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FREE Software


Mar 13, 2008 by spencer2302

I have had 4 Treo models 300, 600, 650, 700, and soon the 755. I love the treo it is every thing you want it to be. You Just Have to get the correct software. If you have a cell plan with internet, I have sprint Its FAST! you can download most software without a computer. First get Hand Zipper Lite that way you can unzip your downloads. Now here is a list of must have free software. Mundu Speak is a Great IM and VOIP just change the background mode to logout from all IM
services or it will Kill you battery. Next is the Sprint Mobile Email this is the best you easily look at All of your Email accounts and send files off you SD card or phone. If you like games here are a few T-Crisis a tetris game and Arcade Reality its not free but the trial is good this game is hard to explain. Its a game that uses you camera to put aliens in your world thru your phone when you move you see targets in your house that you shoot. When you play you will see? Don't forget Google Maps its great to find a restaurant or a clients house. If you have you must know of TCPMP the mp3 and video player. Also RealOne its good for mp3 and I have Never had it lock up my phone? Here is one you must have its Mundu Radio its a free internet radio program there are 100s of stations and you can add your own from you Main account website. Now theres also Destaller Lite it helps to get rid of all those old programs. All most done theres Tryda an Directory Assistant with mapping and Reverse Query by Phone or Address a must have. Last just because there only 453 remaining caharacters left is Photos HQ its slow But it takes Great pics and its free. Here is a list of others.
Have Fun With Your Treo

2cool4u looks like a iphone, Copyit, barcode/13 lets you read a barcode, IR watch for you techs out there you can check a infra-red signal, MD on Tap is a medical data base, PdaReach to help install software off you PC, pTunes for mp3s, SmbMate, WiFiTalkie a voice over IP for palm, BlueJacker, BlueSpam

Bought off Ebay.... :-)


Nov 16, 2007 by superballs5337

Well I've been wanting a new phone ever since my LG chocolate 1st edition started screwing up. I did not want to extend my contract and I wanted a phone that did everything. So I looked at the Treo,Blackberry,Samsung,Q because i know those did everything.

Well I ended up with the Treo 700p and im glad I did. I bought it off Ebay $225 and best phone ive had.

The only thing I don't like is that I'm having trouble sending picture messages and the layout of some of the menus but other then that the phone rocks. I will stay with treo for a long time now.

Go get one.

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700P Portable Multimedia Device


Oct 29, 2007 by d1hamby

I've had this phone longer than any of the other Treos since 2000. Maybe I just lucked out with a decent working device this time but, all the features have been keeping me very busy. First I love that it has SDHC capability, (Now up to 16GB) I feel like I'll never run out of memory. Next with an after market 3600mAh battery I can finally go the whole day and not worry about running out of power. I use this device all day everyday, from talking on the phone, to checking email, to getting directions, to watching movies, to listening to books, to reading one of a dozen Bibles, to taking pictures and videos, to playing all sorts of games, to streaming music from the web, to watching TV, to surfing the web and I feel like I've only just scratched the surface of things I can do. I still haven't used any GPS or Printers because I can't stand Bluetooth because of the way it drains the battery. The only real problems are that the screen is too small, it is too heavy, the processor not fast enough, no built in GPS and Wi-Fi, camera needs to have higher MPixels and a light and flash. Hopefully on the next models that will happen.

The Best


Oct 10, 2007 by bloppy

It is the best Phone i have ever had.

The best reception
The Best Software
it is very Solid
The internet its very good
Sound is perfect

This is the very best PDA phone. Point blank.


Sep 21, 2007 by Sound.wave

I have had Palm's for many years.
There is nothing better.
You have amazing flexibility to download programs (weather free or paid - I have both)to customize to what you need/want. Palm was very wise to open it's doors and give its format to anyone whom wants to create a program/software... Thus 100's of useful applications.
I have always been into technology.
If your unit frezes and re-starts often, simply remove the particular program you downloaded which is causing this to happen.
I use to carry a cell and a palm, then waited for the upgraded version from the original Treo, because common sense will tell you that if any brand new version of software comes out for the 1st time, there will always be kinks which need to be worked out. Always try to wait and pick up the 2nd version etc.
Plain and simple... If you want the best PDA out there with the added feature of a phone, then this is it.
Note: the person who wrote a horrible review because of reception... You should ALWAYS check out your coverage area according to the carrier BEFORE you purchase. Educate yourself and take your time, you will truly be a lot happier with your decision and product.
Treo 700P is absolutely outstanding for the tech savy and professionals (Doctors, Lawyers etc...)
Great day to you. : )

Same goes for

Why the Treo 700p is the best PDA phone


Mar 26, 2007 by SprintLynchburg_VA

Okay so I do a lot of phone switching, and after trying the Treo 700wx for a good amount of time I can officially say its junk.

