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Good phone


Dec 12, 2008 by d0kk3n

@ ATTemployeeLLG

This is a good phone. I would not take the opinion of someone who works at a call center and probably not for AT&T directly.

I OWN the phone. It's battery life leave something to be desired. For all practical uses, this phone is pretty great. Clear conversations, good speaker phone.

Web browsing speed is actually decent. Better than my Blackberry I dropped in the toilet.

Good, solid touch phone.


Jul 29, 2008 by imakethings

This is my first touch phone ever. There is a lot to love about this phone, but also a few things to hate. I bought this phone under AT&T in the midwest. (Keep in mind I've used an iPhone before)

### Pros

- Responsive touch display
- Great call quality
- Holds a signal very well, even in some rural areas.
- Solid design (doesn't feel flimsy or weak)
- Good camera quality for 2 megapixels
- Simple, easy interface
- Haptic feedback
- Competent web browser
- Touch keyboard is actually very good (similar to the iPhone)
- Can watch TV (I don't, but I imagine its pretty cool if its what you're into).
- 3g is quite fast

### Cons

- Screens is almost unreadable in bright sunny daylight.
- memory card located under under battery
- Some web browser features no easy noticeable
- Have to hit the unlock button in order to access the touch interface during a call (not a big deal and actually nice, but can be annoying)
- Overly secure about 3rd party java applications
- Has a less-than-comfortable learning curve
- Battery life could be better
- Dragging things around can be quirky

### The Verdict

Overall the LG Vu is a great touch phone and is perfect for users who don't want an iPhone but would like a good touch phone. I've not had too many problems during everyday use. However I wouldn't suggest texting while walking in broad sunny daylight.

At first I found the touch display to be rather quirky. In the settings you'll need to do a few touch calibrations to get it to a place of comfortable accuracy.

All in all I am impressed by the LG Vu and would recommend it to anyone needing a solid touch phone.



May 26, 2008 by mark477

This is straight from Att. As of now 05/25/2008 the LG Vue is not insurable. However starting June 2nd all phones will be eligible for insurance. (except iphones and gophones) Now you can only add insurance within 30 days of purchase of the phone. The insurance price is still going to be $4.99, but there is going to be two tier levels for phones. 1st tier is like normal phones such a razor. The 2nd tier are smart phones. The Deductibles are $50 for tier 1 and $125.

This phone is likely going to be under the tier 2 level. since it is one of the more high-end devices.

My personal ratings for this phone is the more cheaper than the iphone with some of the same functionality. the price for unlimited is $15 and is not required to have, unlike the iphone where a data plan is required.

Beware of replacement refurbished phones!


Jun 10, 2009 by roozoo

I won't bother repeating other pros/cons I've already read; I bought my phone in Sept. '09 and two weeks ago the 'End Call' button ceased to function, therefore, I was without a phone. Other than the time consuming process of having them go thru 'troubleshooting' and determining if your phone has water damage, no problem with getting a refurbished replacement. But the first replacement phone had a problem with the camera where the 'zoom' function doesn't work. Nor did it on the second or THIRD replacement phone. Today I was told that my account is temporarily blocked from receiving another replacement because they haven't received/processed the second one I returned. Nice phone but I'm now assuming this must be a flaw they are missing during testing and my patience is wearing out!

better than turis


Jan 6, 2009 by F-dizzzzle

i dont personally own this phone but german does .
this phone is great it is wayyyyy better than turis LG Instinct.
his phone sucks because i said so.
the germans is better so he needs to deal with it.
pros and cons.

*touch screen is awesome. (i was amazeed by this..i have the SPEX u know back then they didnt make touch screens)
*cuter than turis.
*att is wayy cooler than sprint.
*the germann owns it what could go wrong..?

too big for my batman beanie.
(so sad)

overall perfect phone.
not better than my SPEX mini i-phone though :)

Quasi iPhone Experience


Sep 9, 2008 by smtelegadis

Anyone who's into touch screen keyboards will admit Apple has given it the best that current technology can provide. This Phone is close but lacks the motion sensors to allow orientation knowledge. I liked the vibration response to the keyboard input at first, but now I find it annoying.

Crystal Clear Screen
Solid Touch Screen
Decent Interface
JAVA (J2ME) Capable
BT Sync Possible (Haven't Tried this yet)
Google Email Capable
Google Maps Capable
Opera Mini Capable
Built in Calendar (vCal Compliant)

Poor Stock Browser
Loaded with AT&T cr-apps
Screen is a Scratch Magnet (Get protection)
No Multi-Touch
Nag Screen on JAVA Apps is a Pain
(There is a Solution but it requires hacking)

Getting this thing to function like a smartphone is possible but not easy. I like this phone an with a 2 year contract you can't beat the price (FREE after rebate hell) via Letstalk.com. It's not an iphone but it's solid design and can be hacked easily.

Its Actually a Good Phone....


