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HTC Dash / S620 / S621 (Excalibur)


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Great phone, with some annoyances


Jun 27, 2008 by talkative

Great phone, I love having a real OS on the phone. Addon programs easily sync contacts, google and outlook calendar. Email is a snap via IMAP. A full keyboard is so amazing, no more T9 frustrations.

The phone is rugged and doesn't show scratches easily. Survived several falls on to hard floor.

But in-call volume control is pretty much unusable.

- Solid contact, calendar, task management
- Email management is a breeze via IMAP
- Rugged phone, doesn't show scratches easily
- WiFi is a interesting pastime

- In-call volume control is unusable
- Battery life isn't great



May 27, 2008 by chazrjr

I FIRST bought a Blackberry...kept it one day...keyboard too little, the phone TOO little...NOT user friendly at all...My partner got the Dash, I got the Blackberry...I am so glad that T-Mobile lets you exchange within 14 days...I took it back the day after...Primary reason was the call quality and clarity...The Dash had 3 bars of signal and the Blackberry NONE....and the dash has the same keyboard as a computer...As far as it freezing up or whatever, remember all you BOZO's its like a computer, when you are trying to run to many programs what do you expect? Jeez...
For my money, and the reason you have a phone(which is to talk on) its the D-A-S-H

ok phone


Apr 26, 2008 by giox

well idk if this is just my phone, but its slow. well first it takes forever for me to get texts and when i do get them it takes a while for it to open and view the message. also the aim is verrrrryyyyyy slow. and the pictures come out clean but i have like 3 pics on there and it wont let me take any more pics. it says that there is not enough space but there is.

.clear camera
.has fun games
.full QWERTY keyboard
.has the internet

.internet is slow
.aim is slow
.keys are close together
.when you type words come up and is very annoying
.kind of hard to type//text

That is my opinion on the phone. now what i know it is like, it would not be my first choice

~~Please Read My Review~~


Apr 15, 2008 by T Mobster

Hey I got the T-Mobile Dash on my employee plan for my wife about 2 weeks ago. Since I got it out of the box it has tendencies to lock up or just freeze during operation. This can be resolved by removing the battery and clearing out the task manager frequently. Last night I was able to put real Nintendo roms on it. They worked like a charm. No lag, no freezing, crystal clear loud sound and a beautiful picture. I added some programs to change the registry to allow 3rd party programs. It was very easy actually. EDGE is slow as hell but I have wi-fi at home so it's ok. The buttons are close and my fat fingers hit everything and I'm a skinny guy lol. At the bottom of this review I have posted a link to a website where you go to FROM YOUR DASH to get all kinds of cool stuff. Like Nintendo games and Flash-Lite for internet explorer.

- Looks real sexy
- Calls sound great Inbound and Outbound on both ends.
- Fits in a lot of places for a pda
- Windows Mobile 6.0 can be viewed as a pro or a con lol. However it does have some benefits like being able to download some windows compatible programs from pc. They have to be in CAB.
- Blazing fast wi-fi access lets you zip through websites.
- Great camera takes clear unblurry shots.
- Comes with all you need, leather holster with clip, usb cable, activesync software cd.
-Stupid xT9 can be disabled by holding down alt+space bar for a couple seconds which lets u go back to using ABC.

- Windows Mobile can be very laggy and lock up.
- Phone could use faster processor and more ram.
- Battery life not good, goes pretty quick while you're having fun.
- Video camera mode requires a couple of dumb steps in order to use it.
- Keys are too close together for me, they feel like you're pressing more then one. I understand that they had to do it like that in order to keep the phone small.
- EDGE is slow as hell

I hope you've enjoyed my review and rate me accordingly. Here's the link for cool Dash stuff. Thanks Guys ;)


Pretty good device.


Mar 14, 2008 by Ron96

The first time I got this phone I was impressed by the feature set. Its nice and sleek, fits well in my pocket. If youve upgraded the OS to Windows Mobile 6 then some of the bugs will be fixed. From my time with it I've experienced frequent freezes or crashes, typical WM smartphone. Other cons I have about it is the EDGE data, though the nice addition of Wi-Fi makes up for that drawback. Pocket IE is not the best mobile web browser, I would suggest downloading Opera Mini or something else, as IE also tends to freeze. Another con the the touchstrip. I frequently turned down the volume in calls, which was problem for me. Blutetooth works great, wi-fi also works how its supposed to. You can view MS documents but no editng of creating, and the processor compared to todays smartphones just doesn't hold up. There are plenty of other HTC phones with atleast 400mhz or more, its just starring to feel a bit dated.

Well to conclude its a very solid smartphone with a nice feature set and pretty good call quality. But dont expect it to be the be all end all device your looking for, as the OS needs so work, and the processor is on the week side, it also lacks high speed data and a capable web browser.

It's only been since August...


Feb 20, 2008 by Bialynne

Out of contract I decided to upgrade my phone to the Dash, actually it was recommended by the Tmobile store in Pittsburgh by one of the customer reps. Even with me paying out of pocket and really desiring something more for text, I got this phone.

