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Good Phone - Not a Great Phone


Dec 5, 2006 by cellguy2007

I've worked my way up from the Treo 600 to the 650 and now to the 700P. I dislike the phone.

I find the phone to be very slow in reacting to the toggle switch. After I press the Phone button on the left - then the center button to unlock - I can hit the down cursor 4 or 5 times before it starts to move to my Favorites Buttons. Very annoying - and this never happened with my other palms. I stopped in a VZN store today - and the display model was exactly the same. Most annoying.
On my 650 - if you opened up the phone - then started typing - if the letters didn't sync up with a saved phone number - it would automatically go to the contact mgr to search for a name. With he 700 - it's one or the other. Again - very annoying.

The battery really is bad. The 650 battery would last me 2-3 days easy - with the 700 I'm charging the phone every day & won't even think about not having the chargers with me if I travel for a day or two.

I need to keep the Bluetooth on OFF so the battery lasts longer.

The Internet browser is really good and fast - bit it sucks the life out of the battery.

The HotSync feature is right on. Easy to sync and was very easy to set up from my 650.

The speaker phone is a better quality than the 650 - but since it does't go as loud - I prefer the 650 speakerphone.

I am very pleased with the calender and scheduler - as it's exactly the same as the 650.

If you don't need the web browser - I'd recommend going with the Treo 650. It's a better phone than the 700. I don't know what phone I'll try next - but it will have to be soon.



Jun 5, 2006 by JOVE

I had the Treo 650 when it first became available and was disappointed from the moment I turned that thing on. Got rid of it within a couple of months, but I desperately needed a good phone to handle multiple contacts, (among other things), so I thought I would try my luck with the 700p. I've had it for a week so far and I can't put the thing down!

*Beautiful - for a smartphone
*Screen is amazing
*Hooked up the plantonics 640 bluetooth headset in seconds and sounds really clear.
*Handset sounds really clear.
*Good reception
*Amazingly fast browser speeds
*Slightly upgrade operating system. If you are familiar with the Treo 650, you will notice the slight differences.
*I use ACT! contact manager for my laptop to keep track of clients. ACT! is a very diverse program that allows you to write notes, appointments, groups, comments, etc. I have about 1600+ contacts that sync wonderfully well to the contact manager on the 700p, including notes and appointments. ***Even with 1600+ contacts, notes, and appointments, it still runs very smooth and fast.

*Wondering why they didn't upgrade the OS to a newer version.
*Very expensive - feel like I have to cradle the thing likes it my baby - On the other hand, it could be well worth it.

Over all, I am very happy with the 700p. I see myself using this smartphone for a very long time. Or at least until the next Treo becomes available. To justify the score... I thought a 4.9 is a more reasonable score, because nothing can be perfect. But a 4.5 just wasn't a strong enough score.

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Very good, just a couple of bugs short of great


Nov 29, 2006 by maltbyman

I have owned the Treo 700p with Verizon service since early July 2006. Primary usage is in the Verizon network in the Greater Seattle, WA area. I have the unlimited broadband access plan.


+ Quality build - feels sturdy and looks great
+ Voice quality
+ Nice set of applications delivered with the phone
+ Broadband access is fast and works well. Nice browser built into the Treo.
+ Highly available aftermarket applications that are easily added and configured
+ Has Bluetooth 2.0 (see CONS for more on Bluetooth)


- Bluetooth. This is highly aggravating. I only buy phones/smartphones that are Bluetooth capable because I hate holding a phone to my head. WHEN IT WORKS...it works well. However, it will NOT stay bonded to the headset. FYI, I'm using a Plantronics 645, which Palm appears to have licensed/cloned for their own private label. I have tried my old Motorola headset and a Jabra headset - same results.
- Support. While the Verizon folks are polite, I have twice been conferenced into Palm support after about an hour with Verizon. I now have Palm's direct support number.
- Stability. I'm on my second Treo, my original one froze on broadband access. Hard reset did not solve the problem. So, I had to get a replacement.


If you are a Treo owner, you need to be in the habit of syncing your Palm DAILY to your computer. This is your only backup. Unfortunately one of Verizon/Palm's support tactics is to have you do a hard reset which completely erases everything. Make sure you are backed-up before you do a hard reset.

Overall - this is a quality device with tremendous aftermarket programs, many of which are free. The Bluetooth support is inexcusable, otherwise this smartphone approaches a 5.0 rating.

So Sad


Mar 17, 2007 by dblack

I have to replaced this phone twice now for program in the phone going bad. I love the web features, which by the way works very well. The calendar is also good, but as a phone this one pull up very short. I live in a low reception area and this is by far the worst phone I've ever owned. It constantly drops calls and shows no service. It's possible that a better antenna would help or an extendalbe one (if it were offered). I also have a continuing problem with the phone turning itself off and rebooting. All in all Great PDA, Lousy Phone. Sorry Palm, looking for another phone

by far the most user freindly smart phone


Nov 14, 2006 by theworldisded

to be honest, i work in the industry and see all types of phones, and smart phones on a daily basis. I currently have owned this phone for a few months and can say i have less headaches than any other users i have come across. I use all the features of the phone that i possibly can with this phone. I have the least problems. I would recommend this phone to anyone A+ all the way.

pros- comfortable qwerty keyboard
- excellent back-light
- evdo is lightning fast (mobile broadband)
-camera takes excellent pictures and conveniently located
-crystal clear screen
-stability of the Palm OS
-mobile television
- camera could have a few more settings

i gave this phone a 5 out of 5 cause from my experience t
this is the overall best smart phone available.



