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Pantech Duo C810


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Blackberry Kills This Device!


Nov 26, 2007 by akronromeo7

I am a very seasoned PDA user. I gave this device a try and I am so sorry that I "cheated" on my Blackberry relationship. Allow me to list the negatives:

1. Horrible keyboard for typing. The flush mount design lends your fingers to many challenges and mistakes.Do yourself a favor and first go to a retail store and try typing on this device. It's absolutely horribe!
2. I have had a couple of Windows OS6 devices, and I cant believe how horrible battery life is- due to the OS. I had a Que and my buddy had a Tilt, then I bought the Duo... All 3 suck huge re: battery life. You better plan on your device going battery dead before 1 full day expires.
3. Would you like to charge your phone and also use a wired headset at the same time? Forget it with this device, because only one "female receptor exists on it, so you can not both charge the phone and use a wired headset. That is very, very inconvenient!
4. The speaker phone feature is a joke! If you are driving and want to hear your party, it's to quiet and to high in treble.

Conclusion: I am a seasoned Blackberry user, and I truly regret leaving RIM! The Pantech's battery life is a joke if you use data services, the total piece of crap keyboard is totally horrible, and the lack of 2+ female receptors makes for total inconvenience. RIM offers a free, deluxe dual earphone headset with the Curve, and Pantech offers nothing at all. The Pantech sure looks and feels like if you drop it then it will shatter in to pieces (to to a retail store and see what I mean). Please, do not let the "cool" dual slider keyboard seduce you like it did me. I have others frustrations re: the Pantech, but I will be consice. The Duo is designed for a user who hardly ever types on their device, who doesnt mind battery life being killed, soon.

Cool Idea, Poor Implementation


Nov 26, 2007 by worldfamoussam

This phone is a great CONCEPT. Here are the Pros and Cons...


Very useful dual-slider design, well-constructed
Good voice quality
Loud enough ring, average vibrate
Quick downloads
Memory card slot

Windows Mobile software does not run well on this hardware - it feels like it was just tossed on
Sometimes does not register key presses
Doesn't quickly change screen orientation when you turn the device
QWERTY keyboard gives too little feedback
Slow to render web pages, cannot render more complex ones
Unbelievably slow AIM! "It's just as fast as the Sidekick", the AT&T Rep told me. B.S.

I did not keep this phone - I returned it after a couple of days because I found the cons to outweigh the pros for my use.
Not particularly attractive design

This phone isn't the worst!


Jan 1, 2008 by M2B7

Well I got this phone today and it isn't so bad, I love having the dual slide and having a windows mobile phone, I would not suggest this for any business purposes, I am thinking of switching to a blackberry and I have 30 days, go to the store and play around with it first, then if you like what you see give it a try, it's easy to use and looks really nice, just having problems with using my mp3 as ringtones, but I can deal with that.

"E" for Effort...


Dec 3, 2007 by enycertifiedg

After four days of having this phone I couldn't make a phone call. I got the BJ 2 instead. I don't think I'll ever purchase a phone made by Pantech again. It was to small for my fingers. The keyboard is flat and I double typed a lot. I believe this phone was made for 14 year old's. I am pretty satisfied with my BJ 2.



Nov 20, 2007 by key

I am very picky when it comes to phone's and I am always getting new one's that come out. The DUO is a great phone. No phone is going to be perfect. The only problems I have found with this phone are the same things already mentioned.

1. The speaker is not very clear
2. You can not set song to be default ringtone
3. Battery life is not great, but I knew that going in.

I am still in my buyers remorse period but am happy with this phone and I am going to keep it.

Honest Opinion


Dec 31, 2007 by CiiCiiBaybee

I am a teenager. As most people know teenagers have to have the coolest fones and r obsessed with them. I am here to tell you why this fone just is ok.

First on Pros

I love the key pad its easy to type on and I got used to it in about 1 day.

the bright screen is great

the speaker fone is pretty good


theres alot

I text quite abit and the fone dies so quickly when I get home around 5 its dead or about to die.

the camera is HORRRRRIBLLLLEEEE i make it very clear I was tryna send a pic to my dad of this beautiful place i was at and its WAS HORRIBLE

Kinda complicated takes a while to figure out. and Im the typa person who can figure out fones SOOO quickly.

this fone isnt really for anyone. because if u rarely text like almost never then it will probably hold its battery but its so similar to the sidekick its ment for texting so wuts the point. and if u text alottt then its going to die.

I do not recommend this fone.

-- honestly



Jul 24, 2008 by AntDrag1L

looks cool, but is not... mine broke within the 1st week, and its extremely slow

Good Luck Not Breaking It!


Jun 18, 2008 by JonHalpin

I played around with the Duo for a couple of days and it worked just like any other WM device. The only reason I have rated this phone a zero is that the design is horrible. If you drop this phone even once chances are that it WILL BREAK! I work for an AT&T dealer in PA and I must have seen at least 30 Duos come in for repair in two pieces. If you are looking for a phone for texting get a Blackberry Curve.



May 26, 2008 by shank23

mmkay..me and my friend Justin always have had the same phone and we both loved the duo when we first laid eyes on it.
I got mine first and he got his a week or 2 after.
I love this phone, but there's too much:

-keyboard is good for my fingers
-my own ringtone from MP3
-customizable(if its a word)

-only 3 days to return because after 3 weeks I was unhappy
-it shuts off by itself
(if i'm texting and someone calls_
-it freezes very often

I want a new one, but I don't.

Major issues


Apr 16, 2008 by bre2002

Okay, So i bought this phone back in February 08.... all the sudden a few days ago it wont send text's or make or recieve calls. So.. they sent me out a new one no problem... Got that one and the slide hinge is extremely loose..... two bad phones???? So i called and they sent out another one... sure i'll see if this one is good... NOPE. Worse than the last one. Now, not only does it not make or recieve calls but the slider is loose as well. This would be a great phone if it actually worked. Needless to say they gave me my choice of a different phone and it should arrive today. Thank god.
The thing thats irritating is I worked in the wireless industry for 5 years and it was hard for me to change phones. I had my Nokia 6682 for 3 years and only one warrenty issue. Now I get this? Not a good experience to say the least. I would seriously think about whether or not this phone is worth it.
Hope this helps

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