It does have ups and downs, more downs than ups. It does freeze, when the phone is mutlitasking and or is receiving more information at once-it will totally loose it.

Unless you lock your phone-your gonna either call someone, or dial numbers. Unless your lock your volume control-everytime you hold your phone, its gonna go up and down...typically down. Alarm function-while ok-will NOT turn off! I get the same god darn alarm OVER and OVER again!

The mail sucks. Outlook and otherwise. I have continued to have problems with my pop servers, as well as AIM and Yahoo connections. I can't even get into the tmobile hotspot.

I do not suggest this phone even for texting. Infact I have complained to Tmobile directly about the phone-their idea of compensation was a new phone, o yeah-STILL same problems! For people with serious needs of a PDA-this is NOT your phone!

this phone is total junk-should have realized-it has Microsoft on the back of it!

Purchased 2/8


Feb 13, 2008 by zeke009

Fantastic device! Windows Mobile 6 is a good upgrade from Windows Mobile 5. Will T-Mobile provide a ROM upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.1 when it is released? Time will tell...

- Windows Mobile 6
- Customization options (requires editing XML homescreen)
- Inlcuded software on the device
- WiFi

- Keypad is unique, numbers used to dial are small... but you can get the hang of it.

- Small amount of memory for running applications. They upgraded the device to WM6 but couldn't do anything with the available memory for programs?
- T-Mobile and other vendors provide no documentation on the plugins they create. This makes it difficult to customize a homescreen at times and allows for missed opportunities of using hidden features/functions not used by the default plugin setup.



Jan 31, 2008 by lepeka

By far this is the greatest phone I have ever had. I recently Switched services from sprint to T-mobile. AND I LOVE IT! I see a lot of reviews by people complaining about the volume bar on the side of the phn, and I just want to tell you guys that there is a way to turn if off it you dont want it to bug you. PLEASE READ YOUR MANUAL!! other than that I Love everything this phone does and has. For me this phn does not have any cons.

Fully Functional Business Phone


Jan 28, 2008 by camelorama

I purchased this phone cheap.
I must say that the phone was more than expected but had some issues.
Durability is huge w/exception of screen

I was hit on my motorcycle @ 40 mph
The phone took a direct hit & was run over by SUV. screen cracked but phone is still fully functional.
hard to see but still working fine after 4 months
Do yourself a favor & purchase a pelican box for this phone - the holsters suck. I have a 1310 microcase pelican & dash fits snug

Rocking capability
good sync with Apple (using Missing Sync)
Great wifi connection but absurdly slow
great speaker phone
Super expansion capability w/micro SD
Nice screen
Excellent reception
camera has standard camera options like zoom & light adjustment - can take pictures in very low light
Great battery life

Letter buttons are small - very small
Good luck figuring out the word phone #'s like 1800applecare
Phone gets really hot when charging or wifi'ing
Camera kinda sucks - when not held steady
Cannot turn off predictive text (w/qwerty - predictive sucks)
Impossible to see screen in sunlight
Slow processing - very slow
no hard or soft reset (must remove battery
touch strip is positively annoying
you have to use task manager to stop programs - which really slows stuff down
If you stop messaging program - any unsent msg's are cancelled & stored - but not before using a msg with provider.

Overall - great phone with some quirks that can but worked with. I would buy another but I just got a Sony S710a. we will see how that goes.

T-mobile and HTC good combo


Jan 28, 2008 by Sprintel

I have to admit that the dash is one of the best pda,s that I have ever seen. I have worked for Sprint and Verizon wireless and there pda,s such as the 6700 never seem to be that good. The 6700 always locking up and constantly having to be rebooted. I pulled up 8 programs on the dash with its windows mobile 6 and it didn't seem to phaze it at all it would go right to the next application without a studder. The music player on the phone works great with windows media player 11 I plugged the phone into the computer after I downloaded active-sync opened media player hit sync drag and dropped my videos and songs and they went right over to the dash and had great sound. The battery life also is as good or better than my razor was. I took the phone up in the rockies to a town called Cripple Creek and had service all the way up and down of course this could be because T-mobile just has great coverage there. The keyboard on the phone is very well laid out and is easy to type on. The only problem is the keys are a little to easy to push in on sometimes causing you to type three letters at once. The web on the phone although a little slow pulls up full INTERNET pages as fast as the wap browser on the phone does. The feel of the phone in your hand is comfortable and I think this is mainly because of the soft rubber skin that HTC put on the device makes it warms to the touch and soft feeling. The phone also is very modern looking and is not at all heavy like most other HTC phones or palm phones. The only drawback I have with the phone is that I like a touchscreen but after a couple of hours with the phone I found out that I do not need it. Unlike the Motorola Q or a blackberry the navigation on the phone is easy to use and you don't have to get arthritis in your thumb trying to use a trackball or track wheel deployed on Blackberries and the two Q models. Oh and the voice quility is superior to many other phones.

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