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Excellent Phone/Pda


Dec 2, 2006 by ajs253

If you are a Treo fan, you will not need convincing. Having said that, I like and have liked the Treos from their initial release, but I am especially pleased with the Treo 750. First off, it's a quad band phone with all three high speed data networks. In other words,it will work seamlessly well with Cingular, T-Mobile or our Canadian cousin's networks up North. The Windows operating system has its flaws as does anything else. But what is important to me is that it does everything need in a Phone/PDA. It makes calls, it receives e-mails, it is multi-media, etc.
I downloaded the blackberry connect software and it took me less than 20 minutes to set it up on the Treo 750 and activate it. (By the way, you need to get the BB connect sofware from Palm's website in Germany- it is free and don't ask why, it is what it is). Just for your information, you will be able to send and receive e-mails on BB Connect on your Treo, but you will not be able to open attachments. Why you ask? Because Blackberry set it up that way. I called customer care, then Palm customer care, then Blackberry Customer care. Finally, BBerry said that was they way the software was written. This doesn't bother me because when I need to download attachments, I can download that particular e-mail on my POP3 account and open the attachment.
Finally, if you are looking for a reason to dislike the Treo 750, you will find it. But if you like Treos, or would like an all around phone and a PDA that has a Windows operating system that is 3G ready, this phone will work very well for you.
The battery life is good, and the camera is good too. The size and feel of the 750 are slightly thinner than the 700w/wx/p etc, and it is without the external antenna. It has a rubber texture finish which makes gripping and handling the unit easy and secure. All in all it is a great unit with a lot of potential.

Almost the best


Nov 14, 2006 by drest

The TREO is way up on my list of preferred devices. Maybe the best of the PPC's. I am torn between it and my Cingular 3125 "Smartphone" for daily use. For PPC functionality, the 750 can't be beat. The problem is the Bluetooth implementation. It seems pretty unstable (drops connections or doesn't connect), it does not transfer all my contacts to my Car kit (only speed dial). I have become quite accustomed to this feature that my Cingular 3125 handles flawlessly. As does my image Jamming PPC. The Treo has a great one handed experience, I like most of the Palm "Flavor" (except for the "Speed Dial" only Bluetooth stuff, yuk). If only it had a good Bluetooth implementation. Could be head and shoulders above the Blackberry.

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Lovin' every minute of it


Feb 17, 2007 by Phil750

Excellent phone
Great feel
New paint job
Dial by face

WM5 not the most intuitive
Lousy camera
Keyboard a little cramped
Still pricey

Longer review here:


Treo 750


Jan 19, 2007 by Versed

Pro's Excellent Ergonomics, feels great in the hand, phone works great. No lag in the WM OS. For the most part one handed function.

Con's I sorta miss the 8125's landscape feature. The keyboard, which funny is also a plus, being able to use it one handed is a plus, but compared to HTC's kb it isn't as good.

So far so good.


Feb 24, 2007 by BobbyD

I have to say that upgrading from the Nokia 6620 to the Palm 750 was a good choice for me. I tend to think I have big hands but this keyboard was okay for me. The jump to 3G is nice. I've had a few instances where IE didn't load a page. While I was editing contacts once the phone froze on me. I haven't quite figured out the PDF viewer yet, but from what I have figured out so far is that it sucks. Unless the text is really large you can't read it. Word is pretty cool although I really don't have to much use for it. Haven't touched Excel yet, but I don't think I'd need too either. The reasons I bought this phone was to check company email, surf the net for news, have a QWERTY keyboard for text, and maybe watch whatever free TV there is available from time to time.

-Internet is pretty quick. Audio playback is pretty damn good. But there is a downside(listed below in the Cons).
-Call quality is better than my last phone. IMHO, it's best to disable the touchscreen while on a call. My ear kept touching the screen prompting the clock to open(this could be a Con for some people).
-It feels solid, not like a piece of cheap plastic.
-A history of previous text messages right above the current one is nice.
-I like the screen but the resolution should be better.
-Rubber feel to it.

-Steep price to pay.
-Camera blows in low light and has bad "shutter lag know there isn't actually a shutter) But I didn't buy the phone for that, I have two real cameras for taking photos.
-Proprietary plugs suck. I'm willing to buy an adapter for the "standared 3.5mm stereo copied from palm site) headphone jack. If it works out I guess they saved me from buying another Shuffle.
-Battery power isn't that good. But I'm rarely away from a power outlet for too long. I've considered buying another one as a back up though just in case.

Great Phone


Apr 1, 2007 by microtox

Agree with everyone on the positive. Want to add that I have had this phone since its release (Cingular) and have not had any problems. This is also the first US carrier pda phone I can use in JAPAN and it works GREAT!

BIGGEST CON is the poor battery life. I am a heavy phone user and rarely get through the day without a charge. Forget about roaming in Japan without a spare battery or two.



Jan 5, 2007 by Austin5502

I ABSOLUTLY LOVE THIS PHONE. it is amazing it does so much more then the palm treo 700p and 700w does. like the media player, its slimmer, and lighter. i suggest u buy this phone its worth the money

Treo 750 w/ Cingular


Apr 26, 2007 by dpnolen

Windows Mobile sucks. For example, Internet Explorer always wants to pull up wap versions instead of html versions. Anyway, this is only Windows phone that maes the UI tolerable. Two thumbs up.

Treo 750 is my fav pda with at&t!!!


Jan 28, 2007 by retrolike

I work for cingular---->at&t corporate sales. I have used both the 8525 and the treo 750, and I like the 750 hands down!!! The internet is pretty fast on both devices even if you aren't in a 3g area. The treo is just easier to handle and even though it isn't a palm os it still has a palm feel to the layout and menu. I have been so happy with this phone, I believe you would enjoy it also.

not on straight talk not buying it sorry.


Dec 31, 2009 by earlybirdy

I would not even think about getting this phone, why you ask? It's not on the straight talk plan from Walmart. The deal i get with straight talk is simply too extraordinary for me to think of subscribing to a phone not on the service.

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