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Not The Greatest !!!!


Aug 26, 2007 by yotopgun

ok lets cut to the chase . i have had this phone since march of 07 . and it has been one problem after the other .


first off when i first received the phone it couldn't find a signal without me manually searching for one ( smart-phone or dumb-phone ?) .

second , when i upgraded i was under the impression i was fixing some glitches . instead i created all new ones . like . . . when playing a movie on windows media player , if you put it in full screen it rotates 90 degrees . this is a big problem for the phone because the previous software did not do this , and t-mobile is taking there sweet time trying to fix it ( thanks alot t-mobile ) . also , , i used to have voice command . not anymore with version 6.0 _ did i upgrade or downgrade ?

all and all i do not recommend this device . its as glitchy as they come . sure it has alot of cool features like windows media player , and a wide-screen etc . . .

but what is the point of cool stuff if none of it works properly . its a flashy dud . i regret my purchase .

PROs: its a cell phone with text capabilities . thats all i can vouch for .

Fed Up


Aug 21, 2007 by cleric

I bought this phone a little less then 90 days ago. Since then I have had to replace it three times!

Each time the following errors occurred.

1) Alarm clock goes off even when alarm is off.
2) Web browser on both WM 5&6 constantly freezes. This is after cookies and temp. data is cleared.
3) Phone likes to drop calls when not in home area.

I so looked forward to this phone, and I know people who initially had problems with the device. When WM 6 came out, the errors were corrected. I don't know if the new ship devices are still as buggy.

- Love the weight and keyboard.
- Carries a great signal everywhere.

- Browser isn't strong enough for ebay, Y! main page.
- Seems that it needs a re-do at the drawing board for it's alarm clock.

I Dashed to get it!


Aug 13, 2007 by chocolateman85006

Okay, so it's a corny title. I went to many places to get a good deal on one. Here's the roll call on my Windows Mobile PDA/Smartphones that's I've used to date in order: SDA [Still have it], Q, VX6700, Treo 700w, Treo 700wx, 3125, MPx220, Blackjack, 2125, MDA [still use it], and now a Dash is on my main T-Mobile line. I got the Dash because my SDA [although it still works, and makes a great second line], won't have WM6 on it. I need WM6.

Excellent reception!!!
Windows Mobile 6 pre-installed!
Camera/Video is phenomenal!
The keypad is easy to use, unlike the Q.
Bubble breaker [I know I say that all the time, but it's quite addicting].
It's the only slim phone that I like, and comes w/ a protective case.
The feel of it. It feels much better than the Blackjack, Q, 3125, etc.
It's made by HTC.
This phone has the easiest e-mail setup of all the Smartphones I've used. [Palm and Symbian are a pain in the butt!!]
More memory than the SDA.
I can beam sim contacts to other phones. No other phone has let me do that so far! I usually have to switch it to phone memory before I can do that.

Volume keys are kinda tricky.
Battery life could be a bit longer. The SDA does outlast the Dash in that depoartment
Freezing, here and there [I do use many programs, so that could be my bad].

Awesome phone. If it keeps up, I might not need a wing. Only time will tell.



Aug 10, 2007 by JETSKERS

I love this phone! Had it for about 4 months now and have yet found a con for this device. The only thing that i can think of that I can do without is turning the phone off and on everyday due to freezing but its windows so its gonna happen. But over all great smart phone buy it!!!!!!

Dash hmmm.. Great !


Jul 27, 2007 by ryu012

i found the dash to be an excellent phone due to its operating system. for the most part I'm speechless about this phone its the best one i have ever had.



Jul 26, 2007 by pixiepower

I have had my t-mobile dash for about a month now and I just love it...my husband has the mda which is a cool phone but I would take my dash over that one!!! the only thing I can think of for cons is the volume touch strip as I keep hitting it while on a call but it can be set so that it isn't so sensitive other than that it is the absolute best phone ever!!

dashed hopes


Jul 12, 2007 by nursshar1

After bugs and headaches with a Treo 600 and 650, I was relieved to get this awesome phone. Then came the bad news. I am a nurse and use alot of medical software. I was having trouble with an IV drug handbook but was not sure why. I tried to download another program, and got an error message that the software was not meant for this phone. I called the company, and the software engineer told me the problem. Just because I have a Windows CE platform phone does not mean that all software is compatible with it. There is evidently alot of software out there that requires a touch screen for it to work properly. That is bad news for me. I asked if they intended to release a version of their software that would be compatible and was told it was not likely. Now this phone is useless to me. I need an all in one. Looks like I will have to sell it on Ebay and get something I can use. I was disappointed that T-Mobile would not take it back when I discovered this problem. They said I was outside the return period. I tried to point out that their customer is the one that had to find out that not all software would work with their phone, but they did not seem to want to bargain. The were willing to sell me a T-Mobile Wing for a discounted price of $369 with a 2 month extension and I was on my own with selling the Dash. Thanks guys!

Does anyone have a suggesion for me or am I really screwed?

Great Phone Even Better Gadget


Jul 10, 2007 by brandonc

This is a great phone. It is thin, light, and does not feel as cheap as a Q from Motorola. I am a sales manager for 3 different companies including Tmobile, Alltel, and Nextel. This is the best smart phone I have "seen".

Pros - light weight and still sturdy, nice buttons that even my pudgy fingers can handle. Windows mobile 6 is so much better especially with live search.

Cons - Don't have any.

Lovin it!!


Jun 28, 2007 by AngelNDaHvns

This was my FIRST smart-phone purchase and I have to say, I LOVE IT!! I'm really glad that I made the decision to purchase this phone rather than the blackberry 8100 (The pearl). I am in the wireless business and I have a lot of people ask me about smart-phones and which one I would prefer. I would have to say that I am HIGHLY satisfied with this one..

Almost everything
Call quality
Battery Life is AMAZING!!!
Camera is incredible (especially when I'm taking pics of people that are trying to run from the camera)
User friendly (at least, for me it is) I picked up on how to use it VERY quickly.
I love the feel of it in my hands and the screen is very vibrant. The resolution and colors are awesome.
I can use my media as ring-tones. GOOD, cause T-Mobile is getting ridiculous for charging 2.49 for a 4 second ring-tone!!

The guy that did my upgrade failed to tell me about the software upgrade
The volume strip bugged my until I learned how to disable it (which took me about 3 seconds to figure out)
Wish it would format web pages for better viewing, but I still like the browsing capabilities.

For those that complain about it not being able to do Word, Excel, or Power Point... T-Mobile offers all three in a package for download for 29.99. You can create, edit, and view. It's a worthwhile investment.



Jun 13, 2007 by andpacfo

It's amazing the amount of stuff you can do with this phone. I sync it with my outlook and practically does everything.

Cons: Only have on alarm clock.

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