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Pantech Duo C810


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Is the DUO really worth it?


Oct 19, 2008 by ATTemployeeLLG

OK guys, seeing as how I deal with this phone everyday of my life (literally), I think I should go ahead and let you know the majority of problems and SOME of the cons.

Everyday, people come in with it freezing all the time. Whether it be that changing to and from the qwerty keyboard or the internet starting... or just going from icon to icon, it freezes. I have at least 2 customers that have gotten a new duo 4 times using warranty, and each phone they received had the exact same problems.

My personal opinion on what happened is this. I believe that when pantech came out with this design, it was such a great and demanding idea, that they just didn't take enough time to fix the kinks in the phone.

Now for the cons....
it's a cool design.

This phone is complete


Jan 28, 2008 by massad88

Ok I guess it's my turn to talk about this phone. We'll I will start with the 1 thing I feel needs improvement and it would be in certain areas incoming calls sound muffled. So lets get into the good stuff, the 3G really enhances the programs that come with the phone. Also the dual slide is ahead of its time and very user freindly. I recommend this smart phone for the consumer that is entering the smart phone level.

By the way I have been reading all of the negative reviews for the past two months about this smart phone before I purchased it and I swear they work for Verison!! Have fun....

I love my DUO!


Jan 19, 2008 by lotrav

I've always wanted a phone with a slide out QWERTY keypad, so when the DUO came out, I had to have it. I must say I am very impressed with the phone.

To everyone who complained about the battery life: You need to read the manual and figure out that you are probably running tons of programs without even knowing it. The "task manager" enables you to close out all of the programs that you are running in the background, using all of your battery power.

The ONLY downside I have found with this phone is the ability to assign MP3's to TEXT MSG alerts. The MP3 to ring tone is great since I don't have to spend 2.50 per ring tone.. I can just put my own on!



Jan 13, 2008 by phonefreak24

OK I'm gonna get to the bottom line, this phone rocks, i don't actually own the phone, but my cousin does, and i took a little test drive, and........ i love it so far! The numeric keypad is big enough to use yet, small enough to conceal. The screen is much bigger than that on the one on my MOTO RAZR V3. I gave this phone a 4.5 out of 5 because i love the phone and all, but the camera could match the one as on the twin, the HELIO OCEAN.

Luv It


Apr 3, 2008 by justin15cent

I really love this phone. Pantech Duo has everything I need. There is a few pro and less con i can tell you

-Great looking Design
-Solid Slide
-Keyboard is easy for me to use
-I can add real music from my computer without buy music at att or other website
-Have Internet Explorer, window 9 player and much more icon
-good camera and video
-battery is good, (honest, it is)
-pantech is bright enough for me to see, you can adjust your brightness on the pantech
-use internet with your isp modem
-too many to list
-love window mobile 6

no wifi (if you want a wifi on your pantech, go to att website and get a wifi for 9.99

I recommend for this phone. I love this phone and it was great. Im still enjoy using this phone.

solid phone


Nov 30, 2007 by peppermintrhino

I won't lie to you, this phone does have some shortcoming, but they aren't anything that can't be dealt with or overcome.

I've had this phone for about 2 weeks now and I really like it. As some people have said the OS is a tad bit sluggish. The most noticeable instance of this is when you switch from the numeric kepyad to the qwerty keyboard or load the camera. Other than that it's pretty quick and very responsive. The ringer isn't as loud as the one I had on the stock nokia I initialy got from cingular but it's plenty loud. I can hear it over both my headphones and my car stero, even if it's turned way up. YOU CAN USE AN MP3 FOR A RINGTONE!!! all of these other people just need to read their instruction manual, it's covered in there quite well. I downloaded the song from the cingular network and it works just fine for me. the charger slot on the bottom is somewhat finicky but it's not as bad as everyone else seems to think it is. In addition, the slider mechanism feels pretty solid to me so I'm not entirely sure what the people who panned this phone are talking about. the qwerty keypad isn't that bad for me but I have smaller hands than most guys, knowing that I had a few of my friends with larger hands than myself try out the keypad and they found it easy to use. the reception and call quality on this phone is very good, even on one or two bars though most times it seems to have at least 3 if not 4. (there's a reason u should figure out what network works best in your area before signing a contract) But the speakerphone does suck outloud, but that's nothing a bluetooth headset can't fix, u can get them a fair number of them for just over $30 if you just take a moment to check some of the tech retailers on the internet. the SD micro card is in one of the best spots I've ever seen, and is readily accesible.

good reception, plenty of features, killer design, and great display

OS is a might sluggish at times, speakerphone blows, finish is smudge prone.

New Red color very nice-great phone


Feb 17, 2008 by foxdk37

Phone is great, two way slide key board is very unique and first of its kind.
The phone has a great large screen, easy to use keys and overall a great pda/phone.

The slide out keyboard is the best, I have a blackjack now and this keyboard is laid out much better and easier to text/email.

Setting up your personal email ( aol, yahoo etc) is very easy. Setting up work email , needs IT support.

The only down fall of this phone is the sound- the person you are talking to can hear you fine but you can barely hear the other party. The volume is up on the highest setting and still the caller sounds far away.

I like this phone too much to allow that to bother me- I will use a bluetooth headset to see if that will fix the problem.



Feb 13, 2008 by softballxchick12

OK I just got this phone and it is awesome!!
It rocks!
Easy to use
Slides easy
Not to big but not to small
Tells how far along when charging
Texting is easy
Now I don't get on the INTERNET but if I did I'm sure it would be a breeze.

Bad camera. 1.3 mega pixel
Takes a long time to charge

But over all I still really enjoy and love this phone! It does have some bad things about it but it's nothing that you can't deal with.
So if I were you I would go ahead and buy it because you never know if it fits you and if it doesn't then just return it to get another phone. But I really thing that you would be excellent with the pantech duo.



Feb 1, 2008 by celnut

I have had this phone a few weeks and am really enjoying it. It works well & the design is the best out there. It is not flimsy like others have said. I suppose if you are ruff on phones this may not be for you but it holds up very well under normal usage.


Nice size
Great keyboards (2)
Battery life is very good


WM6 (never been a big fan of Windows Mobile)
Call Clarity - sometimes it is very clear and other times it is hard to make out what the other person is saying.
Slide function doesn't have any settings to customize slide to answer, slide close to end call. However, I did find a great free program that does just that.

If you are like me & don't want a big clunky pda to carry around but like getting your emails & customizing your phone - I recommend this phone.

Mostly Great


Nov 8, 2007 by louisd

Overall I've fallen in love with this phone. Having back my standard 12 button phone pad on a smartphone is great! See my full review at: http://gottagadget.blogspot.com/2007/11/my-new-pantech-duo-c810.html

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