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HTC Dash / S620 / S621 (Excalibur)


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My Dash A Super Phone With New Volume Contro Software


Dec 8, 2006 by sTARGATE

The is the best phone on the planet.I have turn my volume control bar into a slide bar with third party software that truly fixed the volume control problem. Now I can let my fingers do the walking and slide too. The first thing I had to do was a application Unlock(not a sim or cid unlock)this gave more speed to my Dash and I can now add all those hard to install zip files on my phone for enhancements. This device now has been turn in a true super phone. I can now say, I have the perfect phone. I have a lot of hard to find super intergalactic software on this phone with a 2GB micro SD card. Slingbox live satellite(via Directv) looks like HD tv on the Dash and full screen works fine on a GPRS/EDGE network.(TMO)You can install doppler weather radar on the Dash. Go to(dopplerradio.net/dopplermobile-bata)(a free app) This phone has it all and is the greatest phone on the planet.

Dash - yes back to the store!!


Oct 30, 2006 by bubbachuck

I tried the Dash for a few days now and can't wait to return it so I can use my SK II again. As another review stated, crappy windows os. I would rate the danger software better then this microsoft crap os.

Internet explorer will have you scrolling right to left to read articles. The pearl and SK II formats the webpage to fit the screen. The ability to read or edit word and/or excel would be nice. The keys are very small and so so easy to hit the wrong key so get well aquainted with the backspace key.

I have not been able to turn off the predictive text which is a real pain for me. Too many times looking for letter keys and then ending up with some word other then what I wanted.

On the good side is the bright screen, reception is awesome and the battery life is real good. Overall I rate the dash behind the SK II and the pearl.

Just my 2 cents....................

Dash is Garbage


Jan 18, 2007 by slammyham

All i can say is i had high hopes for this phone. Big let down!!

Call quality is horrible

As a phone it is horrible

As a camera is is horrible

For texting it is GARBAGE

Yes it has wifi but besides your house and paying $30 bucks a month for HotSpots whats the point people.

My first and last smartphone with windows mobile!!!!!


Windows Mobile cant play any REAL java games....clone tetris and pacman dont count.

Stay Away. Just bought the New SLVR l7e..my god is it better in every way!!! Plays games, texts better, better speaker....faster in every way

A surprise.


Oct 28, 2006 by lalh20

I've been wanting a windows mobile phone for a while and I was really looking forward to the MDA. I was told that the Dash was the same as the MDA just without the touch screen so I bought it because I didn't want the sliding keyboard. --Upon using the phone I found it's a very very similar phone to the MDA, but they used a totally different version of windows (windows mobile for smartphones...which is junk IMO). I can't stand the version of windows on it. For the life of me I can't understand why they wouldn't use the same version of windows on this phone as they do with the Treo 700w or the MDA. The only way to really tell I'm using a windows mobile phone is that the start button looks the same, other than that, it has nothing windows about it. I think this would be a great phone but has a junk OS. I am guessing that other purchasers will realize the same things I did and it will have the same high return rate as the Motorola Q suffers from.
...My official vote, great phone, BAD software!

p.s. no excel, or word programs are with the phone.

Not that great.


Jan 17, 2007 by briced

Its nice that there is a smart phone out there that is as cheap as the dash but your paying for what you get. The dash has frozen on me many times. It acts sluggish when trying to multi task. And trying to use internet over the EDGE network sucks. Don't get me wrong, it is a nice phone, but there are a few things to consider when looking at a smart phone.

Hate This.Cellphone. (HTC)


Aug 21, 2008 by gothic_lette

i paid almost 200 bucks for this thing for my boyfriend and this phone sucks. it freezers constantly, not all the webpages come up. the keyboard is weird lookin and too small. the volume moves up and down and he is constantly dialing random numbers and txts because the phone doesnt have a good enough case. dont buy this phone. u cant watch movies off of it either. the only semi-cool thing about this phone is the fact that u can hook it up to a lap top and have internet through it. but its kinda slow.

Above my expectations


Dec 24, 2007 by pglickenhaus

I have nothing bad to say about this Windows phone. People have listed ridiculous reasons that they hate this phone. They obviously don't understand windows based phones.
It performs exceptionally, provided you understand windows mobile 6.

great phone


Jun 17, 2007 by phoneman33

WiFi is great. Great for texting. Overall great. It just great great great.

With initial resvervations, I am very impressed.


Mar 24, 2007 by sphinx780

I am in sales, so on the road often. I need complete access to email and internet as well. So far, tzones still works for full net and email. I've been using the Sony p910i and had no complaints with symbian. I was skeptical about trying the dash because of all the bad reviews I have heard about WM 5 but due to the form feature of the phone and the wi-fi (which is great for an airport traveller), I decided to chance it b/c I have no need for on the fly doc edit that can't be taken care of via email. Here's what I found with help from websearches to optimize my phone for it's best performance.

-Restored Jggr is a very intuitive and helpful tool to shortcut the menu system and scroll

-Wi-fi has worked flawlessly for me

-Form factor: The size and layout of this phone is amazing, pictures do not do it justice, it wows everyone that sees it.

-WM5...once you overclock the processor, there are no lags and it is a much more intuitive set up than I expected coming from a Mac cpu background and working with Symbian for so long. I'd be interested to hear what naysayers feel are the drawbacks to it because what I'm finding is that navigation is incredibly quick and easy as long as you take a day to explore the phone and really get to know it. I find it much quicker to navigate than the Sony even though the sony used both key nav and touchscreen and this is after 1 weeks use.

-Battery life: Through constant texting, emailing (with send/rec always on for most often setting) and using wifi daily as well, I'm yet to burn the battery more than half way...I have never seen a smartphone take this much use without needing recharge semi-daily. I had 3 batteries on hand for the sony, I don't plan on needing more than one with the dash.

-keyboard: bubbled keys create the space you need to type flawlessly with the smaller layout.

CONS: Wish the homescreen was more customizable out of box. That's it!

Great Phone But...


Dec 4, 2006 by sllong23

Hey just got my new Dash...Upgrade if you will from MDA. Cool. Only problem...How do you use the music you download as a ringer

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