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What a phone!


Feb 17, 2007 by chocolateman85006

I left my Red Razr for this phone. What do I think?......

Cant send pics & talk at the same time, as it will power off the phone.
Can only send contacts via Bluetooth (There may be more bluetooth functions, but I can't find them).

Sweet Camera/Video. 15x zoom. Pretty cool!
Sprint TV is flawless in most areas.
Sturdy; which is good because I'm clumsy
Different colors
The pc reads the phone easily
Can receive Bluetooth files (couldn't do that w/ Red Razr
Super loud mp3s & ringtones
Came w/ killer headphones, data cable & 64mb card (altough I use a 1gb)

Good phone. Few phones can compare to a Fusic.

Incredible piece of equipment!


Feb 14, 2007 by ROBVAND86

I have to say this is one of the best phone's I have ever owned. My phone history goes Nokia 3361 (sturdy enough). I then got a Samsung A650, which I personally thought was a terrible phone. Finally I had a Sanyo PM 8200 which (until the Fusic) was the best phone I had ever owned. The Fusic is a cornucopia of new technologies. It's vibrant screen is beautiful and easy to see. The MP3 capabilities are awesome. All in all it is a great phone. Very few problems I have run into though. The phone at times will vibrate once for no reason no indicators waiting. I also seem to have an issue with picture mail from certain providers (not that it's a phone specific issue.) Other than that there have been no problems with the phone. Great battery life. I would suggest anyone looking for a music phone, seriously consider this one.

I *heart* my fusic


Feb 6, 2007 by racheybee

I got this phone after going through 3 buggy 8400s and I love it, love it , love it. There honestly are no cons to this phone that I can think of unless you like ready link,, thats the only feature it doesnt have. The fm transmitter is great, it has 99 speed dials, speaker independent voice recognition and even a way in the security menu to block unwanted numbers from calling! And it also plays almost any file type on the media player so you are not just limited to mp3 or acc format. The only problem that I had was that when I would pull pictures up that I had put on my memory card the phone would powercycle if they were not sized just right, but a software update fixed that. I would definetly recommend this phone

A good everything phone


Feb 3, 2007 by CIanW13

So i got this phone about 7 months ago now after replacing the Samsung MM-A900 (blade). I liked the blade a lot, though before the revised version was released it bored me too quickly.

I have been happy with this phone and I enjoy the features when i have the time to.

It is unique though i am not crazy about the pearl white color in general (black would have been better in my opinion).
The battery life is actually very decent for what it does.
It was one of the first phones in the US market to support stereo bluetooth.
Beautiful Screen quality.
Nice 1.3 Megapixel camera.
Decent reception.
Ev-DO high speed data (faster than cingular's GSM network by far).

The camera has no zoom feature at all and is missing some fun tools.
The Internet and/or Applications (particularly Telenav) freeze up time to time and the phone has to be restarted.
Ev-Do network is about to become outdated as Sprint prepares to launch Ev-DO revision A (a whole new line of phones will be the only ones able to work with it and this will also surpass Cingular's 3G UMTS network speed).
The outside speaker is the pitts, a 3 year old phone has a better speaker than that.

Overall this is a nice phone to have. It is thick and well built as well as durable compared to most newer phones (with the exception of Nextel of course). It will entertain most people for a while with live TV and Sirius Satellite Radio, MP3 player, camera and other things.

Very content.


Feb 1, 2007 by SprintKadjar

Overall, this has been an excellent phone so far. I was a little worried because it was an LG, but that worry has been pacified now. It does have an FM transmitter, but I've yet to ride in a car that I could clearly hear the music through... it works fine on a stereo, however.

+ Signal strength. Awesome pull from the towers, I don't ever recall roaming.
+ Bright, vibrant screen
+ Extra, unadvertised features: voice recognition, music (ringtone) composer, etc
+ GPS!
+ MicroSD card (can load my own songs!)
+ Sprint Music Store - incoming calls automatically pause the song... it resumes play immediately after the call!

~ FM transmitter is fun, but not very strong
~ Base only comes in white. Ugly. Maybe I'm nitpicky, but I want my phones in black.
~ External speaker quality isn't the greatest, especially compared to what you'd expect with a music phone.

- Speakerphone doesn't work with the phone closed. Stupid LG.
- Camera quality is awful. My VGA Sanyo 8200 took clearer and sharper pics. LG cameras are terrible... unless you hold them incredibly still.



Jan 9, 2007 by digital92805

Great phone but in low light situations the camera has a slight reddish cast. The fm transmitter does not function well with my mazda speed6.



