browser is pretty good (considering it's an OEM browser)
3. Endless possibilities when it comes to adding custom themes, ring tones etc (not recommended for noobies due to chance of bricking the phone if not done right)
4. Great call quality both out of the handset and speaker
5. Decent amount of on board memory

1. Touch screen sucks big time (had to constantly calibrate it and even then it was still off)
2. The TV ($9.99/month for the few channels they offer isn't worth it)
3. Battery life is ok (had to buy a brand new battery after owning it for only 3 months)
4. QWERTY keyboard is not for people with big fingers (or big thumbs like me for that matter)
5. Long load time when accessing pics (or if you have a lot of stuff on the memory card)
6. Only capable of hold up to a 4GB Micro SD card (my LG GS390 Prime can hold up to a 16GB Micro SD card)
7. Lack of customization options without having to access the phones system files (see Pro #3 for more info)
8. Lack of file system access (wanted to install a better media player but first had to mod a java security file in the phone in order to allow full file system access)
9. Proprietary cable system (can't buy an off the shelf USB cable for data transfers like with most phones)
10. Antenna for TV kind of pointless since it uses data
11. Limited A/V format compatibility
12. Sub-par Java version

All in all, if you paid money for this phone, I feel sorry for you. It's not worth the price.



Oct 17, 2010 by db051504

This phone is terrible dont buy it. It is fine for the first 3 months but then quickly goes down hill. My battery has had to be changed 3 times, the screen goes blank anytime. Applications just come on without trying. The TV is a JOKE, and should not be placed on this phone. My contract with this phone is up in 5 days and I cant wait to get rid of this thing. The ONLY thing that is good about this phone is the amount of texts that it holds. Again, do not get this phone it is terrible.

Stay far far away from this P.O.S.


Aug 5, 2010 by hatesLGphones

It's hard to stay within the terms of use here at Phonescoop about not using profane language in a review about the LG CU920 Vu.

If a salesman tries to push one off on you, punch him in the mouth and ask for someone who knows phones.


Smashing it in to tiny bits with a hammer after trying to use it is actually satisfying, despite the fact that you can only do this once. I suggest a belt sander or grinding wheel to powderize it so that it no longer exists.


LG makes box fans and vaccuum cleaners. If you want a phone that blows and sucks, this phone is for you.

Reception: To improve reception between your LG Vu and anyone you're trying to call, put the phone in a can and run a string between the can and another can held by the people you're trying to call.

Touchscreen Calibration: There is a menu option for this, but if you actually get it to work properly, go to Vegas. You're on a hot streak of luck. Forget trying to text with this piece of crap. It's not gonna happen.

Camera: The camera takes 2 kinds of pictures: blurry and crappy.

Battery life: Flies live longer.

Overheating: Nice on a cold day, until the battery dies, within a few hours.

There is nothing, absolutely nothing good about this phone whatsoever.



Aug 3, 2010 by interwine

I have to say, even with all of it's quarks, I love this phone. Though recently I have been having annoying battery problems that have me frustrated with the Vu.

-Though it may look cheap, its pretty strong. I cannot count how many times I have dropped mine. This phone has been tossed out a window, chewed by my dog, and caught in a sprinkler. Sure its scratched, but its not broken!
-love the design! It is very sleek and light weight.
-easy to use. took me 10 mins to figure this phone out. It is VERY user friendly.
-touch screen is NOT heat sensitive. I have long nails, so typing on a iPhone is hard for me. But it is very easy on the Vu.
-good service, I almost always have connection.

-I've had to replace the battery three times, due to the fact they do not hold charge after awhile. I cant be away from the charger for more then 10 mins.
-If I go on youtube the video/sound quality is horrible.
-even if i delete all of my voice mails, the icon can still remain for a day or too later, but eventually goes away.
-scrolling is weird, sometimes it jumps up to the top.
-have to delete messages often, as inbox fill up fast.

Overall, I still love this phone. In the end, the battery is my biggest complaint. Regretfully, I am parting with it in a few days to get either the Samsung Captivate or the new 4G iPhone. But I have a feeling I am going to miss the simplicity and durability of my Vu.

stressed and dissapointed


May 25, 2010 by ninersmama

I had gotten this phone as a replacement for the two lg shines i had already gone through (switched for malfunction). I loved it when I first got it but the little things started happening. Like dropped calls and not receiving calls or messages (wreaks havoc on a relationship). Also screen started freezing up so I had the phone replaced under warranty and within two weeks of that the battery wouldn't stay charged more than 20 minutes and so I had the battery replaced and then the screen started peeling off and now I am right back to the same problem that I was having with the first one. So now I have to pay to replace it under my insurance.

big screen
full qwerty key pad or regular numerical key pad

Drops calls (AT&T)
Loses signal for no reason in places where I normally have service
screen freezes up
touch calibration constantly having to be reset
small amount of storage for messaging (100)

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