Jul 20, 2008 by pvva88

so what it not an iPhone or Instinct...but its a great touch phone that packs some good features

-It DOES have Bluetooth 2.0 (i have stereo bluetooth with my regular bluetooth, WOW!)
-TV with, limited, yet popular channels
-responsive touch screen (when calibrated right): can flick, push, etc...
-great speaker and mic, callers hear me very well, even in loud environment.
-camera/camcorder is actually better than most, even without flash
-has touch qwerty and excellent t9 dictionary (even remembers words and phrases most used)
-can view and operate web in landscape mode for easier use.
-great voice command feature
-excellent multitasking features...can do many things at once, always accessible
-a pretty straightforward layout, easy to figure out menus and options
-always has reception (for calls at least)
-opera mini works almost like safari on this phone (which is just great)
-love the ability to lock phone at the touch of a button

-screen can be brighter for daylight use
-could use longer battery life
-not very user configurable: i.e...can't change shortcut menu (if u have it on; or even the standard one), cant set recorded ringtones, cant buy themes, must get used to basics of phone, cant unlock in-call keylock
-could use a better standard browser: needs to be faster, offer zoom functions like opera, needs a better layout
-needs t9 when in qwerty mode
-could use flash to make camera just perfect
-google maps does not YET work on this phone due to touch screen; does not have any type of GPS/MAP services offered; includes att navigator
-mobile tv could use more channels
-screen is too basic, could be more refined
-could use some hard buttons for basic navigation: i.e...goin to specific place in text or on webpage
-memory card slot is behind battery
-does not come with usb cord for computer use
-mobile email needs update with gmail and better qwerty

Overall a great phone for the basic use and then some...great for those not ready for a smartphone

Clearing up Info


May 20, 2008 by Highlander_68

Ok, so I wanted to join in this discussion and clear up some info provided by the user's below. We'll start with TinyJ316.

Tiny, you list the cons as follows:

Battery life is mediocre.

Fact: The battery life meets and Exceeds all expectations and requirements of AT&T in every single category. It does have a large 3" screen. It is absolutely drawing power when watching tv or browsing the net. You can turn off 3G to save a bit of battery life.

Flimsy Antenna.

Fact, I can provide a picture of my antenna bent hard over to with the tip pointing the opposite direction. Happy to show if needed or you can try it on your own.

Not insurable.

True. That is not the phone or the manufactures fault though.

Shortcuts, internal memory and media card not accessible from outside, pretty accurate.

2mp camera "is old and busted". First, based on experience, LG uses the best lenses and CCD chips to make even a 1.3 look great. (I personally have tested an older LG 1.3 vs an older 3.2 from Samsung and the 1.3 came out on top.

Second, American networks cannot compete with Asian networks for bandwidth therefore making anything more than a 3 or 3.2 camera unnecessary. Watch, networks will grow and change, making that an option for later use.

Third, I have read that LG "Builds to order" which means that if AT&T wanted a 3.0 MP camera, they would have ordered it.

Sam912 Perhaps you live in a non-3G area, as my phone performs admirably. Great voice quality both on handset and Bluetooth. Touch screen inaccurate? Did you calibrate it? I have zero issues with mine in qwerty or primary format. (I will say however, that I am more of a fan of mechanical qwerty, enV, Voyager, than I am of touch.)

I hope that some of this information is helpful. I have been an LG fan for a long time. I have been pleased with many quality products from them. However, I know you can't please 100% of people 100% of the time. I just wanted to clear up erroneous information.



May 6, 2008 by hucworld

i was waiting long for this phone like a kid on Christmas and then all my hopes and dreams got dashed. the phone is not a bad phone but not anywhere near a great phone. after owning and having an iphone and the voyager I felt cheated. its like LG got it right with the voyager and wanted to really go after the iphone and made this little device. texting on this device is hard to me even in the landscape mode. i thought i was on to something with the landscape texting but nope nothing. the phone is a combination of the voyager and the lg shine in my opinion. the other feature on this phone that had me looking for it is was the mobile tv feature. sadly the feature is not available almost anywhere in the US. LG and at&t had a great idea but I think they should have planned this release a little bit better. the camera lastly sucks. fuzzy images and blurred images all made me put this phone back after playing with it for four days. sorry at&t maybe next time. until then I will stick with my voygaer and blackberry curve and iphone.

Good, but could be better


May 5, 2008 by marktitley

I got this phone yesterday and was really excited to try the new Mediaflow service. I like it but I am disappointed that some of the shows are not in real time. Instead they delay some of the shows till the next day or longer. The news channels are live though, which is cool. The phone is really lightweight considering all the functions it offers and is fairly easy to navigate. One of the main questions I had is whether it would sync with Outlook. The answer.......NO!! If you do not have your contacts saved on your sim, you will have to take the time to load them one by one on the VU. In addition, no addresses in contacts. There is a lot to like about this phone but I am not sure if I will keep it.


3G is fast and cool
Has an antenna to help with poor TV service areas
Loud speakerphone
Lots of trial software


Hard to see screen in direct sunlight
SD card hard to access
No sync for contacts
Mediocre cam at 2MP
Battery life too short
Plastic casing seems like it will scratch easily or survive a fall

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