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First Impression: Great Phone!


Mar 27, 2007 by firedude721

Stability: Very sturdy and rubberized

Buttons-Keyboard on phone is small, still very usable. Easier to type messages on the treo vs a 1-9 dial pad. Side buttons are large, they stick out and I turn the volume up/down if I don't lock the keys lol.

Screen-Not as large as HTC phones, it's just shorter. Screen is readable in bright sun. Easy to navigate screen with finger or stylus. Clarity is good no trouble with 240x240 display so far.

Speakers-Speakerphone is loud and has the best quality of all my phones so far. It isn't as loud as my LG CU500 but does the job. Phone speaker is good, not as loud as others.

MiniSD-The whole phone is built great excluding plastic door/hinges that cover SD slot.

OS WM5-Easy to use, looks good...but has to be restarted sometimes. Media Player is okay, it does the job. Many settings allowing for a very customizable phone!

Reception/Signal-Best signal ever! Phone gets signal in the middle of the fire station where I work...this is a first. 3G is very fast, and GSM networks are decent too.

Messaging-Favorite phone for texting!Messages appear in a chat style window so you can see the entire conversation! HUGE HELP! Email works well

Internet-WiFi WTF? You have to use WAP which is acceptable but expensive. This phone has everything excluding GPS and WiFi! Get with it palm!

Battery-Lasts whole day sometimes two, but usually needs charged at night. Battery power statements online are accurate.

Camera-It's a phone. 1.3mp I've seen better and worse. Again, it's a phone and won't beat your Nikon D200 I'm sorry.

One Handed Use
Rubberized Coating
Windows Mobile

No Wifi...WTF?
GPS would be nice
SD slot cover
Speaker Volume could be louder

Over all this is a great phone but needs wifi! If phone is 1st priority this this is your best solution. If you need a PDA first go with HTC. I give it a 4 because of no wifi :-(



Feb 6, 2007 by msd18

I've had this phone for around 2 weeks now, it is a really nice phone. I originally owned a sprint treo 650, then I upgraded to the Treo 700p. Once this phone was released for Cingular I had to get it so I cancelled with sprint and switched to Cingular. The design of this phone really makes a difference from the 700p. The windows operating system is not as easy as the palm and user friendly but it operates alot quicker and internet explorer is 10 times faster than blazer. I had sprints EV-DO network with the 700p using blazer, and now I have Cingulars 3G and the 3G with internet explorer is FASTER THAN EV-DO with Blazer! Cingulars data plans are not as good as sprints however. Here are some pros and cons:

Sick Design
Rubberized coating
Camera is great
Windows is fast
lighter than 700p
hand grips nice
long battery life
strong signal
Speakerphone is LOUD!
Windows Media Player
Mini SD card slot

Windows not easily customizable like palm OS

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I switched from Sprint for the Treo 750


Feb 2, 2007 by kadare

After several years with Sprint, and being frustrated with the lack of decent phones and smart phones, I made the switch to Cingular. I had heard about the Treo 750 for months, but not one single Cingular rep could tell me when it would be arriving in stores. I had never owned a PDA or smart phone, so this would be a new experience for me. Finally it came, I had done tons of research and decided this would be the phone for me. I have only had it for two days now, but I LOVE this phone already. Here's why:

Nice feel in hand
No bulky antenna stub
One-handed operation
Stylus and touch-screen
Nice bold colors and screen
Text messaging w/total conversation history
Quick web browser
Loud phone and speaker phone
Talk time on calls displayed on screen
Messages, appointments, missed calls and email all on home screen
Beautiful 1.3 mega-pixel camera w/2x zoom
Mini-SD storage
Beautiful navy blue color (my favorite color)
Screen lock with password protection and key-guard feature
Xpress Mail feature with push email
Ability to change screen's appearance with different color backgrounds and personal pictures in background

I'm sure as time goes on, I will have more to comment about this phone. If you are thinking about it, you won't be sorry that you purchased one.

