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Pantech Duo C810


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Apr 11, 2011 by mrkamau0273

I bought this phone in kenya and so far so good,what a want to know is that,
1.does this phone come with usb cables and handsfree??
2.is the phone 3 g or it just supports edge.

Addicted to Texting


Sep 29, 2010 by Chillinpape

smart phone communicator enough said

this phone is really junk


Feb 13, 2010 by canlopez

I bought this phone cause my last phone broke on me and i would have to say this phone is a crap i hate it its slow its always freezing and when you charge it get really hot the only good thing about it is nothing really just avoid this phone

Pros and Cons Of the Duo


Dec 19, 2009 by dremzwireless

The Pantech Duo is a neat phone, aside from many of them having problems right out of the box. Before I talk about some of the problems we’ve seen, I’ll go into the perks.

One of the neat things about this phone is that it slides sideways for the full qwerty keyboard, and down for the numerical keypad. For the price, these two features alone make it a top contender for buyers. It doesn’t have a touch screen like some would think, but it does have Windows Mobile, allowing you to browse more sites online than something like Opera Mini, and you can sync with Outook. Another plus is the large screen for internet viewing and texting.

Some of the problems that we’ve had in many of the phones include the Duo locking up, screens going out, buttons not working, bad chargers and bad batteries. Also, the picture messaging and internet is hard to set up, unlike some of the other phones we’ve set up in-store. When the phone works, people love them. When they don’t, people don’t like us. To help with the latter, I’ve warned people before buying this product about some of these problems. People still buy it, and just deal with any problems as they arise, if they arise.

Pantech Who?!


Dec 4, 2009 by pedroe13

When I walked in to ATT looking for a new phone, I wanted something that no one else had, with a full keyboard but again with the numbers, when I saw the pantech Duo, I had to check it out since it was upgrade time and it was one "special". The phone seemed great, was running windows mobile and had IM, I was bought. As I know look back I bang my head to the wall and yell "FOOL!" - This phone out of the box was NEAT, SHINY AND BREATHTAKING. Once I turned it on, I knew I was going to have problems since it was slow.



This is one of those phones that are beautiful from the outside but HORRIBLE from the inside. AIM and texting was good while it lasted but I replaced the phone 3 times once because the qwerty keys would stop functioning then because the software kept freezing up and for the third time my phone was not making any calls or receiving any messages or calls. Overall, this phone lasted me 3 months until ATT decided to exchange under warranty for another phone. Horrible phone- I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PHONE

I loved while I had


Sep 14, 2009 by narn3049

This phone was by far the most coolest phone I have owned with the AT&T service. This was over 1/2 years ago at Christmas. Yes it is a tough phone, but still was no match for a ME!

What I disliked about this phone was no touchscreen, I am more of a touchscreen fan so I probably should have gotten the quickfire iphone or vu.

The second thing I didn't like is that the slider is flimsly made, like if you slide it up, it just doesn't feel like a sturdy slider cell phone.

The reason it broke was because I dropped it and the black started showing on the top. I dropped it one last time and I could no longer open the phone at the qwerty side, I would have to press down and then one day it randomly just came off the screen.

This was a great texting phone at that time my Dad did not have a qwerty phone, So I pretty much out-texted him.......

Overall if you like non touchscreen windows mobile phones, you should get the phone. The camera was also great. I liked the ability to sync outlook emails and go on the web from the go- it looked real, like if you went on mobile facebook, it looks different it looks as if you were looking on the computer, which is what I also like about this phone.

I did use Jabra BT20 Bluetooth headset, and it was very good.

Oh and mine was red.

worst phone i've had


Jul 4, 2009 by misslovely13

i've had the pantech duo since december and already its giving my problems.
1. the phone will restart in the middle of a call or text for no reason
2. it got slower and slower as time went on
3. the battery life is horrible and the slider is so unbelievably loose on this phone its not even funny.
also it will freeze on my constantly and at the most important times at that
i would not recomend anyone get this phone it is horrible.

Not for Serious Business/Power Users


Apr 16, 2009 by bcasill

First of all I am a business/power user, so a reliable PDA device is a requirement. Unfortunately this phone is not up to snuff. I have read both positive and negative reviews in this forum, so here are mine:
Unreliable. Freezes, disconnects, unable to make & receive calls several times per day, calender reminders disconnect calls, muffled audio, dreadfully slow browser and document downloads (so much for 3G), awkward keyboard (keys are flat, not raised), limited number of keys difficult to manage (must use Shift and Function keys often when typing full messages vs. texting. Battery short-lived unless you turn off Push function and sync manually or via e-mail send/receive. I am waiting for my second insured handset to replace an otherwise undamaged unit (out of warranty, so I have to pay a deductible this time).
Windows Mobile 6.1 download smooth; crisp graphics; like the idea of a full keyboard and traditional cell phone keypad; small and compact (a bit thick, but that is to be expected with the dual key pads), nice overall features.

Worst Phone Ever? Probably.


Mar 16, 2009 by morganrae

I bought the Duo with high expectations, as it isn't the cheapest phone around. However, I'm far from satisfied. It takes forever for the screen to rotate depending on your keyboard, the camera is one of the worst I've ever used, the buttons on the QWERTY keyboard are terrible, and it freezes nonstop. It has terrible service. This phone is one of the most frustrating phones I've ever dealt with.

it sucks


Feb 7, 2009 by amy_elizabeth_2010

This phone pretty much sux
Dont get me wrong its got some good qualities...
its cute
easy to text on
it gives u a power bar to see how much battery is left
and it gives u options for how the home screen looks

That's about it!!

On the negative side....
I have to have at least 2 bars to send a message (and thats pretty hard considering how much i travel in the country)
My battery wont last a whole day(unless i dont use it)
its really slow when switching keyboards
it freezes constantly
at the beginning of the new year it decides to stop receiving texts!!! thats the only reason i got this phone and now its not working! i have to shut off my phone and leave it off for like 5 mins just to get it to get a message thus killing my battery even quicker!
when i try to empty out my messages(takes about half an hour cuz it freezes half way through) When they r finally all be gone i turn my phone off to see if i have a message... All of the messages that i just deleted are in my message box.
thats a little ridiculous dont ya think?

i would write more but i think im about out of characters

Do Not get this phone it completely sucks!!

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