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What I Expected


Jun 4, 2006 by raziel18

I wanted this phone for the better bluetooth and ev-do, and that's what I got.

The bluetooth pairs immediately with my headset, whereas on the verizon 650 which I used until yesterday would take 5 or 6 seconds into the call to pair.

The ev-do is blazing, and now I will use the net on my phone.

Signal is just as strong as before...no issues there. Verizon service continues to be the bomb.

Before you upgrade .. PROBLEMS


Jun 2, 2006 by HandH

I'm experiencing BIG problems with Bluetooth on this baby (Sprint). Headsets pair OK, but then loose their connection -- sometimes right away, other times later in the day. I have to delete the pairing, then re-pair in order to get the headset to re-connect. This is a DRAG! Tried 3-different headsets -- same problem (Scala500, Samsung WEP150 & BluespoonAX).

Also have problems coming out of a no-service area with the phone re-acquiring the network. I'm forced to power the phone off/on to get a connection.

Have also been forced to soft reset (removing/replacing battery) due to spurious 'freeze-ups' -- I am running zero 3rd part apps so I have no clue what's causing this.

Finally, not problems, but some general gripes:
- no BT voice dial
- camera pic quality on my 650 was better than the 700p

Not sure if I'll keep this one as the BT headset problem is a real headache for me -- I travel a lot. EVDO is snappy, which makes web browsing, email & picmail a joy to use, but there's not too much more that the 700p offers over the 650. It's still appears to be a very, very buggy phone.

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Fairly Solid


Oct 18, 2006 by flippant

The 700p does several things right, and gets most of the others almost right.

Users often complain about the lack of Wi-Fi. In my experience, Ev-DO data is plenty fast enough to do what I can do with a browser on a mobile phone. The browser doesn't perform terribly well with a large page in memory and it can't handle complex pages full of plugins and obnoxious javascript. You wouldn't want it to at this screen size anyway.

For more reasonable pages, though, it does very well, and those pages are generally of a size that is more than practical to download quickly over the air.

The side volume keys are used for adjusting the earpiece volume during a call and the ringer volume otherwise. You cannot bind them to anything else, I dislike since I don't want to adjust the ringer volume that often (especially when not in the phone application).

The email application doesn't use the phone's ordinary alert system to ring the phone. As a result, you can have different ringtones for different accounts, but it can't vibrate the phone when in silent mode. It can only light up the display and flash the LED.

* Good conduit software works well on Macs for calendar and contacts (but Bluetooth sync is very slow).
* Nice screen.
* Ev-DO network access is fast (for what it is).
* Thumb keyboard much easier to use than it looks.
* Handy switch for silent mode that doesn't get bumped by accident
* Good UI for making calls.
* Great UI for text messages.
* Nifty "ignore call with text message" feature.
* Good set of configuration options.

* Short battery life, especially with Ev-DO use.
* Doesn't vibrate very strongly, and most cases I've seen tend to dampen it further.
* No vibration for new email.
* Application switching can be slow, especially when using a lot of memory.
* PDF renderer is very slow.
* Can't terminate just one call when using call waiting.

Big Thumbs Down on 700P


Oct 17, 2006 by ggrene

Concept is great, reality is that device doesn't work. Hot synch doesn't work, and there simply is no customer support. I would tactfully guess that the euphoric reviews are primarily from folks who are either brand-new owners, or from astute computer geeks who get a kick out of trying to figure what's going wrong.
My phone address book has soared to 6,000 entries, as the hot synch keeps duplicating items; the phone freezes with regularity, including being unable to disconnect calls that are engaged; if you have two calls you cannot disconnect one w/o disconnecting the other; the date book discards all changes, as does the address book, after painstakingly entering data that may be lost for good.
I don't know if they will ever figure this one out, whether these are teething pains, or whether there is something intrinsically non-workable in the model. I would suspect the latter, given the ongoing issues with the Palm. But either way, this device simply does not work right now. A cellphone and a diary is the direction I'm heading back; and from checking thru other responses, for those still dedicated to the one-device model, looks like the BlackBerry is a much happier choice.

3 phones in 4 days.


Oct 4, 2006 by DJ_ej20

Ok, here is the deal. I bought the phone on Sunday. Man, I loved this phone.... till it started to freeze and reboot randomly. The phone would not stop locking up during all applications, mind you there were no third party applications nor multiple items running. Now, I got another phone to replace the broken one. It works great, till I couldn't connect to the Internet. After talking with Verizon for 1 hour, they determine that this phone has gone bad too. Great. So, now I have to get another phone tomorrow. I am hoping the 3rd time is the charm, if not... I am going to put my boot in the CSI for Verizon.