Oct 31, 2006 by Partagas

I started with the 700W about 7 mos ago and that was a disaster. I switched to the 700p 2-3 months ago, and it has been better...improving from disaster to shaky. My problems are similar to others I've read: freezing up and needing to reboot, problems with bluetooth. The difference for me has been that I can't get any bluetooth devices to synch up at all; so it's more than a problem of them dropping off line. The delays when navigating among different functions or switching from phone to calendar or contacts is aggravating. I have to reboot several times per week. Synching with my Mac has been a challenge, and I have been unable to get photos taken with the Treo onto my computer. Calls to Verizon, Palm and Apple have all come up empty. It's frustrating enough when the device doesn't work as advertised and I can't figure it out; it's downright maddening when the smart folks who make the thing can't figure it out either.

Good but...


Oct 24, 2006 by cuidado

Had this phone for two months including a replacement unit from Verizon. I'm going to start with the problems that led to the replacement. As far as I know, these issues are widespread problems with Verizon. These problems are also gleefully ignored by Palm and Verizon - buyer be wary if you need this features to work.

-Bluetooth frequently loses pairing with headset
-Heavy MMS users will experience lockups of 3-5 minutes when messaging verizon-verizon
-Battery life is so-so at best, expect to charge daily if you use this heavily
-10ish second delay when switching from PDA to phone mode
-Versamail will BOG your phone down heavily

Other than these problems, this is a fantastic phone. These problems really need to be addressed with a firmware fix. Even if one does a hard reset, you will experience these problems. Verizon and Palm's idea of supporting these problems consists of telling you to do a soft and hard reset indefinitely while pretending it is the first they have heard of these problems. Could have been a 5/5, but problems plus no support should earn it a 1/5.

A lot better


Aug 29, 2006 by Pockets

I have the Treo 700p, I've had it for about a month now and the only reason I got it was because my Manager had it and like what u could do with it. The bad things that I have come up with is like the BATTERY LIFE man this sucker eats up batteries. Also, Bluetooth headsets my Scala 500 is always disconnecting and I always have 2 reconnect it before I use it or answer my phone. So wat is the point with the wholed Bluetooth deal?

- has everything u need in a phone so now I don't really need a lab top
- Runs off of Palm One
- Bluetooth when it wants to work
- Well the whole Touchscreen
- It gets peoples attention
- Heavy which i like

- Battery sucks
- Bluetooth aint that great
- Speaker sucks my Sanyo 7400 sounded better
- No night mood wat's up with that
- Also no flash

Well get it yourself and i think u will like it through nad through but does have nicks in it...

Pleased with the 700p


Jun 15, 2006 by Billiken

Okay, to put this in perspective, consider the following:

A) I have been researching a new phone for over a year.

B) My previous phone was 8 (yes, 8) years old and obviously NOT a PDA/Smart phone.

I am very pleased with this device having had it for about 10 days. Below is my summary with pros and cons:

- voice quality is pretty good. No real complaints.
- speaker phone is adequate. Not quite as loud and clear as my old phone, but fine for what I need.
- so far, battery life is much better than I had anticipated.
- Bluetooth paired very easily with my Motorola headset AND with my 2005 Acura MDX and the sound quality is fine.
- screen is very sharp
- Palm system is largely intuitive and easy to use.
- EVDO is blazing fast (no pun intended).
- this phone can be used with one hand very easily.
- set up my Yahoo! e-mail address in VersaMail very easily - works fine, downloads quickly.
- Word and Excel document interface is very good.

- Moving from app to app is just a little slow, not troublesome, but a little slower than I would have expected.
- some web pages are slow to load and are difficult to interpret (NOTE: this is probably true for any recently issued web enabled phone, but I have no valid point of comparison).
- let's face it, this thing is not cheap.
- a little heavy.
- no WiFi, but I cannot imagine this being a material problem given A) how fast EVDO is and B) the relatively limited WiFi locations.
- the vibrate setting is a little hard to notice - could vibrate a little harder to get your attention.

My paranoid company will not allow me to sync my device to Outlook so I have no comment on that functionality.

As you can see, my CONS are much less material than my PROS. Overall, despite spending $700 for the phone, the car charger, and the Motorola Bluetooth headset, I am very pleased and have no regrets. I waited 10 days to post this to make sure I had plenty of time to use this phone before spouting off.

Tre0 700p


Jun 6, 2006 by patlisa225

this phone is the best phone ive ever had its text messaging is really neat just like iming someone on the comp,but thing is u can do multiple people at a time. its awesome for realestate and great for an overall phone. one thing it cant do is multi task like the moto q can. but otherwise than that and the fact of no wifi this phone is the phone to get for verizon u do pay 200 dollars extra when getting the treo instead of the q but well worth every penny.

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