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Dash WM6.0. ALOT better then I expected..


Jul 5, 2009 by sneek24

So ive had this phone for about a week now and I have to say it was alot better then I expected. Im actually a T-Mobile sales rep so I get to play with and own alot of different phones and the HTC Dash is now one of my favorites. I have the Behold and a Sidekick LX and this Dash, the dash is the one I use. For a PDA phone the size of the Dash couldnt be anymore perfect, and the fact that its Windows Mobile makes it very firmilliar to use.

PROS: =-)
The size
Multiple emails on 1 device
Battery life when WIFI is off
Keyboard is very easy to get used to
Easy to put new programs onto
feels very durable
Internet is quite fast even on the edge network
Web looks exactly like it does on my PC, even has the advertisments. lol
Easy to make mp3's ringtones
LOUD speaker phone
Camera takes better pics then my 5mp Behold

CONS: =-(
bettery life when WIFI is on
no 3.5 earphone/mic jack
No GPS =-(
Would like to see a rollerball instead of a D-Pad type of scroll
no camera flash
the rings/sounds it come with are bleh
Not as customisible as it could be (icons and such)
For a windows OS I would like to see more downloadable programs/software
Myfav's cant have custom ringtones
Volume control takes some getting used to
Froze on me twice. (to be expected from windows, lol)

although it appears I have more CONS then pro's alot of them are just me nitpicking. I enjoy this device and am very satisfied with it. Definatly worth the money

Feature-rich phone... short life span :-(


May 27, 2009 by hepresearch

Although I enjoyed this phone immensely, it died an early death as its software progressively corrupted until it would no longer turn on completely, and a master reset did not fix the problem. I bought it from T-Mobile USA in 2007, and it lasted me about 16 months before the end came.

Apps are plentiful for the phone, and the out-of-the-box features like the document and spreadsheet editing capabilities (for the Windows Mobile 6.0 version) are fabulous. The Windows Mobile OS comes with a price, though; the phone crashes when too many applications are running, and sometimes when you are trying to do just one thing and somebody happens to call. The most annoying part was that the phone kept ringing till I pulled out the battery.

- Windows Mobile applications, such as Office Mobile, are great and handy on the go
- signal strength was decent (T-Mobile in Harrisburg, PA, area)
- call quality and sound were good
- WiFi is excellent!
- decent battery life if managed correctly
- web browsing works well

- Windows Mobile crashes, sluggishness (201 MHz processor)
- corruption of software over time
- screen is a little weak and exposed

Overall, I liked this phone a lot, but the life span of the software killed my respect for the Windows Mobile OS.

Great Phone


Feb 2, 2008 by mixtapeking1900

What to say about this Phone? Its Awesome. All the features that is has on it. Definitely one of the best phones that i've ever used, and i've gone through my fair share number of phones. Sidekicks, Nokias, Motorolas, the list goes on..

But anyway the Dash is a very great smartphone. Comes with Windows Mobile 6, It's Very Slim, And has a very nice look for a smartphone.

The keyboard looks small but its very easy to type on it. I myself didn't have a problem texting or writing emails with this phone. The navigation was very easy too with its big d-pad and very-easy-to-get-to home, back, and softkeys.

The Dash comes with the standard 1.3 megapixel camera but to me it was close to being a 2 mp camera. Seriously this phone has the best 1.3 mp camera i've ever used!

Now ill get to the pros and cons

-1.3MP Camera (Like I Said Very Good)
-Built in Wi-Fi
-Very Good Call Quality and Speakerphone
-Fast OS for being a 201 MHz Processor
-Shortcut Keys
-Pretty Good Screen
-Battery Life (could get up to like 3-4 days with this device)

Cons: (don't have to many)
-Keys are a little small
-Voice Command Sucks on this, didn't use it alot but still
-Have to Remove battery cover to get to memory card

Overall great phone, Highly Recommend it!

Very Good


Jan 19, 2008 by baseballguy2001

Just got the Dash last weekend, I've had a few phones in my time, but this is my first "smart phone". It came with WM6 out of the box. So far, it's very stable, no freezes ups, no restarting. The new operating system really fixes some bugs from the previous one. For instance, I have no trouble with the volume strip on the side of the Dash. WiFi is exceptional. The Dash recognized my airport network in no time flat. Mobile Explorer is fine, there are some other browsers, but I haven't tried them yet. As a mp3 player it's OK, but just doesn't have enough storage space for that role. It will hold plenty of tunes, but just don't expect to listen all day long. The Dash isn't as slick a an iPhone, but it doesn't cost as much either. Battery life is good. The keys are kinda small, but the layout is just like a normal keyboard so the more you type, the easier it gets. Overall, I'm happy.

