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Pantech Duo C810


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The Duo's not for you, Bro!


Jun 7, 2008 by chocolateman85006

I'm a big Windows Mobile fan. I've had the SDA, Q, PPC and XV 6700's, Treo 750, and many others. This is the WORST of all of them. It's bad enough to make me reverse and go back to my HTC Cingular 2125. Why? Read below!:

What made me like it:
Two keypads.
Windows Mobile 6.
Small and slick looking.
Good enough camera.
Strong reception everywhere.

What made me ditch it:
It's such a slow phone, man!! Ironically, it's a 3G phone. You can tell that Pantech has NO idea on how to make smartphones.
The memory is not up to par with other Windows Mobile 6 smartphones, such as the Blackjack II, Motorola Q Global, Touch, 6800 (Mogul), etc...
Shortest battery life of any phone, regular or PDA that I've ever used. Almost dead after four hours?! It's even worse than the original Motorola Q with Verizon!

If you get one that works, more power to you! As for me, it had to go. I'll give it one more go if they can make a version with more memory, better camera, and longer battery life. I'm not holding my breath.

pretty good =D


May 26, 2008 by zsquash

ok pros and cons of the pantech duo...

-I like this phone's design.
-I love the two way slider.
-I like how you can type in name to find the contact or text.
-I like all the settings int has in the start menu.
-I like the PDA features.
-the battery life isn't bad.
-I love the keyboard.
-easy to use.
-Ijust over all love the design of this phone.

-I don't like the camera on this phone.
-I don't like the delay of screen when you go to the keyboard.
-I really don't like the wallpaper setting. It either has a digital clock but takes up the whole screen or has no clock(?) or a tiny clock. it's frustrating.
-Very soft vibrate and ring.
-the keys are small, so it makes it hard to text both ways.

I am pretty happy with this phone! It is a great phone. Obviously every phone is gonna have cons, so i hope you don't get it cuz of that. =)

Call Clarity


Apr 10, 2008 by Jessicar77

The phone has awesome features, I loved the QWERTY key board and it took clear pictures.

CONS: Lack of ring tone options and the fact that EVERY call sounded like someone was talking to me with a rag over the mouth piece. I had Cingular for four years and never had any trouble with any other phone but this one. It was too bad I had to take it back. =(

Love this phone!!!


Feb 28, 2008 by bkurtz

I just got this phone and I love it! It is easy to use. The dual slider is the best. My only problem is that my phone will not send a text message while qwerty key board is exposed. I have to switch to the numeric pad in order to send the message. But overall this is the best phone I have ever had.

Good so far


Feb 22, 2008 by ckb_20

I bought this phone last night and so far it hasnt caused me too much trouble. I have run into a couple annoyances though.

first I'll start off with the Pros:

-Design is AMAZING
-battery life is good, i charged it for a couple hours yesterday afternoon at around 2 (it is 1:04 pm now) and I have been texting a lot and the battery still has three bars
-Sound is pretty good, people sound clear,ringtones and other noises sound clear as well
-the screen is big
-Phone has ample features
-Games are pretty cool :-D


-The keyboard feels so fragile,im afraid its going to break off!

-The camera is not as good as the previous phone I had. I had a razr v3i and the camera was pretty good. The camera on this phone doesn't take the clearest pictures.

I'll probably be updating my review when Ive had my phone for a little longer

but overall i am very satisfied

Ok phone, but one WEIRD thing...


Jan 5, 2008 by eldavar

Overall, this phone gets the job done. As far as Windows Mobile smartphones go, I've used several of them and this one holds its own next to all of the others. Mostly that's because it's got Windows Mobile 6, which isn't much different from WM5, but is a big step up if you're using WM2003.

The phone has all the features you'd expect from a brand new smartphone, and I've been using this phone since the beginning of November with no problems. Most of the applications run fast, and the email is wonderful. I've even sync'd the phone to my corporate email for when I'm on the road, and emails get pushed to the phone within a matter of minutes.

The only weird thing about this phone is that when you're talking to someone they can hear all of the beeps and buzzes and vibrations that come from your phone. I've never seen anything like it before. When you get an email and the phone beeps to let you know, the person on the other end hears it too. The worst part of that is if the phone vibrates while you're on a call. Wow! The alarm went off one time and my buddy said it sounded like a giant freight train just ran thru my living room! It's really weird.

