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Do not get!!!!!!!!!!


Jun 13, 2007 by baier38

I have had this phone for 3 weeks and nothing but trouble. I will go 3 to 4 days and all of a sudden ALL my calls get thrown into voice mail and my phone gets hot and then the battery dies. I have to have sprint re-program it for it will work again. This is the second fusic, the first one was replaced a week after I got it!!!! And no its not the networking, there has been 3 service tickets put in already for that. They are sending me the new M510 samsung. I have been with sprint for 9 years and never had a issue like this with a phone, sprint told me personal this phone had a lot of issues! Look at the price, that tells all.

wonderful phone/toy


Jun 3, 2007 by t.c.

i've had the samsung a840 and the sanyo scp3100, when my 1yr upgrade credit came around i decided i was going to get the phone i wanted. i spent 5 weeks researching all the phones that had the features i wanted and decided to go with the lg fusic. it didn't take long for me to get excited, this is a great phone.

*great design
*great graphics
*cool features e.g. music composer (make your own melodies/ringers), slide show (set 9 pictures as a cycling screensaver), memory check for phone and sd card, etc.
*1.3 mp camera w/ flash and ability to record
*vision speeds are very fast (and my webpages load properly as well)
*great signal
*great sound, people don't have to ask me to repeat myself and i don't have to ask the same of them
*mp3 player w/ fm transmitter means i can listen to my mp3s while taking a walk, cleaning, or driving around in my car
*good battery life
*voice command is easy to use
*includes a lot of useful tools including 3 alarm clocks with a quick alarm, calculator, tip calculator, voice memo, notepad, world clock, etc.
*text/picture/video messages get sent quickly
*well spaced well lit keypad, screen is clear and easy to see in high lit areas.

*doesn't come with an orange faceplate. a small complaint, but i think they should make more colours available
*T9 texting is awkward to program. go into notepad or compose message and just write out the word and it'll automatically add it to the dictionary. that means if you forget to put it in T9 mode, the gibberish you type out will be saved =Þ
*external navigation pad tends to be too sensitive
*pictures taken in low light tend to come out pixelated and just very poorly

overall it's a great phone and i am definitely happy with my choice. it has a bit more of a learning curve than the other phones i've owned, but i would highly recommend it. =)

love it


May 7, 2007 by krisk84

As an employee for a sprint retailer and an avid cell phone user. I've had quite the few but just from sprint network, i had the samsung 660, sanyo 2300, and sanyo 7400. Now switching to the Fusic.

Seeing how this phone can do basically anything you want it to, i don't need to list the pros and cons.

I love mostly everything about it. the only thing i do not like about it at all is that the buttons are made of rubber and seeing how i am guy and have facial hair (not the clean shaved kind of guy) the buttons pull on my facial hair so i have to learn to hold the phone away from my face as not to get snagged.
other than that, i haven't used everything on it yet, i haven't used FM transmitter yet but seeing how other reviews said it doesn't work to well anyway.

can't synch calendar


Apr 26, 2007 by mdrmike

its ok. I've been with verizon for years, and got tired of them nickle-and-diming everything... so I decided to try a couple of other carriers to see if any are better. I switched to cingular - and was impressed with their plans and service and phone selection.

this phone has lots of features... but a couple BIG drawbacks. basically it seems sprint has poor choice of phones, and if this is the best, time to move on.


* lots of features compared to other sprint phones


* mp3 player is horrible! doesnt recognize some wma files (not sure why yet)...
* although the phone supports A2DP, the support is limited; you can't just hit play/resume to start mp3 player.
* camera flash is weak - only slightly better than not having one
* camera is only 1.3MP and the resolution is smaller than my last 1.3MP.. which doesnt make sense.
* can't sync address book / schedule with outlook

And I said I'd never buy another LG...


Apr 11, 2007 by Jeffzx226

So I was an LG owner in the prehistoric days (LOL) and swore I'd never buy another. Well, coming from a Samsung a920, with recent tech issues, Sprint insurance replaced me with the fusic. Skeptical at first? YOU BET.

But now in all honesty, I love the FUSIC and would give LG another chance after owning this phone!

-Reception. Hands down. It beats both the Samsung a900 and a920, 2 very popular sprint phones. Its on par with the Sanyos i've owned, which hold sprint's signal the best. This lil guy really shows off, rarely ever dropping a call, even with 1 bar.

-Clarity: The mic and ear speaker are loud and clear, and depending on the quality of the other persons connection, i find myself turning my earpiece down because sometimes its so loud it hurts my ear! Some phones employ "noice cancellation" technology, which in my opinion, is more cumbersome than anything. This little guy doesn't, and performs like a charm!

-Form: Its tiny, but still plenty of phone to hold. It will prop on your shoulder, yet disappear in your pocket!

-Battery: Rarely with sprint can you say that a phones battery life is a PRO! This phone has an exceptionally small battery, but due to it being a higher quality, this little guy rivals the battery life of my a920 WHEN THE SAMSUNG HAD AN EXTENDED BATTERY ATTACHED! No joke. I get maybe 30 minutes less out of the LG than the samsung with no extended battery.

-Style: Changeable faceplates, included with phone.. pearly white.. fairly durable... people ask "ooh what is that?"