Terrific phone


May 9, 2007 by tommyc

After owning the Treo 650 with Sprint (the "crashomatic pair), and the Blackjack with Cingular, and trying a whole lot of phones, I can honestly say this is the best system out there. A few things to remember so that you can keep the phone off of your gripe list:

The volume control is flaky, so set the volume control to "outside" or "call in" only. The first cranks the volume up so that you can hear it under all conditions; the latter only allows you to adjust it during a call. The problem is that when it is set as programmed, you end up adjusting it without meaning to by grabbing the side of the phone.

Also, the system can bog down and run slowly. EVERYONE with a windows operating system needs to set up a hot key so that programs running in the background can easily and quickly be turned off, and the computer can utilize more resources, i.e. memory. Easy Fix

Exceptional microphone for clear calls.
Built-in wi-fi for getting connections anywhere near a neighborhood, commercial area, et. Very nice and works well.
Blazing fast operating system.
Programmable "everything".
Relatively small but well built.
Icons are attractive, kind of 3-D looking.
Screen layout is programmable so that you can get the right size icon or font to fit you.
When hooked up to wi-fi, this systems screams!

No voice activated dialer resident in the phone, such as "dial 423-9274".
Keys are smallish.
The carrying case it comes with can fall off of where is clipped. It is probably a better pocket phone.

Suprisingly outstanding Phone


Mar 28, 2007 by nickamador1291

I work in the wireless industry, and I have owned around 45 phones in my lifetime. I have owned phones from verizon, cingular, and nextel. This is by far the best, I have had it for 4 months now. Its very sleek, and fits in your pocket nicely, and forget about the people saying its slow and fragile. DEPENDS ON YOUR DAMN WIFI CONNECTION, and unless your playing ultimate frizbee with it, its not the fragile. The volume touch strip is optional and can be turned off, so people please stop bitching and learn how to use the phone. It has a massive screen, and the battery is never low, even when im talking alot. The buttons are fairly small, I wont lie to you, and it does take some getting used to. But if you are an experienced texter, you will do just fine. It has windows mobile which is a real plus, if you have a pc, you will find the software easy and enjoyable to use. Im not saying this phone is perfect, but its definitely the best I have ever seen. I have also owned the blackjack, the MDA, the pearl, and the envy. This phone simply OWNS the others. There are lots of complaints, and I guarantee that everyone of them is either fixable or a user defect. Email me with any questions or concerns about it. Also email me if you have any complaints about the phone, I can most likely fix them-Ill walk you through them
Nick Amador

This Phone Rocks Good Bye Mda. Sda.


Nov 15, 2006 by dboss52

just got this phone tmobile store and play with it for a hour great interface rubbery feel great megapixel camera windows just about everything. Now For Cons No Microsoft office That Is My Only Complaint i use word excel allot but with the proper sync it would be fine but you can sync your saved files into your phone. anyone that has sda or mda crop it and get this phone or consider Blackberry Pearl

Awesome phone


Nov 13, 2006 by timothyjok

I've had it for a week and so far I love it. I like others was concerned with the small keys. I must say that I have had no problems with hitting the wrong key and I have very big hands. The size of the phone is what pleased me the most as I like to keep my phone in my pocket. To make a smart phone this small they had to sacrifice somewhere. The trade off is worth it. Sound quality is great and reception is better

T-MO Dash...Thumbs Up!!!


Nov 11, 2006 by mrbill

I got my dash 1 week ago and I love it. Not only do I love it, I love the T-MO service. I left Cingular after 9 years (horrible customer service) and I don't know why I waited soooooo long to switch! I even get service in the tunnel I drive through on the way to work. Now back to the phone. I won't waste the space repeating all that has been said before, so on to the pros and cons.

Pros- The size, RF is clear, speaker-phone is loud (as long as you don't set it down), bright - clear display, Wi-Fi easy to set-up, email easy to set-up, most functions easy to get to and use.

Cons- Volume control is in a bad spot (too easy to adjust by accident), battery does not seem last as long as advertised, XT9 recognition needs to be an option not the default no anti-virus included.

Pretty Good Device


Oct 28, 2006 by Tonylegend01

I was given a Dash by my company to test out. At first, I was very impressed the device. I like the soft touch finish, the big bright LCD screen and, the full QWERTY keyboard. As I started to explore the device a bit more, I became impressed by the overall funtionability of the device. I found the menus to be more easily to navigate around than the MDA. However, I did find some applications such as the video recorder difficult to locate and, somewhat confusing to operate at first. The push email is great and, I love the messaging key that takes me to all of my email accounts, text and, mms. I found the EDGE to be somewhat slow, but then again, EDGE is not exactly the greatest in the San Francisco Area but then again, other devices such as the Pearl does get better EDGE service in this area. Overall, I think this is a very good device.

-Huge LCD Screen very bright
-The messaging key
-Soft touch finish
-Nice Slim design; the shape is good for big hands
-Loud ringers;set up an Mp3 as a rintone
-Very good call quality and reception

-Smallish keys not good for big fingers
-somewhat difficult to store items to the memory card
-video recorder is difficult to locate and, somewhat confusing to use
-Picks up fingerprints easily
-Slow EDGE service*

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