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Love this Phone!


Jul 21, 2007 by cheriann76

I have had this phone for about a month and I love it! If your just someone who wants a phone with a date book, key board and Internet access this phone is for you! I did a lot of research on this phone and was afraid I would have problems with it here are some issues...

Cons: Resets
Blue Tooth isn't great. Loses it's connection and can have a lot of static but other times it's fine.

Pros: Easy to use
Love the keyboard
Sync is great

Battery life could be better but I do use this thing all day long. So it might just be me.

I don't use all the business things with this phone so I cant write about them. I use it for simple things and thats all I wanted it for!!

Powerful smartphone


Mar 17, 2007 by TAN7000

EVDO speed
Increase memory
Touch screen
Very good audio
Fast response
SD card plot (convenience)
Video and audio streaming capable
Good reception (Sprint)
Pocket tunes included
QWERTY keyboard
Treo SMS is a excellence
Nice third party softwares support
Good size, solid and feel good in hand

No wifi

I am upgrading from GSM 650 and I am very happy with it. Palm OS is so easy to use. I have unlimited data, so it's a plus since I can check my email, weather, reading news, listening to radio (Z100 and others)
Texting is nice and easy.
Third party softwares are nice and some are very helpful. Make it even better and smarter.

I have very good reception with the phone and the area where I live and hang out.
Really worth it to upgrade from 650.

Xiino web browser is so fast
Arcade Reality is a fun game, very addicted
Gmail App and Google Map can come in handy
Verichat is amazing

P.S I had 700WX first then I returned it, Treo 700P is much better, blow WM5 out of water

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Just got a 700P


Feb 14, 2007 by Tzar33

I just got a 700P. So far, I LOVE IT! This is my first PDA, so I haven't used it to it's full capacity yet..but so far, so good. If you're considering this phone & read about the "freeze ups" and defective equipment...I can only say: So far I haven't frozen up once and I've spent ALOT of time over the last few days downloading programs and setting things up (music, apps etc). The BT issues, though, appear to be true...I had my first problem today on my car's "handsfree" system (it would take the phone number but disconnected before dialing through?). Still, Palm customer support says they're releasing a fix soon for that problem (are they honest?). Keeping in mind that I'm new to Palm/PDAs, here is my initial P/C:


Contacts, messaging etc. is easy even if you've never done it before. Sprint give 3 mos free Palm customer support and I've used it plenty!

Awesome memory capacity: I installed a 2G card and downloaded 200+ songs

OS is user friendly--the touch screen is really helpful (although you can use the buttons just fine)

Lots of apps etc. available--and FREE (although I'm no expert...I just read through the forums and go where people have said stuff is available)

Cool looking and surprisingly small/light (I know people have complained about the size/weight, but coming from a Sanyo 5600 (excellent phone, btw) the 700P is only a little bigger and a little heavier...


BT issues

Pocket Tunes is not the easiest app to work with (click on the top of the app and go to "manage lists" to put together the music you want to hear)

DOESN'T WORK WITH WMA VERSION 11. This is important because they give you a free download of this w/the phone materials and, if you download it, you'll have to delete the version 11 from your system and then go to MS (or somewhere) and download WMA 10.

No Lotus Notes Access (sucks for me!)

If u r unsure...I say: absolutely get this phone...of course, I may change my mind if things go down hill!

WAIT!!! The WEIGHT is not that bad.


Feb 9, 2007 by unclemicthaquik

What is 6.4oz.??? maybe a kid's cheeseburger or a king size snickers, no it is the Treo 700p a multi-functional smart device with more features than possible condiments. I own this phone and wouldn't mind admitting that i could use the extra ounces because it helps me stay conciensious of what i am in control of... a 700$ dollar piece of equipment. i don't drop it due to its weight and cost and it works just fine.

Best PDA phone


Jan 31, 2007 by jadyejr

This is by far the best PDA phone I've owned. Before this I've had a Moto Q, and also had the blackberry for a short while. The Palm for me is the best option, the reasons why are because the media capabilities are awesome, the sprint TV is great, I used it last night to tether in Rural Southern Indiana (where my brothers Verizon Q is slow) and mine was lightning fast at a place where there is no Cable or DSL offered my phone was great!!! I am impressed more and more everyday by how cool this phone is!!! Do not hesitate buying, it's worth every penny!!!!!