Other than that, I like the phone. Using the qwerty keyboard takes a little getting used to in the dark because the letters aren't exactly in the middle of the keys so you end up pushing a corner of the key and it doesn't always work. Again, minor stuff, no big deal.

City phone only... Do not buy if your signal is not perfect...


Nov 21, 2007 by chadboxx

I have to give this phone a 1 star only, even though it is a neat concept, stylish and loaded with features. The reason I have to do this is because a cell phone is nothing without reception, and this one has the worst reception on the market, period.

I live on the fringe, getting 1-2 bars. With any other phone I've had, I can always browse the internet, and call quality just washes in and out a bit at times.

The pantech duo left me high and dry, frequently. Sometimes it would get no signal at all. I couldn't call out, couldn't browse, nothing. This phone gets terrible reception and that's it. We tested it in St. Louis with a perfect signal and it was a rather neat phone, similar to the ocean, which they also make.

But why pay for a phone that will only work well with 4-5 bars? What if you're driving, have 1 bar and need emergency help? DO you really want a phone that can't be used without a strong signal?

The phone is neat, but don't buy it if your signal isn't really strong. This is strictly a city phone where you have great att coverage and don't travel.

A much better choice is the Moto Q Global... that phone has it all, and is the fastest on the net, and has the best reception and call quality of anything I've ever tried, and being a former cingular rep, that's quite a few. The moto q blows away any other phone on the market, and any phone that has been on the market. It's a bigger pda style phone, but still reasonably sized.



Nov 4, 2007 by stephanie8219

I bought this phone the day before yesterday. I took it back at 10 the next morning. It was terrible..

I bought this phone for the keyboard and the internet. The phone worked great that night with a dead battery but when i woke up the next morning after charging it my signal went to nothing. Internet didn't work, nothing. I called ATT and I got 1 bar of service after trouble shooting with them.

The keyboard was really hard to get used to because the keys were turned around like the backspace was in the second row of keys.

For having a keyboard for ease of texting, it was not user friendly. In order to create a message you had to go: Start > Messages > Message > Menu > Create new > Text message. But they told me thats the way it would be for all windows phones.

Anyway, in the end I took it back. I have been having problems with my texting service so I reversed my purchase and in 3 months when my contract is up, I will see if the problems i have been having go away, if not im looking at the New sidekick from Tmobile.



Nov 4, 2007 by jagyro

First off if you are looking for a small/light pda this may be the choice for you. I used to have the treo 650 but finally got sick of having to pull out "the brick" every time.

1. Light weight
2. Smaller of the PDA phones
3. Dual slide
4. Cool lookin:)
5. 3G
6. XM sat radio

1. Speaker not very clear
2. Phone lock needs work
3. Basic windows having to use task manager to close programs
4. not enough RAM enough for basic use"
5. Ringer too quiet

it's alright


Dec 28, 2007 by lh1985

hhmmmm.. this phone's well... it's kinda blah
-you can only set ringers to phonecalls but not to text messages, and the ringers that are included with the phone is extremely quiet
-it takes way too many steps to get to your texts! but I found a short cut where you only have to push three buttons... menu-> middle thingy-> middle thingy hehe
-you can't see any of the text you sent... well maybe you can and I'm just really stupid and I can't find it
-and what I really don't like about this phone is the contact picture that you set on the phone; when that contact calls you the picture that shows up is about the size of your pinky nail! its way too small!
-the manal that i got was about 35 pages and all the stuff in there was useless, i found out all that info in the first few minutes of playing with the phone... yeah it's not very helpful... lol

-you can add on ring tones with out having to purchase them... you can make then as long as there under 300kb or something like that
-its so fun slide!
-its really loud, the ringers that you put onto the phone are at least
-its big so i don't drop it as much
-you can hook it to your computer and pretty much set everything up while it's hook the computer, you don't have to disconnect it to set everything up, pretty fast i think
-although its a bit slow, i think its pretty fast for all the little hulla-gins that it has in it
-i think it has a really clear screen
-its awesome how the phone lets you decide between a number pad and the alpha pad... choices are the best hehe

i think i like this phone, its pretty easy to set up and what not, there's a few things about it that bothers, but there not huge... there's probably a way to fix it tho... i think i like the LG Fusic better lol, it might be old but that phone was so awesome!!!

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