Treo 750 Cingular - Worth the $


Jan 15, 2007 by celnut

I tried out the 8525 & the Pearl only to return them both. When I purchased the 750 I was not expecting much but was happily surprised.


Clear call quality
Great RF
Speaker-phone is very loud & clear
Screen size is large
Keypad is very easy to use
Pictures turn out very clear & sharp
Video works well
Windows Mobile is a plus (no palm OS)
Rubberized feel is easy to hold


PDA Connect plan but connects through wap.cingular (I can get around the proxy but it will not connect through isp.cingular)
Java games loading issue (downloaded an outside program & now they will load)

All in All this phone/pda is a great performer and definitely worth the cost. I prefer it to the 8525 which is an excellent phone also but don't like the slide out keyboard & size.

Worth the Long Wait


Jan 15, 2007 by wirelessman

I waited for so long and finally a reality. This is the best PDA by far in term of functionality, ease of use and great voice quality.

One handed use - very important for me.
Voice quality - EXCELLENT - Of course I have to give props to Cingular also in the greater Los Angeles area and suburbs.
Form factor - feels like a real phone. The rubberized body is great and looks good.
UMTS web browsing is excellent in the Los Angeles area. EDGE speed is still better than most phones.
Threaded Text Messages - glad they kept this one.
Blue Tooth - Pairing is pretty simple.
MP3 player sounds great.
Speaker phone is LOUD.
Battery life is good for average user. I recommend car charger or extra battery for high end user.
ActiveSync is pretty straight forward.

Sorry, I can't find any

I had the Treo 650, Cingular 8125 and 8525, BlackJack, Nokia E62, Blackberry Pearl. This one blows them all away. A must have for professionals and even the average user who want a real PDA. Who needs WIFI if you have UMTS.

PALM'S BEST***This One Has Earned a 5!!!!!!


Dec 5, 2006 by Steven2420

This will not be another long ponderous review, as I have submitted before. In addition, I again waited over a week to do this review after buying this phone. Purchased from Cellular Concepts in Florida, (Another Awesome and Honest Company), this device is a must have for professionals.


Great form factor, smaller and lighter then Treo 650
Great rubber finish on the sides and back for outstanding grip
MS Office programs are a must have for a professional, and are very efficient and functional on this device
Stereo sound is clear and loud
Bluetooth sync is a breeze
Screen is bright and very vivid, great color
No external antenna!!!!
Keyboard is very well lit and raised buttons are very easy to use
Each button on D-Pad has a distinct and very firm click when pressed
RF is great, using Cingular 3G in Miami, Fl
Browser is very fast, (Not as fast as TyTn, but very fast) 3G is awesome and fast
Volume loud, speaker-phone very loud
Button layout is easy to get used to, side keys are perfectly placed
Palm Style with WM5 OS is a phenomenal combination---VERY SMART


No WiFi-**Not worth deducting any points for!
Palm's proprietary sync port and charging port--Someday, they will all be some type of USB I hope
**Pricey**but so is everything that has quality like this!!!


Great device for the professional, I recommend this phone 100%!!!!

Treo 750v, the best phone ever?


Nov 7, 2006 by redness56

Greetings fellow phone lovers. Today I picked up my Vodafone branded Treo 750v from a local importer. I thought I'd write a quick review for anyone considering purchasing this device.

The first thing I did was locate the Cingular ROM file that has been floating around and flashed the phone with the Cingular firmware. This worked flawlessly.

The phone runs Windows Mobile 5, and this is the first device I've owned with this system. I've had several PPC 2002/2003 devices and the new OS is much faster and much more stable. The biggest annoyance I had with other Win-Mo devices is that you have to use the stylus to perform almost all functions. Since this is a Treo, Palm has done an AMAZING job of letting us operate the phone using the keypad, and navigating the menus is a breeze. The keyboard is very nice and easy to type on. The Treos have the best keyboards compared to any other QWERTY device I've used.

