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Worst phone I've ever owned


Jul 29, 2007 by RSuzI

The phone, if it worked all the time, might be great. The biggest problem is that the ringer on the phone constantly does not work. The only way to fix it is for me to pop the battery out and put it back in and turn it on again. The ringer will work for a while and then suddenly not work again so that if anyone calls me, I cannot hear the phone ring. Occasionally the vibrator mode gets stuck on and it just vibrates until I take the battery out. Also, there are times when I couldn't hang up from a call because the hangup button didn't work. Again, I had to take the battery out. I have been totally exasperated by this phone and don't recommend anyone buy it. I have talked with others with this phone who've had the same problem.

Not Impressed


Feb 28, 2007 by kungpaochix

I've owned several PDA phones such as the Blackberry 7290, Palm TREO 650, Blackberry 8700, Cingular 8125, Cingular 8525, and now this one (Palm TREO 750). I am a road-warrior and travel Monday through Friday for work. I rely heavily on my gadgets to assist me in getting through the day. Out of all the devices I've used, I'd have to say that the TREO 750 isn't the best (although, it's not the worst). The form factor is perfect for me and it's what got me to purchase this device in the first place. I read great reviews on this device, so that's what sealed the deal.

Before this phone, I was able to try out the Cingular 8525 for two weeks. It was a great phone and a very powerful tool; actually it was overkill for what I needed. I basically need a device that will allow me to check my corporate email, review (and sometimes revise) MS docs, and occasionally surf the web. The screen is very clear and usable, but I prefer the size of the screen on the 8525. The keys on the 750 is nice, but after using it for a while, it will cramp up your fingers (especially your thumbs). I'm 6 ft. and 180 lbs. so I'm not that small, but at the same time, I'm no giant, either.

The plugs to charge and sync the 750 are proprietary. The 8125 and 8525 charge via USB, so it's very convenient. I also found that the 8525 was a lot more powerful. The slider keyboard on the 8125 and 8525 was a bit hard to get used to, but I would rather prefer using larger keys than contort my fingers into using the cramped keys on the TREO. My TREO 650 was very usable, but typing was a chore (again, this is personal preference). The Windows Mobile 5 is a site for sore eyes. It's very well integrated into the Palm device. Works very flawlessly.

Wifi is not available on the 750 which is somewhat of a disappointment.

Overall, I'm not all that impressed with the 750. If call quality, email, and basic features are what you're looking for, this will do, but for the price, I'm going back to the 8525.

I really wanted to like this phone


Mar 17, 2007 by jsweldon

I really wanted to like this phone. It has everything and feels great in your hand. But, after rebooting it (e.g. pulling out the battery) three times in the first week, it had to go back. There's nothing worse than having the phone ring and not being able to answer it because the user interface is hung.

I also had some issues with the Windows Mobile software. I'm a long-time Palm user, and the Windows software felt like it spent too much real estate trying to make the screen pretty rather than displaying data. I'm not a phone or PC neophyte and yet I couldn't figure out how to paste data from a Note into and email message. But, I'd probably never want to do anything like that...

- 3G - made surfing great
- excellent phone reception
- great feel in your hand
- good size factor

- short battery life - must recharge every night and during the day, if you can
- phone hangs requiring hard reboot
- software felt like it was designed by 2 committees that didn't talk
- takes too many keystrokes or clicks to do every task
- no indication when Bluetooth headset connected

I've gone back to my Motorola L2 for now. Picking up a Blackberry 8800 to try next.

hassle not for me!!


Jul 5, 2008 by maslen16

this phone is a absolute hassle!!!

-the format of the text messages.
-the memory available

-receive text messages hours late
-send messages over and over
-alarms don't go off causing me to be late for class and work
-cant delete messages
-phone doesn't turn off
- battery doesn't last long

i have had my phone for 6 months and have had to replace it 3 times and i have finally switched phone i do not recommend this phone!

Windows mobile bugs? Or treo 750 bugs?


Jun 25, 2007 by geekman686

I left Verizon wireless about 3 months ago due to many problems with my blackberry. I decided to get a Treo 750 from Cingular knowing that windwos mobile had some stability issues.

My treo has not disappointed me, I have to reboot my treo several times a week.

Some of my issues
1. Keyboard will lock into num lock mode

2. Treo will freeze when calling the start menu.

3. Dropped calls! The treo has an issue going from UTMS to GSM/GPRS.

4. Memory usage. I think there is bug in windows mobile, because my free memory will shrink after a couple of days even when my treo is not running anything.

One Awesome PDA with 3G Speeds


May 28, 2007 by bocephus22

This Treo 750 is an awesome PDA, it is the first Treo I have ever had the opportunity to use and I love it.

Windows Mobile 5 OS
Active Sync
Light Weight

Some glitches not many



May 6, 2007 by atvbballrob

i must have received a lemon because my sound constantly stops working then suddenly works.. my phone freezes non stop... its slow etc... very disappointed.. i am sending out for another

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