-FM transmitter is more fluff than anything, not real clear or usable

-Screen: Not really a bad thing, just not as high quality of the other high end phones in sprint's lineup. I don't mind.. it saves on battery life and it is easier to see in sunlight. Would only be a con for the biggest tech hounds.

-Screen/buttons: the buttons leave residue on the screen. Not nice

You will not be disappointed with the Fusic!

The best Phone I've ever purchased


Mar 31, 2007 by gwoodz58

I've recently purchased the Fusic and I think I'm in love. My last phone was a A-900 and it sucks in every aspect compared to this phone. And if you want to read my review on A-900 here's the link: (https://www.phonescoop.com/phones/submit_review.php?id=824.)
First off the MP3 player on this is nice, and if you got extra money go buy a 1GB mircoSD slot and fill up your music. The camera is ok, it can get blurry at times but it's pretty good quality for 1.3 compared to the A-900. But the coolest thing about this phone is the FM transmitter. This phone can transmit any type of radio. It even worked on my friends $8 alarm clock. I would recommend this phone to anyone that wants freedom on their phone.

-MP3 player is great
-Reception is very clear
-FM transmitter works like a charm
-Can customize a ringtone and use it on the phone
-Battery life is great, only need to charge it every 2 days.
-The phone looks a bit girly but oh well
-The camera is ok but not the greatest
-Can't use ringers as the alarm clock, must use the tones they give you

I Lovve My Fusic!


Mar 17, 2007 by mryterr1009

I would like to start off by saying I love Sprint. There service and their network are the best by far in my area (Boston). There collection of phones is also imnpressive.

The LG Fusic is a very nice phone all around. The look is sleek, relatively thin, it has a cool touchpad on the outside, and the screen is as bright and clear as can be.

Now Features- There is not one feature missing on this phone, it simply has everything you could think of. 1.3 Megapixel camera and camcorder, Sprint Powervision (Watch LIVE TV, Wirelessly download music from the Sprint Music Store, and of course the mobile web), Bluetooth Technology, and a MicroSD slot for more space for photos, videos, music etc. The messaging on the Fusic is also very easy to use. When you get a text all you have to do is open the flip and it will take you right to the message (not like my old Samsung a840 where you had to go through the menus and go into ur inbox).

I just wish the Fusic would come in a less plasticy material- it is easy scratchable.

Overall, I believe any buyer would love the Fusic EXCEPT for a business oriented person (in that case a Blackberry or a Treo would be sufficient.)

Great little phone


Mar 9, 2007 by pvgomer559

Only one thing to complain about, WHY WHY WHY do providers lock out the great features of a phone. If this phone can play its own mp3's you load on to it, this would be a perfect phone. Instead you have to go thru a lenghty process just to make one of your mp3 a ringer.

My favorite phone.


Feb 24, 2007 by hilaryschneider

O.K. So here's my story on the fusic: I've had more phones than you can count-- and I'm 19. I've always had a love of cell phones... even with my moms ever-clunky 1990's phone. Anyways-- I've always gone through the same pattern with phones- I get the high end phone love love love it for the first month or two- then I get bored. Well, this trend has changed with the fusic. I work at Radioshack and when we recieved the new sprint phones (we got the Katana, the Fusic, and a black samsung). I was instantly in love with the blue katana. But I knew I was paying full price for the phone so I wanted to make sure I would like the phone for the long haul. Even though I was immediatly attracted to the Katana, I researched and saw the incredible difference in features between the two. Although I was hoping for a thin thin phone, I opted for the Fusic because of the options and feautures available. 6 months later, I have absolutly no regrets. The basics of the phone work flawlessly, and the fancier options are also very easy to operate.

Bluetooth capable
Sleek design
Sturdy (I drop it about once a week amd although there are some nicks in the finish- I have had no problem with the screen or functions)
Different Faceplates- if I get bored of blue- I go to black- its nice to be able to change it simply without making any extra purchases
MP3 Player-- I am still using the memory card that came with the phone and I have 20 songs and haven't filled up the card yet.
Large memory- as mentioned- I have 175 pics and 20 songs and the phone doesn't opperate any differently than with 0 pics and 0 songs.
Easy navigation- No difficulties getting to music internet messages it's quite simple

Speakerphone COULD be louder- but I shouldn't complain it isn't a problem I just like loud music.
Bluetooth cannot transfer files or images-- only bluetooth capable via headset. Unfortunate.
Sensitive Key pad on the front

LG Fusic- Longest Phone I've Used


Feb 18, 2007 by dfwtxpatrick

"The Greatest Phone I've Ever Owned!"

I don't say that lightly by ANY MEANS! I have had over 120 different phones in my 7 years with SPCS.

I have owned everything from the old Qualcomms to the 700p, A900, A920, 9000 and MANY more phones.

I LOVE THIS PHONE! It has everything I have ever wanted in a phone. I watch movies, play games and talk on this phone w/ NO problems!

While this phone doesn't do everything GREAT! It is the best phone to do EVERYTHING that can be done by a phone.

Like me, the phone is a Jack of All Trades, Master of none!

I've seen phones that do 1 or 2 things great, but then lack in most other areas.

Not the Fusic. It does em all and does them well. Again, Just like me!

If you want a phone to beat all other phones, this is it!

I usually trade out phones about every month or so, but I've actually had this phone for 5 months now, I can't find a better phone!

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