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Pantech Duo C810


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I Love this Phone!


Oct 30, 2007 by Eternal_Witness

I was the 1st person to get this phone as a consumer. I have nothing but good things to say about it.
1.Beautiful 1.3 Mega Pixel Camera pics
2.Extremly user friendly
3.Complete 2 keypads, 1 numeric and full typing
4.Loud music projection and ringers
5.Completely customizable
6.Duel slider
7.GPS Enabled
8.Web Enabled
9.stereo Bluetoothe capable
10.Easy filing
11.Beautiful sleek and stylish design (Guaranteed to turn heads)
12.Lockable keypads
13.Predownloaded games such as bejeweled, golf, solitaire midnight boweling and more
14.Beautiful high quality screen games, pics, videos, and display looks terrific
15.includes Microsoft office basic
17.MP3 player music sound quality plays off windows music player Unbelievable Sound!
18.PDA Phone- best I'v ever seen!
Lot's of tools for everyday use
20.So many more great things I can't even think of them all off hand

I haven't found any and I have been playing around with it all day!

If you are looking for a phone pda or not and you like music photography and sliders you will absolutely love this phone! I do! I hope this helps you decide if you want this phone and thank you for reading my option!

Beautiful Concept


Dec 2, 2007 by reasonable

I loved the design of the phone. Two keypads one for the phone and ne for the PDA, wonderful.

Unfortunately I could not use this phone for what it is intended and that is work. You cannot hear anyone on the handset speaker unless you spend time trying to find the exact spot it lines up with your ear. Using a JawBone headset I was accused of standing at the bottom of a well while I was speaking.

Using the QWERTY keyboard for typing was a chore as the keys require more than normal pressure to depress.

Battery life? What battery life? I need a phone that can make more than two or three 30 minute calls and keep checking my email through out the day. I was lucky to make it until noon without a recharge.

Beautiful small multipurpose design.
Windows Mobile 6.0

Poor speaker design
Poor bluetooth connection
Difficult to use keyboard
Poor battery life for anyone that uses a phone heavily as part of their job / business.

Overall I was extremely disappointed with the performance of this phone.

More than worth it.


Dec 3, 2007 by buttons

I recently purchased this phone, and have found very few complaints about it, and those complaints will most likely be able to be solved. I do not use this phone for business, however, I am an avid text messenger, instant messenger and Internet user.

-Very appealing to the eyes.
-Extremely user friendly. It too me no time at all to figure out what I wanted to do, and exactly how to do it.
-The alphabetical key pad, though seemingly unresponsive at first, is in fact quite easy to use.
-The 1.3 mega pixel camera produces pictures that get the job done.
-The dual sliding motion is extremely attractive, and I get stopped quite often using it (total chick magnet :p)
-Holding down the bottom lock key locks it automatically, making it easy to lock.
-When tilting the phone to use the keyboard, the screen processes faster than other phones (Namely the Kaiser II)
-Call quality is wonderful.
-The speaker is extremely loud, when set on the max settings.
-Battery life is OUTSTANDING. I'm amazed at how long it lasts, for being a Windows Mobile 6 phone.
-The custom settings let you set your ring tone (I think it has to be under 200kb though), background, themes, etc.

-The soft keys on the alphabetical keyboard aren't placed directly under the screen, so it takes a little while of pressing "R" and "U" to get adjusted.
-The phone can lag a bit when running a few programs, but that's to be expected.
-Other than that, everything works just as I expected: Fantastically.

For the price of only $200 ($300 without the mail-in rebate) You cannot go wrong. As I said before, I do not use this phone for business, but I could see it being very easy to type a whole spreadsheet, or view one, on this phone. All of the features work just as expected.

A Worthwhile Phone


Nov 21, 2007 by leiny

I'm very satisfied with this phone. I've had it for just over a month. I upgraded from an Audiovox SMT-5600. The previous reviews that say this is a bad phone are untrue. The phone may take a bit of patience to get use to. It does a lot and therefore takes time. I love it.

- Yes, you can customize your default ringtone. (As well as all other notifications) I've done it
- Extremely clear screen resolution
- Keyboard is very easy to use. Nice tactile feedback
- Loud speaker (when programmed)
- Easy Bluetooth setup (use with my car)
- Sliding keyboards are very useful and cool to look at (and show off)
- Videos look great
- Email (probably the best feature) works perfect - I use my Yahoo! POP account
- MP3's sound great on headphones
- Able to charge the phone with the USB cable

- MS Mobile 6.0 - Has almost all the features you want from a phone and PDA, just takes a while to know where they all are - learning curve
- Watching videos is the most frustrating. Can only view .wmv and .avi files out of the box. But there are free 3rd party solutions for .mpg. Still looking for help on .mov
- Need to use the connector "dongle" when listening to MP3's on headphones

The battery life is acceptable for me. It lasts a couple days using email, video, and listening to music. I charge mine everyday when I sync my data with MS Outlook.

Everyone I show the phone to loves it. It is a very cool phone. The indigo blue keys look cool in the dark.

Although it is not perfect, I highly recommend this phone.

just like any other phone [pros and cons wise]


Mar 20, 2008 by HeyyDee

the pros and cons outweight eachother so i can't say that i love the phone or hate it.
i've had it for a couple months now, and i've adjusted fairly easy.

great look/design [obviously]
dual slide.
has all the functions of a smartphone without the brick like feel.
battery life is alright.
ringer is quite loud [unless it's just my mp3]
windows mobile
quick easy to use shortcuts

speaker isn't good.
the keyboard a bit too small for my fingers.
the slide seems very delicate.
just like all sliders, it's smudge prone.
customized rings: you can only do like 10 seconds.

all the cons, i've adjusted to. it's not like there's a perfect phone out there. might as well just settle for a phone that has most of what you want/need. this phone is great for school.
i got lotta pspers, and ppts due and almost always i hafta work in groups. so i just whip it out and show my group memebers on my phone. no trip to the computer lab :]

i've yet to get internet on it so i cna't review on the e-mail or internet browers and such.



Nov 8, 2007 by Bronson

One of the best signal strengths I have seen on a PDA! WM 6 moves quickly and the camera is really good to. I have very picky and rarely would I give a 5.0....dont take my word on it....try out the device for yourself.

Better than expected!


Nov 23, 2007 by gadgetvixen

I've had this phone for about a week now, and I love it. You have to play around with it to get a feel, and yes patience is a must, due to all the available functions. Calls are loud and clear, and I get compliments on the look of it too!

My only complaint is that it doesn't feel sturdy when using the keyboard, but other than that, GREAT phone!

It is terrible


Feb 25, 2012 by phonemurder

When I first got this phone I loved it. But a few months later the issues with it showed up. First of all it will not send or receive any sort of message, and when I try to send a message all I get is a error message. Second it is made so cheaply that you can hear it creaking when you grab it. Third of all os the very very crappy camera. And that was all that was needed to completely ruin this phone for me.

i strongly dislike the phone


Dec 30, 2011 by bubble

i have only had this phone for a while now and i think it sucks.
these are my cons.
i never get service. every time i try calling someone the phone hangs up on me.
here are some pros.
i like the way that it slides both ways. i broke it so now it slides both ways at once.:D
so those are my pros and cons about this phone.

GREAT PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nov 4, 2011 by Phonekiller

First off I have had this phone for two weeks and a love it. Anybody who does not like this phone has not read the instructions. Yes it does take some time to figure out how to use it but overall it is great. And by the way if you want a great camera buy a camera

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