Sales people (me being a former one) please let customers know that a majority (a large majority) of programs will not work on the Treo 700wx. Reason being, look at an Ipaq or a PPC 6700, 6800. The first thing that will grab your eye is that larger screen. WELL GUESS WHAT! Most programs are written for that larger screen. Making the Treo 700w/wx useless. Or atleast hard to get software for.

But on to the bread and butter of this post:

I switched now to the Treo 700p and wow!!! The software support is phenomonal.

My personal must have list:

HandZipper: unzip files on your pda direct from the browser
FileZ: Gives you a file explorer feel
Google Maps: Satellite imagery
4Cast: Constant weather updates from yahoo
BibleReader: if your muslim just skip this one
Directory Assistance: pretty self explanatory
FilePC2PDA: Makes sending files to your Palm like an ftp prog.
Opera Mini: Great browser, you will need Websphere Micro, but easy to find and install
PalmVNC: Control your home computer from your palm, great for practical jokes, and sending files from home.
TCPMP: multimedia player that plays divx, great controls. I have 12 DVD's on my SD Card
SDHC: you can get this on phonenews.com, doubles any SD cards capacity. I turned my 8GB to 16 GB

most of these files can be found on mytreo.net otherwise search google



This is a must must have.

LJP is a multi console emulator.
I am talking Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Gameboy, Sega Master System and many many more. You have to have a memory card for this one.

I would suggest installing LJP to the device.

Installing Roms is simple, just place them on your SD Card in \Palm\Programs\LJP\*appropriate console*\Roms\

Really Good Phone


Jul 6, 2007 by jhr2112

I've had the Treo 700p about a year now and if I had it to do all over again I would still buy it. I work selling Sprint, T-Mobile and AT&T (Cingular) so I have my choice of discounted service providers and I chose Sprint for their EVDO network.The Treo has given me remarkable reception, just about as good as my old Sanyo.The only thing I wish Palm would do is put a noise canceling mic on the 750P. When making a call from a noisy location the person I am talking to hears all the background noise and they have a hard time hearing me. Using my Motorola H700 bluetooth headset solves this problem but I don't want to look like those dorks walking around with them on all the time.Get an extended battery if you are going to surf the net a lot.

Good Reception
Fast Internet
many available programs
easy to use

Battery life when using EVDO a lot
no noise canceling
no free voice dialing
Battery Life

A Pretty Good Upgrade From the 650


Apr 14, 2007 by DeepFryerDan

Now don't get me wrong - I love this phone. I've been through quite a few different phones in the past 6 months and this is, so far, my favorite. I used a 650 about a year ago and that was the best phone I have ever used. I expected the Palm OS of the 700p to bring a new 'zing' to the already stellar 650 but I was just a little disappointed. What and why, you ask?

Totally customizable
-with programs like zLauncher you can make your handheld look like anything you want.

-I feel like opening programs and sending phone calls takes forever and a day to go from screen to screen.

My Documents
-Word documents are probably the easiest to create but opening Powerpoint, Word, Excel and PDFs are a breeze. No joke.

-When referring to the old 650 programs there are a few programs that have some serious issues on the 700p. On the other side, there are a million programs that are made just for the Palm OS (not Windows Mobile OS).

Descendant of the Brick?
-Weight seems to be an issue to a lot of people. If you ask me, for the features this phone is well worth the weight. Kick*ss battery life, QWERTY keypad, touchscreen, nice loudspeaker. I can get over the weight for that.

-Typing is a pain with the phone shape and the way the weight is distributed. It's also a little big to fit into your pocket, I recommend a holster (especially the Speck brand rubber cases)

Ease Your Pain
-This thing is a breeze to learn how to use. You would think that the Windows Mobile OS would be easy to use since it's what most of us use at home but the Palm OS blows the WinMob OS out of the water with ease of use. You can learn it in no time and there is support out the wazoo for it. Yeah.

In the end, I truly believe that all the good features of this phone out-weigh whatever problem you could have with this phone. There are, of course, more features than I have time to list. My recommendation: lose the windoze, this fits in your palm.

Just Got 700p


Feb 16, 2007 by delicious_2357

I've been with Sprint for 4yrs and this is my first pda phone. I've had this phone for almost 2wks and I can't keep my hands off of it. My Motorola H700 BT connected without complications, text messaging (chat feature) is awesome, blazer web is very fast, screen is big, nice n bright, cool color. So far so good. Overall i'm happy with it.
can't initiate call from bt
soft reset 1-2 times a wk
speakerphone not to bad....could be louder
camera (no flash)

minor flaws, but i'm still lovin' this phone

Great Phone


Jul 25, 2007 by Ceddy Baby

I got my 700p about a month ago with Sprint. I love it. I played with it in the store before I bought it. It was a refurb, so I checked it over thoroughly. At first I thought it was heavy but as I held it more and more it felt OK. I do have 2 problems with this phone. First, the call waiting. It's almost impossible to clear a call when you're on the other line. Second, no mp3 format. These are little beefs I have. Still the 700p is a great phone. I recommend this phone to business people and people who are frequently on the go.

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