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Probably The worst.


Feb 28, 2010 by victor15968

Ive had this phone for one year .
It was me replacement for my quickfire , Witch i loved .
i just sent it back because they recalled it . it says its charging while its not on the charger , it turns itself off all the time and the touchscreen jumps around and get pushed all over the place like helen keller on a trampoline .
overalll i was not impressed and will not buy another lg phone .

the worst phone ever


Feb 25, 2010 by mewu

I bought LG CU920 4 months ago, it has lots of background voice and cut off conversation frequently, sometimes I heard my own voice. It was spooky, right? I finally decided to call AT&T since it was still under warranty. Since it passed 30days, I only can get refurbished one. I don't mind to get refurbished one as long as it works. However, I got one yesterday. The phone died in the middle of talking during the first phone call I made!!! I was so upset!!! This is the only phone I have, now it doesn't vibrate, it doesn't ring and I can't hear anything. The only function left is text messaging. Thank God. I am still able to contact with outside world. I had many cell phones before. I upgrade my phone every 1.5 yrs. LG CU920 is truly the worst one I have ever had. It has sleek fancy looking but it just doesn't work appropriately.

First Touch Phone


Feb 25, 2010 by Rickm321

This is the first touch screen phone I have owned. The touch matrix seems vague although I recalibrate frequently. I have big hands and I always search for a phone that i feel comfortable that I can hit the correct key. This has been a problem with the LG for text and calls. I backspace and re-enter more than I dial or type correctly the first time. The most disturbing fact I have found after 8 months with the phone is that if I am connected to another caller for more than 2.5 minutes my audio goes out and the other party cannot hear me. My son has the same phone and his has already been replaced for sim card and power issues. Could we just be the recipients of two bad phones from RS?

decent phone


Nov 26, 2009 by clearwater_man

i have had this phone for a while now and its not to bad just seems to be a tiny bit glitchy

Very Disappointed


Nov 12, 2009 by flyaussie

My excitement died when the screen cracked in less than 3 months. It's now been a total of 7 months since I first got this phone and I've had a total of 3 go to phone heaven already!! I had never ever had a phone break on me before in over 10 years of cell phone use.

decent phone but not recommended


Nov 11, 2009 by kenzie88

I got this phone this summer of 2009. It is now november and i just got my referb phone today. I havent even had the refurb more than 12 hours and it is junk. When i first got this phone i loved it, then the quirks came and i delt with them till the screen would freeze and it would shut off. So as i said had to get a referb and that one is still junk. Im switching to the blackburry pearl, not touch screen but has alot of the same ideas.... Overall i loved this phone at first and then now i despise it

Bad first impressions


Nov 3, 2009 by Techmanwithphones

I was having an issue with my samsung solstice and got this phone as a replacement.

Full keyboard (touchscreen only)

The keyboard requires me to use a stylus to even come close to getting the right letter (tried calibration 4 times)

The menu is very unfriendly, i randomly get places that I was no where near (I got to the alarm screen while typing a text message)

TV functionality requires an additional 15 dollars a month on AT&T but either way I have the icon on the main menu of my phone, I just know one of these days I will accidently access it and get charged

The phone unlocks itself in ones pocket

Scrolling is counter-intuitive

Apparently a major problem with this phone, I can't speak on it for more than 5 minutes without the phone shutting off on me. Plugging it in fixes this, but who really wants to plug in their phone to make a call.

Final thoughts:
I had phones four years ago that were both cheaper and better than this, I think I might go dig one of those out of storage and use them.

lg vue = Garbage


Oct 14, 2009 by widget

1. will teather to lap top and go on line nicely.
1. cannot carry contacts or calender to lap top, was told by lg that you could and would be able to. third party software never came out. software company advise that they never would make the software for that phone. lg`s opinion on the matter, oh well, they didn't seem to care.
2. the screen shorted out after 18 months of light duty use= 100 to 300 minutes a month.
3. phone kept droping calls

LG Vu good phone


Jul 27, 2009 by arspear

The LG Vu is in my opinion a great phone, it does everything i need it to do. Sure the phone has terrible reviews on this web site but they sound like they are from some of the most absent minded people. I mean sure the TV feature is going to cost extra, that is a lack of research on that owners fault, and the antenna on the phone is flimsy, but is was made like that, to be able to bend to both sides, try it. And another bad review says the phone falls out of pocket too easy. I don't understand that at all how can someone be complaining about this, this means the phone is slim and has a sleek and curved design, since when is that a bad thing. Any way i own the phone and haven't had any problems with it, it is a magnet for fingerprints but buy some screen protectors and your set.

Perfect Phone with more than basic features


Apr 24, 2009 by LGSDude

The LG Vu really took me by suprise. At $79 it's easily the best phone for the price. A large display and an intuitive user interface make this phone a champ. Perfect for those who want a little more than just a phone to make calls, the LG handles music, video and pictures better than some of the more expensive cameras. With an incredible number of accessories available including from websites like Talkietech.com and accessorygeeks.com, the LG Vu offers more than just a simple phone.

The phone is easy to use, mainly because of the brilliant way LG put together the interface. A button to make calls, a button to pull up your contacts, a dedicated camera button and everything in between. The phone is stylish, sleek and even offers live TV.

However, the real advantage of this phone is that it does not require you to sign up with a data plan. Whereas other phones including the Eternity or Omnia may require a data plan for similar features, the LG Vu simply requires a call plan and that's it.

One of the only flaws with the phone is that the TV button cannot be removed from the main screen. It is really annoying for those who are not interested in the service and takes away from all the other features that the LG VU offers.

For anyone looking for something a little more than your standard cell phone, for an unbeatable price, the LG Vu is just the phone for you. No need to read the manual, and easy to use straight out of the box. A+ for this phone.

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