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treo 750


Jul 25, 2008 by filthyj24

i have to say hands down this is the best phone ive ever owned and ive had an extensive history of phones. to name a few...the samsung t809, sony ericsson w810, samsung blackjack, treo 680 and att tilt or 8925. anyways i love this phone, it suits my every need. here some of my pros and cons.

1.the best keyboard ive ever used on a mobile device. the only competition is the 680. (same keyboard haha)

2.windows mobile 6. this virtually means a copious amount of freeware available for download to customize the phone to your likings.

3.threaded sms...cant live without it now

4.touchscreen. palm made it easy to use the phone one handed and without having the touchscreen (unlike the tilt) but the touchscreens there if u want it, and u do with great software like winterface.

5.windows mobile 6 again. i have so many free applications installed. some of the best are
*HTC task manager
*pocket nester
*UI tweaker
*google maps and yahoo2go.

6.great battery life. ive had the phone 7 months and get about 2 full days with heavy texting, a few calls, about an hour of music and the almight bubble breaker (high score 686 on continuous!)


1. 240x240 screen. why did palm decide to wait for the treo 800w to give their wm devices a nice 320x320 screen? its not very sharp compared to the blackjack but it gets the job done.

2. size. i suppose its not too bad, as said in erics review its a heavy phone...mainly in the pocket. other than that i prefer the design to the blackjack because its much more comfortable in the hand, especially when typing long messages.

all in all the treo 750 is a great all around phone pda. its a jack of all trades but a master of none...well maybe messaging :)

Great Phone


Nov 6, 2007 by wookiee2cu

Just a brief background on past devices, Treo 600, Audiovox SMTP 5600, Treo 650, Cingular 8125, Samsung D807 (in between phone for the weekends), Treo 750. It’s a shame that the last poster had problems with his phone; I have owned my phone since April and only had one problem. Some how the key guard got turned on and no matter what I did, I couldn’t turn it off. So, I did a soft reset and that solved the problem, it took about 2 minutes from start to finish. Other than that, I have not had one single problem with this phone. My phone is locked, it is still running WM5 (I’m waiting for the official release… if it is ever released) and I have not done the HSDPA hack. I’ll admit that I haven’t loaded a ton of software maybe that’s why I have zero problems with it. I’ve got slingplayer on it (very cool), loaded Opera Mini (much better than IE), a golf game and Magic SS; like I said, very little modding.

The Pros:
-very user friendly
-very customizable
-good battery life
-zero problems (for me)
-3rd party apps
-great form factor, easy to use with one hand
-good voice quality and reception (never had a complaint)
-good standard programs (Word, Excel, Power Point, can read PDF files)
-able to remap buttons

The Cons:
-wifi would have been nice but not a deal breaker for me (will drain the battery a lot
faster if left on)
-no GPS (this is almost becoming a standard now… so it seems)
-not a great camera (but I don’t expect it to be, it’s a phone)
-did not come with Java software, had to load an emulator
-some annoying messages, for example when you end a call, you get a message that the
call has
-when you close a program, it doesn’t actually close; it is still running in the background.

In my opinion, this is one of the best phones that I have ever owned. I’m looking forward to the next Palm device running WM for AT&T.

Sorry, I disagree


Oct 26, 2007 by hughpam

I have had two other smart phones (blackberry and 650), and I guess this one just isn't what it tries to be.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe I am one of those weird guys who likes to not have to reset his phone 5 - 10 times a day to get it to dial. Maybe I'm just one of those guys who likes his blue tooth to actually work. Maybe if it did actually sync to my computer (I've tried it on two computers) I would like it.

Maybe if the phone company would stand behind the product I would be happy.

Nope. Nothing. Don't get it. The bad reviews are correct.

THE BEST Smartphone out there


Jun 11, 2007 by marjanana

First off, If I could, I would give this phone a 6 outta 5!

I've owned many phones from the treo 650, nokia n80, nokia n95, treo 680, and now this one is a keeper!

First off, coming from a palm interface I didn't know how well windows would do... but now I know it does better. (multitasking)

the phone is built very nice with a ton of software.

sending/receiving email and sync in a breeze. the scheduling is awesome, and it uses the palm style "chat interface" for texting.

luckily I live in an area with 3G coverage so browsing the web is awesome.

not that I could think of

One Awesome SMARTphone!!!


