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Jul 14, 2009 by knaimoli

I absolutely love my palm treo 750!! I actually bought it unlocked after it was discontinued by at&t. In my opinion it is the best phone that they offered. The windows mobile 6.1 is AWESOME!! It syncs to my laptop with windows vista seamlessly and makes my outlook 2007 amazing!!! I have had multiple phones from at&t and this being my third palm and I am definitely a palm user for life (if possible)!!

-Touchscreen and QWERTY
-The all over setup of the home screen and menus
-Downloadable applications and personalization of everything
-Windows Mobile 6.1
-The keyboard is raised so nicely
-text message format

-Loudness of ringtones
-Programs not ending when closed
-message that call has ended

This phone is definitely a favorite of mine and it is so good for doing anything on the go. I have even used it to type papers for school when I could not get to my laptop. Just amazing!!!!

Palm 750


May 20, 2009 by air3wgl

I have had this phone for a year now. I have been very disappointed in it. The bluetooth system drops connections and forces an repairing of the device on a consistant basis. The microsoft sysytem locks up and requires rebooting more that my computer at home. The phone has been a constant pain in the neck with respect to repairing and rebooting. I called palm tech support and the just blame microsoft for the issues. I have had no one offer a solution. In my opinion this is a station tool, not a mobile device.

Good Smartphone


Mar 17, 2009 by jexner325

I bought this phone recently because I needed to have Windows Mobile for work; my primary phone is a Blackberry Bold so I promise, no comparisons. The Bold is just simply the best out IMHO.

The Treo does a lot of things very well; as a PDA it is top notch, no problems syncing with Windows, looks professional, good build quality, and a plethora of customization makes it a blast to toy around with.

The good;
-Windows Mobile 6.0 which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint right out of the box.
-PDA functionality is fantastic. The Today Screen gives the user an excellent overview of everything vital; other competitors try to emulate it, but Windows Mobile does it the best hands down.
-Great Reception (located in Denver with pretty good 3G reception).
-Great Build quality
-No resets! I hear a lot of people dog Palm for having to reset their device; i have yet to have this problem with mine.

The Not So Good;
-Lack of Wi-Fi and GPS. I can't really fault the device as when it first came out, the majority of competitors did not have those options either. However, if you are looking at this phone now, this could be a big reason to look elsewhere. For me, I don't use WiFi as most web pages on Mobile IE render very quickly and I have a laptop for most other needs. GPS is a bummer, but again I may use it once a week.
-No Mini USB connection. It seems that most devices currently on the market have that for syncing and for charging. Having to have two different connectors can be a pain.
-Screen is only so-so. As long as you stick with the standard themes, it isn't an issue. But venture into your personal photo collection or other wallpapers, the lack of a quality screen becomes very apparent.

Overall, I am pretty satisfied with this phone. Is it the best available? Absolutely not. But if you are looking for smartphone with robust PDA functionality, take a look at this smartphone.

A waste of money


Feb 10, 2009 by Crackers702

I used to own the Treo 650 and absolutely loved it. Unfortunately I switched carriers and was forced to replace. Of course I went for the Treo 750.

a camera
nice exterior feel, textured paint

Turns self off unexpectedly
Drops calls
Doesn't ring most of the time
Bad quality photos for a phone of this caliber.
No insurance available
Bad customer service on return policy.
Must pay extra $40 per mo. internet service to accept or send text pictures.

This phone is not worth the headache.

This phone should be outlawed.

Third times a charm?


Aug 15, 2008 by JMS

Don't get me wrong, the intended functionality of the 750 is great. I love the format of the Today screen, the ease navigating all the menus and functions without the stylus, the size is right, and the reset button is very easy to access...

The issues are as follows, with my first 750 the ringer and vibrator seemed to be possessed. They worked sometimes, and sometimes not. I had to reset the phone to fix. And every so often the key pad stopped working, again with the reset. Sent it back for warranty replacement.

My second 750, worked great, until you tried to make a call. Always got the "Network Busy" message. But the reset button always corrected this. AT&T tech support asked me to send it in for replacement.