The 3G data speeds are incredible. Much better than the EGDE network. You can browse the web and talk on the phone at the SAME TIME! Web pages loaded very quickly while in 3G coverage areas (10-15 seconds) compared to over 30 seconds with EDGE.

The camera is very decent for a phone, but make sure you're outside or have adequate lighting, since there is no flash.

The Treo's earpiece is much louder and clearer than the 650 and the speakerphone is also way louder. The phone gets great reception and since it's quadband, you can use it anywhere.

Now for some CONS:
-no wifi
-minisd slot offers no I/O (I think)
-1.3 MP camera a little weak for such an expensive device
-no GPS radio built in
-battery life not as good as the 650, but still very decent

I would highly recommend this phone. It is the best PDA phone I've ever owned, hands down, and is much more powerful and stable than the Palm OS powered Treos. If you have to have it now like I did, it will cost you a pretty penny, but it should be out on Cingular soon enough. Hope this was helpful.




May 15, 2007 by Sir Stokes

I have had every phone from the i930 to 7290 , from the 6700 to 700wx , from the i830 to the 700p , from the 8700 to the 8525 and this phone out ways them all

Pros -
Good camera for a phone and the flash is nice
Big screen and good sound, loud not and clear
Email is easy to use
It works fast and is an all inclusive phone.

Cons -
NO WIFI -Over rated , 8525 has wifi saw no benefit , phone kept jumping from connection to connection
Battery life
All opened programs will stay running (Settings/System/Memory/Running Programs to stop all) - like all windows phones
Does not have the GPS network.
You will have to protect it screen is exposed
A Key board

Out of them ALL (Treo's) Finest Yet!!!!!!


Mar 20, 2007 by Icemanjt91

Out of all the devices that I have personally owned the Treo seriers have always been the most reliable. I have everything from palms to smartphones and many other PDA's & Pocket PC's. I have personally had every treo from the 600 up. From the Treo 650 to the Treo 700w/wx I have very happy. Now with the Treo 750 out and about for the regular user, all I can say is that it is awesome.
I use my treo like all the other PDA's before this one as work horse. I am a full time employee and college student and I use my Treo for everything. From college Lectures to Saturday Morning Meetings with at work.
The other thing that is nice about this device is that I can load all the programs that I need for daily use and they run perfect. For example I have Agenda Fusion, Pocket Quicken, and CodeWallet Pro 6, and SPB Diary on my device. These programs run perfect on this device with no lag. Not like on my Treo 700w/wx I had lag when I went from program to program.

The best things about this device are some to do with software and others are cosmetic.
Pro -
- Picture Speed Dial
- Txt Message Threading
- Ignore by Txt is perfect for me since I am class or at work alot.
- No Stub Antennia - Phone is in my pocket alot.
- UMTS Device: Great Download Speeds.
- There are so many more but I can't take the time to write them all.

There is really one con but it is not that big to me since I have been able get my device to function all day and when I am at work I usually have it on charger.
Con -
- The battery is a little weak but not that bad it does get me through the day.
- Camera ok but not perfect.

Other then that I loves this device and hope that others like it too. I would recommend this device to any one who is looking for a work horse that will get the job done.



Feb 18, 2007 by Austiniter

I've been using this Palm 750 with Windows for the past 1 1/2 months after leaving the Blackberry 8700c. I found that the switch from being a Blackberry (Crackberry) user wasn't hard at all, as the 750 is easy to adapt to and worth the switch! I've not experienced any problems what-so-ever to date. I wanted a phone which operates windows faster, has 3-G, UTMS, slim, decent batter life, good reception/build-in antenna, bluetooth, LOUD speakerphone and LOUD ear speaker.

Here are some pros and cons:

Slim Design with Grib Rubberized Coating
Camera (ok but could be enhanced)
Better Battery Life (Note: A little better)
Easy to Navigate
Windows Media Player
LOUD Speakerphone
LOUD Ear Speaker
Mini SD/Card Slot
GOOD Reception/Build-in Antenna

Camera PIXELS could be improved


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