To Avoid the VZW UI Smartphone was the choice


Oct 20, 2007 by drghealth

Just got it few weeks ago. Waited 2 yrs for updated version _1.10. With VZW for many years (had ATT, Sprint, & Nextel). Long Island NY area, VZW is in its own class for service. Have had many phones, favorites have been Motorola, the most recent; e815. By far the most complete, & practical phone on the market through vzw hands down. Hard act to follow. The worst complaint about vzw is the UI stifles the phones' abilities to really do what the manufacturers have designed them for. Well it was time to say so long to my e815 and move into a smartphone. I refuse to deal with the VZW UI!
I've had many Palm products in the past but never a treo. Tried blackberry, tried HTC, tried the Q. Aweful (well the BB was good but didnt offer simple aftermarket programs that are consumer friendly, great for enterprise business though). Palm makes a well engineered product and there's a tremendous choice of software apps that are so user friendly. With all the products out there for Palm - what can't this thing do!
Reception is superb, at least as good as my e815 which was unbeatable!
Form function of the OS - So EASY!
Screen - touch screen sweet, easy to see in just about all light
Customize to the way you want it
Tremendous choice of software
4 gig card holds full length movies, tons of pix and home clips of family and kids
Love the streaming SMS text messages
Takes SD cards - I have tons. Easy for transfers
Needed the extended batt from Seidio- not any bigger lasts 40% longer - a plus! ($42)
Using the calendar (datebook5) - seems to cause slight lag and gets hung up for a few seconds at times, annoying. (not a reflection of the unit itself, just software issue)
Vibrate could be stronger
Slippery- afraid to drop it - too expensive to replace!

Make sure you upgrade the OS that has the underscore 1.10
go to palminfocenter.com - shows how to download it.

Great phone, they fixed a lot of quirks fixed with the new update _1.10 esp the bluetooth feature.

Treo 700p amazing, brilliant


Nov 30, 2006 by cheapsweetdealz4u

Okay had this phone for the past 2 weeks. So far its great.

Camera (very good for a cellphone)
voice quality is amazing
bright vivid screen
lots of memory compared to the 700w
keyboard is just perfect (not too small and not too large)
speakerphone is great, pretty loud
Bluetooth is efficient, unlike other users, i didn't experience any disconnections while connected.
Lots of free palm programs online.

Doesn't have a wifi.

Palm Finally Did It Right!


May 25, 2006 by socalsurfer

THIS TREO BLOWS THEM ALL AWAY! I am a business user- I need a reliable device to communicate, retrieve my email, and keep track of my crowded schedules. Then on my own time I want it to do fun stuff too.

I have used a 600 and 650 since they became available. Last year I worked extensively with the WM/OS SCH-i730, then the HTC6700, and then a Treo 700W. It was like a high maintenance love affair - "if I am really patient, and try a little harder, I might finally get what I need out of this in the end frustration wins. I really missed the straightforward and user friendliness of the Palm OS.

-EVDO connection to the Internet and email is fantastic! I was concerned about the Blazer browser (I couldn't stand the old and slow one on the 650)- but now it looks and works great.
-Keyboard is crisp and easy to use.
-Button commands are very user friendly and placed where you would expect them to be.
-Touchscreen is responsive, very sharp, bright, and even reads well in bright sunlight.
-When you press the phone button, a large and easy to use dial pad is displayed! Unlike the Treo700W that gives you a pop up menu, of which one of the choices is a small, barely usable dial pad!
- Takes the same accessories as the 650/700W.
-Memory has been expanded to 60M, this is a major plus!
-Ringer and earpiece are loud and clear.
-Battery life is great, as with all the Treo phones.
-Palm 5 OS is very stable and I have not had any problems with the 3rd party software I used on my 650.

-No Wi-Fi. Although I never use it on the WM phones I have( broadband always fit my needs), for $600 bucks I want it anyway!

This phone/PDA is fantastic, powerful, and a pleasure to use. All of you Treo 600/650 users out there that have been patient for so long, your wait is over. I gave it a 4.5 only because of the lack of WiFi.



Mar 6, 2012 by smurfette

I have had this phone for a little over a month and haven't had any problems with it.. Great phone for everything you need to do...



Aug 17, 2010 by narn3049

I got this phone for a good deal. I had the Voyager but i wasn't comfortable with the battery life on that phone this phone has much better

I also like the chat style of the texting on the phone. Feel like i was made for this phone honestly. compared to my last this is definetly the best smartphone (and only really besides 2 bb's older 7250 and old greenscreen one) That I've owned.

Pretty much everything

Cons: Took a little hard to get used to. i was used to hitting end to exit. Now that only ends a call and goes on standby or to shut off phone functions. The homescreen button is just the home button underneath end button. It was kinda like an iPhone experience.

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