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HTC Dash / S620 / S621 (Excalibur)


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HTC Dash


Jul 19, 2007 by cheena1125

This Phone is one of the most sophisticated phones I have had in my possession. It's hand friendly and very light weight. Its easy to navigate... and also includes a powerful little speaker which comes in handy when listening to music when a boom box is not available. Its Keyboard is also very comfortable to use. I haven't really found any cons with this phone like I said it is my first sophisticated phone.... sooooo if you get one you'll love it!!!



Oct 30, 2006 by newjerseybrotha

First and foremost...

This is a smart-phone, not a pocket pc. so you will can not have features like, editing. But take a minute and think. How many of us who bought the MDA really used those features? I do have to view these things, but its not really necessary to edit them on a phone that only has a processor of 201mhz and such low memory. The phone is just great for viewing docs, and thats what people should realize. ITS ONLY A PHONE! NOTHING MORE, NOTHING LESS. MAYBE A GOOD MOBILE OFFICE, BUT NOT FOR SERIOUS BUSINESS ON THE GO. I have used almost every pocket pc; smartphone; and every blackberry...they have yet to compare! The samsung i320 might give it a run for the money, but we will just have to wait and see.

This is a great phone packed with several things to be used by a person who needs to keep in touch by email, and do a lot of texting. Speaking of text messaging, this is a good phone for sending text messages. The keys are not bad for people with BIG HANDS, it will be just fine. Because the keys have a nice rubbery; sticky like feel when using the phone. YOU WILL BE HAPPY! I'm 6'4, so you know I am packing. So I say again, big people...do not be afraid of this great little phone!

Overall, the wifi, bluetooth, hifi ringers, reception, and edge, really worked well with heavy usage. The hifi ringers are really loud when you make your own. If you have the right software, you can create some loud crystal clear ringers. (Total recorder) This software is really good, because it can record from your hard disk drive, giving you the freedom to change the bitrate, format, and other things.

I would recommend this phone to people who are using the MDA, SDA, and any of cingulars weak smartphones.

*****5 stars*****

Death to the DASH


Feb 24, 2007 by lime679

Coming from an MDA there are obvious differences. In the eyes of T-Mobile, the Dash is considered an upgrade and while on holiday my MDA crapped out. So given the option to upgrade, I did. WOW an upgrade isn't always an upgrade. It's a sleek sexy phone but lacks a lot. I use it as a semi-business phone. SERIOUS SOFTWARE ISSUES

Texture of phone
Bright screen
T-Mobile Hotspot connections (EASY)
Clarity of calls

Software issues Ex. When I am on the phone and a call comes in and I don't answer or ignore it, the phone will drop both of the calls OR it automatically answers the incoming call and drops the other one. BE CAREFUL!
The buttons are "funny". I thought text would be easier on this phone but I find it somewhat difficult because u must extra firmly hit the key.
XT9 is annoying
There is no NOTE PAD
The integrated volume keys on the side. If you try to do more than one thing at a time and rest the phone on your shoulder, you will activate the lower key and won't be able to hear the person on the phone.
Web browsing takes time because of the smaller screen and slow scrolling.
When using a bluetooth headset, you CAN'T SILENCE the phone or put on vibrate.
Speaker for music is just okay.
A little slow switching about screens.
Text messages often get hung up in the outbox for hours.

**Afer T-mobile has attempted to trouble shoot my phone, they are now shipping me another one. Whooptie doo. I'm selling the darn thing as soon as it gets here to purchase something else. Everyone I know who has a dash has the same or similar problems. AVOID IT**

Great phone, Fantastic Reception


Oct 28, 2006 by cfd954

I got the Dash yesterday and am quite pleased with it. The phone is nice and small, has good battery life and has the best reception of any device I have used on T-Mobile. Before picking up this phone I have had the Pearl, K1 and V3 this phone by far is the best offering that I have seen so far in respect to reception and features. I do have to admit though that when I went into the T-Mobile store I had decided against this phone and was set on getting an MDA however after trying both of them I found that this phone is the easiest phone to use for me. This phone packs some great features and great rf into a small package that is an absolute pleasure to use.


Non Touch Screen
Great RF
Small size
Good Battery Life


Wifi disconnects from time to time while phone is in the same spot.

I have only had a day with this phone but I would have no problems recommending it to anyone. Just keep in mind that the MDA is touch screen which means that it runs a different OS and you can also create and edit office documents on the MDA. If either are not important to you the Dash is the way to go.

Better than MDA or SDA or PPC 6700 or Treo 650/600


Oct 28, 2006 by ecommercemaven

I started with the PPC 6700 early this year and really liked the keyboard and fast processor but have had problems with the battery life as it dies in about 15 minutes wiht heavy use.

Moved to the MDA when I needed a phone while the PPC 6700 was being repaired (it died). Thought the processor was weak but the keyboard, feel and size were great.

Got a SDA because I liked the size but the processor is weak and it has very little memory. Freezes at times but the battery life and reading email was fine.