Treo 700p verizon and sprint review


Jun 17, 2006 by Keovani

Just received the treo 700p about a week ago from verizon. had it for oneday and switched back to sprint. Verizon version lacks multimedia capabilities. No yahoo, aol, or msn messenger. have to download for more money and no mobile tv or streaming radio. or dual stereo headset. which is all included with sprint version. Been a treo user since 650 release.

Pros: Evdo is very nice to use. did a broadband speed test. clocked in at 549 kilobits per second to 1.2 megabits per second. Streaming video is a big plus

can receive calls while online. no more missed calls send to voicemail

no more 2mega bit download block.

new picture mail interface is a lot easier to use from prev 650.

the camera is a lot better from the vga version. especially at night the imaging control is very good

Cons: same processing system not that much different from 650.

price seems steep since its a slight upgrade from 650. no originality same design same problems 650 had freezes up sometimes from 3rd party aps like lightwav.

no wifi no bluetooth voice dialing. not great compatibility from bluetooth headset.

In a nutshell its a great phone but not much of an upgrade from the treo 650. only big ticket is the evdo. same problems as the 650 same design. I don't think the slight upgrades are worth $679.99.

Treo or not to


Dec 13, 2006 by Boomer

It looks like another phone escaped the company before being throughly tested and such is this one...at least the one that I have, anyway. I wish now I had thought this choice through before making this my choice.
Don't lose your stylus. You will need it for constantly resetting the darn thing.

Mine shuts on and off at will; can't keep a good battery charge (even when turned off); constantly gives me an internal error message; won't sync to Calendar, Tasks, or Contacts no matter what the guidebook says to do; always says that in order for a particular function to be performed, it has to go to the Internet (even when just turning it on and going to the phone number pad screen. I even checked the 'don't ask me again box before checking "NO". I have to put in the password 3 times just to get the thing up and running are a few of my gripes.

I'm hoping this is an aberration. If my replacement does the same, I'm going back to pencil and paper.



Jan 29, 2009 by rockdonahue

I had Sprint replaced the phone 2x IN THE FIRST 30 DAYS. I have owned the 3rd phone for the length of my 2yr contract (with on and off problems with no option but to keep it). Sprint troubleshooting consists of doing either a soft reset, hard reset, or software updates.
I am a busy Atlanta Agent. I cannot afford to be without a phone or lose phone contacts. If you have this phone now,sync it and inquire about available software updates frequently.Insurance would be a good idea.

Starting with the Cons(the Bads)
-cant "click over" (when taking a second call and go back without hangin up on the first caller)
-slow pause between applications
-battery life is very poor
-phone keypad remains lit as u talk
-picture mail is slow and fails to upload on first try
-volume not loud enough
-speaker volume not loud enough
-does not pair well with Bluetooth (always drops)i use Plantronics brand
-wired earpiece stopped working
-activating any trial software on the phone is a pain to get rid of if u dont want it after trial time.

-Looks nice/big screen
-Nice simple Palm navigation
-Text chat format
-fast Sprint internet
-google maps is great
-SupraEkey app works great (Real Estate Agents)




Jun 27, 2006 by gbr1ryder

I'm not sure how this device is receiving such accolades! I've had the phone since the day it came out and I'm now on my second one! I'll just get into my review.

-the most crisp sounding phone (on both ends) I've ever had. Sound quality is amazing!
-Camera is a little better than the 650s
-that's about it

-Battery life is about half of what the treo 650 was putting out (i'm charging approx twice a day).
-Navigating through the OS - freezes ALL the time (this has happened on both of the phones I received).
-No email notification even though it says it should vibrate and ding
-pocket tunes is terrible

The last thing I want to do is bash the phone because I really want to like it. Hopefully palm will come out with a patch soon.

Is anyone else experiencing these cons that I have mentioned? Especially the battery life issue? That's the one that's killing me the most.

Poor Speaker Phone


Jun 19, 2006 by Rx

The TREO is a PDA first and phone second. I got it and the Q. The Q is just the opposite. Phone first PDA second. That is what you need to consider when buying one of these phones. That is it. Decide what you need the most and make your decsion. Both are fine, but the Q is a better phone. I had the 650 and liked it. I wanted the 700P, but the speaker phone killed it for me. The 700P had a loud hissing/air sound when using the speaker phone. I tried 3 different phones in the store (VZW) and all of them did it. This was the deal breaking for me. Now let's hope for a Q with PALM software.


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