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Pantech Duo C810


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Jan 18, 2009 by hiswifey0799

I don't own this phone but my husband does and I use it sometimes. It is not a good phone. He has not had it a year and had to get a replacement phone.

slide and qwerty keyboard
internet access

battery sucks
freezes up all the time
often times you cannot send/receive text
can't hear well on first on and replacement

I would not recommend this phone to anyone because it has been nothing but pain in our household. When you purchase a phone that has certain features you expect for them to work. The pan tech duo definately didn't fit our standards.

Not exactally what I was expecting.


Jan 4, 2009 by TeriaShae

When I first got this phone for Christmas last year. I fell in love with it, It was all that I could ever ask for. But it is not mean't to be a smart phone in my book. It locked up for about once a week and I had to take the battery out. My thoughts:

Loud Speaker.
Great for texting.

Lockes up.
Bad pictures.
Short battery.
Loading time sucks.

Pantech Duo Review


Dec 16, 2008 by Alysha

It's functional and kinda cool but not worth the price and many features don't work as well as they should. I had a Motorola v365 that I was happier with other than it didn't have a very good keyboard for texting. It did have a better camera though, was much easier to use (overall), etc. Not to mention tech support for this phone is relatively non-existent through AT&T and if you have questions about features, need some sort of help or have service issues, good luck. The value just hasn't been there with this phone and I wouldn't buy another one.

Not the best phone.


Nov 25, 2008 by Jaclyn86

I have mixed feelings about this phone. Lately it have just became a pain though. My mother and I both have it and are both experiencing the same issues.

drops calls like crazy! I know it's not att because everyone else I know with att does not have this problem

Fails to receive texts.

does not hold enough memory for a pda

freezes all the time.

Incoming and outgoing calls are not always completed or received.

Calls the last call not the call selected on the contact list.

nice style

thats about it

I would like to love it but I can't!


Nov 23, 2008 by MikeVIS

I fell immediately in love with the DUO 810 because of a lot of interesting and nice features. Two keyboards, easy synchronizing with my PC (Outlook), search function excellent! But soon I realized that there were negative points. I do not think I can use it as a handsfree car phone because the voice recognition is not the most advanced as stated in the brochure because it doesn't learn my pronounciation and I do not want to change that just because of a phone! There is even better voice recognition software used in some automated phone systems. The most sophisticated existing software would learn my accent!
The phone was sold with an outdated Software Version. After the download of the (6.1)upgrade the synchronisation didn't work any more. I couldn't solve the mismatch of the drivers within 6-8hours! Therefore I will give it back and most likely take an I-Phone.
The phone has an option in locale settings to set the time on a 24hour clock (military time) and the date on dd/mm/yyyy (German)but when you chose that option the alarm clock is not to use! You will only be able to set alarms until noon when you enter them before noon and you can only enter alarms for the afternoon after 12 (noon). You can not enter an alarm in the evening for a wake up call in the morning when the 24hour option is set! The front display shows appointments in the 24hour mode but the actual time in the AM/PM Mode!
Another crazy thing is the 30sec. alarm or warning sound everytime there is an alarm or you delete something. You can not disable or stop! this noise.

Not Worth It


Oct 28, 2008 by boone

I had to share my opinion of this phone since the reviews I've been reading say it's so great. The list of negatives on this phone isn't long, but they are substantial enough reasons that I'd discourage anyone from buying it. I'm hoping this phone continues to work long enough that I can get it replaced without having to buy another one before my contract is up.

1. The battery life is terrible. It claims to have 3 hours of talk time, which isn't much, but even that is an exaggeration. I charge my phone every night, and it has yet to make it through the next day.

2. Too many moving parts. I work in an office and wear a suit and tie everyday. All my phone does is go from my pocket to my car, car to desk, desk to car, and car to pocket - yet it's starting to fall apart. I have to physically hold the top sliding part in line with the bottom so that the phone will acknowledge the buttons I'm pressing. I would guess that this phone has accumulated less wear and tear than most, and still it's falling apart.

3. Once it starts falling apart, it's not covered by warranty. Even though it's in excellent condition and never seen water, the phone falling apart is considered "physical damage" and not eligible for replacement under the current warranty.

4. The store where I bought my phone (Seattle) doesn't even carry it anymore. They had too many complaints and returns.

I don't have a list of positives on this phone, mainly because I expect a phone to work and don't feel that it should "get props" for doing what I bought it for. If you are considering buying this phone, I hope you'll reconsider and buy something that will give you your money's worth.

this phone


Oct 13, 2008 by krysta.a.f

i have had this phone for about 5 months and i really love it, its unique style rocks, one thing i really dislike is the battery dies fast and after just dropping my phone on the bed my screen has already cracked, other than that this phone is GREAT

i like this phone


Sep 8, 2008 by coconutbutt

mostly because of its texting capabilities, it is easier with a keyboard than my old nokia, little battery life though



Aug 10, 2008 by sweetchickinny40

I saw Lotrav's post about MP3's being used as ringtones. I have MP3's on my Pantech. How does one get to set them as a ring tone????



Jul 20, 2008 by FETNU

After having the Nokia 6102i for a couple years, I finally decided it was time to take the dive into the world of smartphones and see what all the hype was about. So, my wife and I headed down to the closest AT&T store to see what they had. I looked at several phones and boiled my choices down to two phones, either the AT&T Tilt or the Pantech Duo, I chose the latter. Now, after about a week of using the phone, I can only say one thing... "WOW!!!!!" I have come to absolutely LOVE this phone! There are just so many wonderful things to talk about with this phone, that I'll include a link to the FULL review. But here's a brief rundown...

Pros: Windows Mobile 6 (standard), Voice Commands, Dual Sliders, microSD memory slot

Cons: No Wi-Fi, non personalized profiles, need to install a couple programs for added functionality

This phone is truly a "smart phone!" It contains so many excellent features, with an easy to use interface that practically anybody can use it. After installing a couple of "extras," this phone has moved to the top of my favorites list. Without a doubt, I would confidently recommend this phone to anyone for personal and/or business use.

To view my FULL review (more than this will allow), please see:


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