Now, I have a Dash and am sold. It is slim, light, and like the other phones, has Wi-Fi. Rubberized covering makes it easy to hold and sound quality is as good if not better than the other phones. Liked that I did not have to install the MS Office readers (who in their right mind edits documents on their PPC???) as they were already set up in the phone. BRIGHT screen, the best of all. The new T9x text recognition for words make the Dash more Blackberry like and easier and faster to type e-mail (forget T-9). All I did was install the SIM from my SDA and go... with a few setting configurations. Lots of memory so my 4000+ contacts do not hog the memory and I can have a few months of appointments on the phone for reference, as well as more than a day's email. Active Sync with the latest version of push mail is GREAT.

I have not bought a micro SD card yet but will in a few days.

I have also been an early adopter of the Treo 600 (DOG) and Treo 650 (better). I had to replace the Treo 600 with a Samsung i500...

T-Mobile Dash, Awesome Features, Great Userbility.


Oct 30, 2006 by opdaddy

This is a great new addition to the new myFAVES lineup. I used to be a Cingular subscriber, but I switched because of Tmobiles less expensive plans and text plans. I chose this phone because I needed a camera phone, a QWERTY keypad and WiFi. This phone has it all. IT is very easy to use, and very easy to type on. The Wifi works flawlessly. Here's a summery of what I thought:


Easy to use QWERTY keypad and brightly lit

Bright, amazing display

Non-Touch Screen (hate touch screens)

Camera is clear, not grainy

WiFi works great, No problems here

myFaves menus are easy to use, and sending
messages is a snap

Pretty decent processor for a smartphone, i can have several applications open and the phone does not freeze or have to reboot unlike my old Cingular 8125. I had to reboot that phone at least 8 times per day, I have yet to reboot this phone for freezing and its been 3 days.

Memory card expansion

Windows Media Player for mp3s and mp4's. You can also chose what format of video you want to shoot in.

Speakerphone works well

Loud ringers, although there is a lack of ringtones, but I was easily able to transfer my own from my comp. and set it up as a ringtone.

Sending multimedia messages is a snap, very user friendly.

I dont have a data plan, so i cannot comment on the EDGE speeds.

Easy to customize homescreen

All in all, many many pros, too many to mention.

Cons: I can't think of any Cons, some people think that the Operating System is a con in itself, thus leaving very bad reviews. The OS is very user friendly and it is easy to navigate through everything.

Summery: This is a HUGE addition to tmobiles data phones, it is probably the best phone that Tmobile has to offer. Everything from the full QWERTY keypad to the very useufl WiFi, makes this phone the optimal phone for the business professional and the young adult looking to see refuge from the sidekick series.

Looking For the First PDA for Me.


Nov 22, 2006 by RSX8900

This Being my First PDA phone is pretty exciting. I've had a numerous amount of phones in the past, as you can tell by my reviews. Now The HTC Dash is one of a kind and I really enjoy it and love it.
There are a few problems, its a bit laggy at times and its hard to get to the messaging areas, such as outbox, sent items etc. Also another flaw is that when you go to items such as inbox, or contacts, it will lag if you dont clean it up in your Task manager.

Wifi and internet i love it. flawless! better than the sk3, obviously.
I love the rubbery feel, i feel as if it will be safe in my hands and wont fall

Light weight/Thin
Great REception
Voice Quality/Clarity
QWERTY just right =)
AIM/Internet functions
MMS messaging!! Sk3 didnt have that
Text is a breeze.
Task Manager
backrounds and windows OS is great!
very loud/ringtones/mp3s
battery life is so/so could be better =)

Laggy At times
Froze on me once while trying to connect to WI-fi.
Keyboard is somewhat small but i got used to it.

hope this helped anyone and everyone
I recommend this phone for anyone, personal, business. ITs a great PDA that does alot! and holds alot!

Nice Addition to TMO


Oct 29, 2006 by MobileBenz

I have to say this is an amazing phone! I have had 5 Windows Based Phone and they all have one main bad issue! They are too big and bulky! This one is not! It does not seem to lag to much with alot of apps running! So far my MDA is slower and lags under strain compared to this one! Is it a perfect phone no, but it is the best on the market for now!

Screen Clarity
Battery Life

Smudge Marks on Case!
Had to Wait Several Years for it to Arrive!



Oct 25, 2006 by KaBu1015

this phone is a must buy I just got it and I cant put it down
everything on this phone is good the speaker is loud and the camera is very clear it is much better than the Motorola Q and the sidekick 3

El Mejor Telfs Del Mundo


Jul 20, 2007 by Vidainteractiva

Antes de nada quiero acotar que este modelo en particular en comparacion al Hermes de HTC sigue y supera las espectativas, aun asi el S620 tiene un nose que, que me embarga de emocion muy probablemente sea por la calidad en el que se encuentra realizado este equipo. Por otra parte solo le faltaria que hablase dicho telf, pero en el futuro HTC sera el MEJOR del MUNDO...

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