May 26, 2007 by ranan21

This is one sweet phone. I have had it for almost a week and it has beaten any other smart phone out there. I have had the 650,700 and now this and this model is a huge improvement. My Treo has Windows Mobile 6 so what I say may be different than the ones with Windows Mobile 5.

-The blue material has a rubbery feeling to it making it very "grippy"
-Text messages are like Instant Messengers. You could see the whole conversation with the other person you are texting.
-Stereo Bluetooth is AWESOME! I can listen to mp3s and videos using my Sony Ericsson Stereo Bluetooth Headset and it is CLEAR.
-Sizewise; it is much smaller and it feels very compact in hand.
-Processor is very fast compared to other Smart Phones I have had.
-Speed Dial: You can choose five pictures for speed dial(you could do more but 5 fits the screen perfectly)

-No Wi-Fi: It could be nice but not a big deal if you have a data package.
-If too many applications are on then phone lags just a little bit (this is the same for all phones)
-No Flash for Camera

That is all i have for now. Like I said phone is awesome if you like to do A LOT with your phone. I would highly recommend buying a Stereo bluetooth so that you can listen to your music wirelessly and ditch that iPod.


Treo 750 Very nice, I like!


May 17, 2007 by Zook

This is Treo 750 I bought today. It is very beutiful phone.

Windows Mobile 5 (Windows Mobile 6 will be avaliable soon for Treo 750)
Very fast phone and Operating Sustem
Rarely lag

Take time to learn new Windows Mobile 5 (So mamy options)!
No more Cons!

I love this phone

The receprion is amazing, Phoenix, AZ.
3G works like broadband connection. No dropping calls (Have no idea what other Treo 750 users are talking about)

I recommend this device to everyone who needs a smart phone windows based!

Treo 750

This has to be the best Treo on the market to come for some time


May 12, 2007 by phs

This has to be the best Treo on the market to come for some time

Pros -
Good camera for a phone and the flash is nice
Great big screen and good sound, loud not and clear
Email is easy to use
It works fast and is an all inclusive phone.

Cons -
NO WIFI -Over rated , 8525 has wifi saw no benefit , phone kept jumping from connection to connection
Battery life
All opened programs will stay running (Settings/System/Memory/Running Programs to stop all) - like all windows phones
4. Does not have the GPS network.

6. You will have to protect it screen is exposed

Should say with Treo


May 12, 2007 by pernel

I have had the treo 600, 650, 700p , 6700, i830 , a total of six 8525's the don't seem to work for me , two versions of black berry 7920, and the 8700 , the nextel smart i930 the worst performer was the 8525

Great form factor, smaller and lighter then Treo 650
Great rubber finish on the sides and back for outstanding grip

Stereo sound is clear and loud
Bluetooth sync is a breeze
Screen is bright and very vivid, great color

Keyboard is very well lit and raised buttons are very easy to use
Each button on D-Pad has a distinct and very firm click when pressed
RF is great, using Cingular 3G in Miami, Fl
Browser is very fast, (Not as fast as TyTn, but very fast) 3G is awesome and fast
Volume loud, speaker-phone very loud
Button layout is easy to get used to, side keys are perfectly placed
Palm Style with WM5 OS is a phenomenal combination---VERY SMART

Palm Treo 750 Outstanding Phone!


Apr 8, 2007 by Logi

I have had this phone for couple weeks now and I have to admit best Treo so far. I had the 650 before this and eventho it had the PALM OS I feel this TREO is more refined and more intuitive very user friendly. With the upgrade of Win Mobile 6 coming and the availability of hsdpa this phone will have everything I need.

very nice form factor even tho it is relatively the same size as the 680 this one feels and looks smaller.
great speaker phone
win media to play video and mp3
mini SD is great source of additional memory and could provide wireless connection via miniSD chip
its night and day comparison to the 650

haven't found one yet.. people been talking about bad battery but I have had mine on plenty and for a smartphone that has this many capabilities the battery life is just fine.

For all TREO fans the 750 will not disappoint.

Great Treo!!!


Mar 28, 2007 by d-davis

I like how fast the new 3G speed work with download and the msn massager. You need to get one!!!

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