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Need help


Apr 4, 2008 by minimaliz00

i got a lot of questions regarding this phone. i just bought it last week and this is my first time to use a palm product, my questions are, first how to open the wifi? where can i open it so i could use the internet. and how come when I'm trying to send a file via bluetooth through my mac book a note is saying "continue though file couldn't be opened" something like that. and i tried to send a picture from a sony ericson phone via bluetooth but i haven't seen where the file went. And I'm tying to synchronize it to my pc but i cant, it says something like "try to organize your email settings". And how am i gonna put some stuffs like sounds, pictures and other files? help please im confused.

Beauty with mobile 6 installed


Mar 1, 2008 by asdfghjk


Win Mob 6
Very loud Speakerphone
Takes 4gig minisd
Good camera
Long videos with 4gig
mobile tv on mob 6
Love the picture caller id
Great calender
very fast web browsing

No voice dialing through blue tooth
(Now avd on mob 6 but 4.99 at month)
Had to restart often before the free upgrade

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Best PDA I have owned


Feb 4, 2008 by randy.yates

I have had this phone for 2 weeks with no problems. I immediately upgraded to Windows Mobile 6 Professional when I received mine because from all the bad press this phone has gotten was due to problems with WM5. You can download right from Palm's website and I highly recommend if you have not upgraded that you do so I believe this will fix all of your issues with this phone. Be sure and do a hard reset once the uprgrade is complete. The only complaint I have is the battery only lasts about 2 days but I use it a lot so I am not surprised.
The best features of this phone are threaded SMS, touchscreen is awesome, touch dialing from the today screen. I highly recommend this phone but only with the WM6 upgrade.

Pros: WM6 must upgrade to yourself
Threaded SMS
Call Volume
Ring Volume
Qwerty Keyboard
Lots of Features

Cons: Battery Life
No integrated WIFI (you can get a Spectec card for WIFI though

Better than the other Treos.


Feb 1, 2008 by chocolateman85006

I've used many phones (click on my name to see all of the phones that I've used). Well, Let's get right into it:

Windows Mobile 5 (Capable of 6, but 5 was good enough for me).
Good battery life for a PDA.
Threaded SMS, like the Palm OS phones.
Unlike the 700wx and 650, the charger didn't need to be attached to the USB cord.

My signature wouldn't stay in a threaded SMS conversation.
Not-so-bright screen.
The volume gets low after a while (granted that they have a patch that you can download through the phone, but still........!)

Well, I have an Ipaq 6915 now, and I'm happy. I won't rule Palm out if they can get the bugs fixed, as both their Windows and Palm phones, IMHO, are buggy.

Bring back the 650!


Jan 25, 2008 by sammy.5

I was a very happy owner of the Treo 650. A great phone with the Palm operationing system. I bought the 750 because of our corporate e-mail & GoodLink. A HUGE disappointment. Right at 30 days the phone froze/ crashed and unable to bring it back to life AT&T gave me a replacement.

AT&T also said in the Pac NW they are discontinuing this phone. Too many bugs with Windows.

I also have a BB Curve II as my phone, etc. A great phone.

I hope Treo can correct the issues.

Proprietary Support Issues


Jan 21, 2008 by Gotharama

This phone is middle of the line for me. I feel like an idiot after choosing this from a 750P. I was so happy to see that I didn't need to train the battery but then came the update and customer support issue. The software is totally dependent on upgrades to get maximum performance. I wouldn't recommend this phone if you need it for high use or business.

Battery Life: Excellent
Body: Great
Processor: Average with 3G
Customization: Plenty of Options
Keyboard: Ideal
Resolution: Great

Camera: Poor
Memory: Too bad 4GB not recognizable.
Third Party Software: Not enough available
Upgrade for Software: Very Tasking
Support: Proprietary Issues
Upgrades: Beware of non-authentic logo digital signatures for syncing.
Applications: Will cost you if you don't make sure to turn them off in the background.
Programs: Too many steps to open just one while working or multi-tasking.

Overall, this is the ideal phone for those that are not tech savvy. If you need programs specific in variety; stay with the OEM OS! I am taking this phone back tomorrow to trade it for the 680.

The Worst PDA Ever


Nov 27, 2007 by masnyman

I purchased this phone with the understanding that this will be the next big thing. It offered so many options, a good feel and look, etc. I was utterly disappointed.

I have experienced significant problems with this phone. Some of the issues were:

- The phone would not allow me to answer my calls. My phone would ring and I will not be able to answer the call.
- I did not receive my emails when I left my local area Washington, DC. I traveled to Pittsburgh, NY, Boston, Buffalo and did not receive one email.
- Difficulty to use the applications.
- Unreliability of phone.

I would definitely not recommend this to anyone.

I Luv My Treo


Nov 27, 2007 by charlyee

I have had the Treo 750 for almost 5 months.


1. It is smaller than I expected. The surface area is slightly smaller than the the Blackjack but it is twice as thick.

2. The blue suede like finish has a very nice feel to it and also prevents slippage.

3. The screen is larger than the Blackjack but not as crisp.


1. The call clarity is even superior to the Blackjack.
2. The ear piece is adequately loud although in noisy environments.
3. The Speaker is very loud and clear.
4. Great form factor, it is not light but it was not uncomfortable for long conversation.
5. The keypad is very comfortable and very easy to use.
6. The vibrate is loud.
7. Build quality is excellent.


1. The battery drains fairly quickly when messaging & web browsing.
2. The screen is a little dull.

What was very easy to do:

1. Blue tooth pairing with my laptop, Blackjack and 6131.

2. Setting up Active Sync.

750 not good!!!!!


Nov 23, 2007 by clayton2222

Treo 750.... I think the phone is great but I am having to reset phone 3-5 time day and I can not make calls from work...the aTT tower is a 100 feet away, but when I go a block away from work the phone works great!! (UMTS SERVICE NOT WORKING WITH THIS PHONE WITH ATT...) att is swiching me to 680 treo with out UMTS SERVICE...hoping that well work.....(ATT IS HAVE BIG TROUBLE WITH UMTS SERVICE....WITH THE NEW TREO...




Nov 21, 2007 by bitmad

I generally research my purchases thoroughly. This was an impulsive mistake. I purchased, a 750. What a two year contract disaster. I have explored forums, tried different settings, even took out the SD card. I say hello four times before it actually connects. It is slow, un-responsive and frustrating. The battery life is disgraceful and im tired of 'soft resets'.
Not to mention Hughpam point on bluetooth. It connects when it wants. I have put my sim-card in my old phone until I decide what to do. Windows 6, when they eventually release the update for my provider, is my only chance. Now I have to think of a way to get rid of it without much loss. If you had a 'normal phone' and it worked, take my advice, don't buy a Palm. These other reviewers must have a different phone.

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