Dec 31, 2006 by Christofc7

the fusic is my 31st phone in the past 4 years. and i have to say it is the best phone i have EVER owned by far. while the feel and build appears cheap, the phone can tolerate more than you expect it can. for people who had problems with the vibration and picture mail access, ect. two software updates have been issued and the problems have been solved. as a sprint rep, i use my phone all day, i use it for mp3 in the morning at the gym, talk, text and web use during the day, and mp3, games, internet at night at home or gym. and because of my job i have to have bluetooth, and i use it all day. i have NO problem with the battery. it easily lasts me all day and part of the next. i surprisingly get better signal with this phone than with any other! including the sanyo phones. never one dropped call. i'm on my third month with this phone. the phone never freezes. if there is an issue it automatically restarts and puts you back at the homescreen. very nice compared to "remove battery, wait 30sec....so on and so on. my only issue it the advanced voice regognition. its either all or nothing. i like to set my texts as voice so it says "new message from ...." but if you turn her on she never shuts up reading you everything that get highlighted or that has something to read. very annoying. lol

faceplate options
more durable than expected
amazing signal
fm transmitter works good(better than any i have tried before)
media controls!
watch tv from the outside!
really awesome customization features!

camera is a little sensitive
people commonly refer to it as the "ipod" phone...ew.
advanced voice regognition is all or nothing

neither pro or con "middle" if you will
loud speaker-while not bad, it is certaily not the best, leaves a little more to be desired

screen-while not bad, it is certaily not the best, leaves a little more to be desired

A change in the guard for LG


Dec 29, 2006 by scootypuff

I've sold Sprint for many years, and LG has put out some real duds. The 1010, 5350, 1200, 325, 225, 125 (you get the picture, a bunch of crap). But I've had this phone since August, and I've never been more satisfied. I've recently owned the 8300 (fantastic phone) and the A920 (another fantastic phone) and I haven't skipped a beat with the Fusic. For those commenting on battery life, I use the heck out of my phone (daily: 2 hours talk time, 2 hours web) and this phone has lasted me at least 2 days every time. I use it in the Little Rock area and while the A920 got 2 bars inside my house, this phone keeps a full signal the whole time. Keep in mind my pros/cons are in contrast to the A920:

-battery life best of any Sprint Vision phone that I've owned
-phone's web browser is laser fast, even faster than the EV-DO able A920
-amazing reception
-data roaming
-no issues with pic, video, or voice SMS (I had early problems with pic mail with the A920, was fixed with a software update, and had problems with the phone reseting every time I send a voice SMS)
-the most customizable phone I've ever owned
-favorites option on home screen is very customizable, even make a shortcut for Opera Mini!
-has been durable so far

-Keypad is more cumbersome than A920, and it gets dirty after awhile
-mp3s sound better on the A920, as do the ringers (what do you expect when you have a mono speaker?)
-I've had a few minor bluetooth problems, but nothing big

The pros far outweigh the cons, I highly recommend this phone for someone that wants the Power Vision services.

Love the Phone!


Dec 21, 2006 by Corrosive

I guess you can consider me an LG lover, but I have simply loved LG phones ever since I got my pm325 and upgraded to my mm535. Ever since I got the fusic (when it first came out... I think about 6 months ago) I have loved it. I really enjoy the size and think that is about perfect. Its not paper thin, but it has the perfect amount of thickness and weight. The camera is good and takes nice outside and inside pics. The music player is great and using a bluetooth stereo headset is a must... they simply sound great! After getting this phone I sold my Ipod and have just been using this ever since. As far as phone call quality and all that, its near perfect. My calls usually sound good, but there is the occasional time when I cant get a signal.

Pros: Good Battery life, Nice camera, Music features, Bluetooth, Very stylish, Great size.

Cons: I dislike the antenna and think that it would look nicer with out it. Also to update the SW on the phone you have to take it to the sprint store, if not you will only be able to use version 9. Lastly picture mail does not always work when accepting it from other carriers.

very happy with the fusic


Dec 16, 2006 by martinik4

i can't say enough about the fusic,i have just replaced my sanyo 5500 which was a great phone,i went to the razr but sent it back,the battery life was subpar,i took a chance with fusic and i must say it has great speaker phone,,very surprising,screen clarity,great sizing fits well in my hand.the signal strength so far has been very good.i have had the fusic for 3 weeks and no problems to report.the weight of the fusic is great,i can through it the pants pocket or holster.i'm not a multimedia geek but have played with the features and am impressed.the only small con for me is that i keep hitting the camera short cut button and have to reset the short cut key,but just once in awhile,but no big thing.if someone is looking for a good quality and easy to use with nice styling and countless features then this is for you.as i said before,i'm not a big camera or multimedia freak but its nice to have them if needed.i do like the power vision feature for weather and sports.i got a great deal on this phone due to my upgrade credit plus sprint gave other incentives due to me being with them for alot of years.i rate this phone A plus

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