So, my third and final 750, would not sync with our server. I had both the 2nd and 3rd side by side. Same settings, all is correct, switch the sim card, 2nd syncs, switch back 3rd won't. Warranty is sending me a Moto Q9 Global, review to follow...

-Great style
-Works great with the windows mobile platform
-Good size and weight
-Location and access to reset button

-Lots of technical issues

OK, not great


Jun 26, 2008 by Windy

I've had this phone for about 3 months now.

My previous phone(s) have all been regular cell phones, not smart phones. Yes I have read many reviews telling me that I need to adapt to the idea that this is a computer, not a phone. I do love the email and the full querty keyboard but quite frankly the devices short comings mean that I am looking to unload this device as soon as my contract with my provider will allow.

Good email interface.
Good reception
Looks good

No GPS - OK, I can live without that.

There is no way to turn this phone off! - What happens when I go camping - phone is dead and I have to wait for a recharge to use it. This is just DUMB!

Touch screen - don't get me started. It does not have a mode to disable it when talking on the phone and keeps turning on when in your pocket. Result, every time you want to use the phone you have to shut down half a dozen windows you have inadvertently opened.

No voice activated dialling! This makes it just down right dangerous on the road trying to use the tiny smart phone style buttons.

Not so good.


Jun 22, 2008 by Billie589

I have owned this phone for a year now however I have finally called it quits.
syncs all contact info
extensive call log

time setting changes constantly, making events wrong.
phone has a habit of freezing up and must take battery out to reset.
ringer is not very loud when the ringer decides to work.

I do not think it is only my handset, my husband has the same phone and suffers with the same problems.

This phone is not worth the money at all.

Great phone so far


Jun 8, 2008 by redbird83

I have had this phone for a few days now and it seems to be a great buy. It has everything that I could possibly need. I love the Windows Mobile system. This is one of the main reasons I choose this over the blackberry.
The one aspect that hurts this phone is that it is a heavier than most other smart phones. It also is lacking the Wifi.

Not One Problem


May 6, 2008 by AJW1212

I've had the Palm Treo 650 before I've owned this phone. I must say the Treo 750 is a lot better.

To be honest, I haven't had any problems with this phone at all. It's outstanding. The only major gripe I have with the Treo 750 is the lack of WiFi. I suppose that can be alleviated by buying the MiniSD WiFi card accessory. There's really not much more I can say. I'm glad I got rid of my Palm Treo 650 for this. Even though the Palm OS is faster it doesn't offer as many crucial options as Windows Mobile. Usually I have problems using Activesync but not with this device. I just plug in the cable and everything works the way it's supposed to.

The build quality of this phone is amazing. The Treo 750 felt like a rock when I first held it. The "rubbery" finish also helps you grip the phone. The stylus also fits snug into the phone so there's no chance of losing it. The keys feel great. They have a tactile feel to them which is great for typing text messages, e-mail or other documents. The charger plug fits into the phone very well. I don't have to worry about tapping the plug and have the phone stop charging.

Signal and sound quality is great. I live in NYC so no problems.


1. Very vibrant screen.
2. 1.3mp camera
3. Solid tactile keys. Very responsive.
4. Windows Mobile 6 (this might be a con for some but I haven't had a problem with it).
5. Solid build construction.
6. Good (but not great) speaker.
7. 3G capable.
8. Great battery life for a smartphone.
9. MiniSD slot.
10. No more antenna at the top.
11. Looks outstanding.


1. Can be a bit slow at times. But nothing too bad.
2. No WiFi. It would be nice to have the option.
3. No GPS but I can live without that. Some people might need it.
4. Camera is a bit on the low quality side.

It's worth every penny. Does what it's supposed to do without any problems. Solid build construction and a plethora of accessories/software is available. If you need a smartphone, go and pick this one up. You will not regret it.

I love this phone


Apr 11, 2008 by ancil11

This is actually the best phone i have ever had.

Easy to use
3rd party apps
touch screen
great for business
excellent signals
fast 3G/HSDPA Internet

If you use it alot you will have to charge it alot.

Overall this is a very good phone.

It's a 5 star phone.

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