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One of the worst phones I have owned


Sep 29, 2010 by Chillinpape

The speaker was good, everything else ran short on this one. Sprint was giving money during the short time in ownership with this phone. It always had a need to go online for no reason even on a call it would drop just to get online. Also it needed to go online to play my Mp3's

Haven't Found Anything Better


Aug 4, 2009 by bigrand

I've had the MM-A920 for more than three years. Sprint has called to offer a trade in on a new phone, and while I am a gadget nut, I really haven't found anything with Sprint that I like. Flat phones are out of the question and I don't care for the build quality or operational attributes of the slide phones. I guess I'm hooked on flip phones ever since my first Motorola Star Tac several years ago. I know if it's closed it won't be making any accidental calls.

The 920 is still a full featured phone with excellent clarity and great battery life, especially with the hi-cap battery. Photos and videos could be better but I almost never use them so it's not a deal breaker.

The menu is intuitive and the buttons feel solid. Overall it is a well made phone that I have dropped countless times and still works perfectly.

Sprint's offerings are pretty weak. I would like to trade up if I could find something that was actually better than the 920 but I honestly haven't found it.

One nice addition that I added was the "phone as modem" plan so I can connect it to my laptop when traveling. It stays fully charged via the USB port while checking email and surfing the web. All in all it's been a great phone.

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Virtually Flawless


Jul 4, 2008 by Static

As a former owner of an LG-8100, I am a very big fan of these types of phones with side stereo speakers, as they offer unparalleled sound quality. But, after moving to an area where Verizon wasn't available, I was forced to change carriers and sell my 8100.
So, I came to Sprint and picked up a Samsung-A900. At the time I was unaware of 920's existence. But being a Sprint manager, I had a lot of hands-on time with this phone and it outshines almost anything Sprint offers today, including my old 900.


+ Fantastic design. Its sleek casing and form factor makes it comfortable to hold.

+ Sound quality is exceptional.

+ Display is sharp and crystal-clear (inside and out).

+ Camera quality is very good.


- Like every Samsung I've owned, this phone locks up on occasion, requiring the need to take out the battery in order to shut it off.

Aside from that, I can find no other issues with this "8100 clone". A quality product from Samsung, and I would recommend picking one up from eBay over most phones Sprint offers today.

A 920 Pretty good after 2 years


Apr 10, 2008 by pantherhugh

I owned the A 920 for 2 years. I had no intention on upgrading it although I had a phone credit to do so with Bell. However, because I purchased the phone on Ebay I was not able to a get a receipt so I'm likely going to upgrade. Let me say that this phone has everything you need. The MP3 player is great as long as you have earphones in.

Anyway, here are the pros and cons

-1 GB of music that can be interchanged with other Mini SD.
-User Friendly User Interface
-Great Speed Dial
-tonnes of contacts
-the phone is clear and people never have a problem hearing you
-decent camera for a 1.3 megapixel
-you can take video's which is decent if you don't need to move the camera
-easy to access Internet through the phone. It's actually fast and doesn't drain the battery.
-battery charges fast
-never drops calls

-Speakerphone is good...but my previous phone the Sanyo 7500 is much better. People can't hear you when you're on speakerphone and it's worse they are in a crowded room.
-T9 text doesn't learn...that's not cool
-bluetooth is weak at best

Overall a good phone but if you ever experience a freeze. Take it in immediately.

Sprint+this pone=amazing


Mar 9, 2008 by scoobychick918

I have had this phone for a little over two years now and still am having an EXTREMELY hard time finding a suitable replacement. Nothing i can see does what this phone can still do with a reasonable price tag.

the good-it's camera has a flash!
it has a media player
it will play Sprint TV
Speakers are set on the side(S), yes both sides, nice and loud
picture ID shows up on outside screen
after two years my battery still lasts longer than a full day
3 independent alarms which can be set to go off certain days of the week

The bad (but not so much so)-it's bulky
you cant set an mp3 as a ringtone, but there is a way around that. you need and mp3 cutter or splicer, pick approx a 25sec clip of the song, cut it and use an uploader site to upload to onto the internet (such as: http://www.thephonemall.net/uploader/index.php )
the camera is only 1.3megapixels
the camcorder function only lets you take up to a 30 sec video clip

all in all i still love my phone. i just want one that has a better camera and not so bulky, with more "life organizational" features. the reason it gets 4.5 and not 5 is because of the bulkiness and camera isn't the greatest. I wish samsung would come out with a new phone that has a flash with the camera and has more pda functionalty

Will use it until it dies


Feb 25, 2008 by eelander

This phone is amazing. I've owned many phones and this one is by far the best one that i've owned. I am up for my two year upgrade and I decided against upgrading, instead i bought 2 new batteries just incase they stopped carrying the batteries. All of the new features of sprint are available on this phone 2 years later.

The phone works as my MP3 player, GPS, phone.. The only thing that i don't like is the t9 not having any way to input new words, pain in the butt IMO, other than that, the phone is perfect.



Feb 23, 2008 by sgtlhunter

I love this phone. I switched to a PDA phone for a while, then i switched back. My contract is currently up & I'm looking for another phone that is halfway decent and I cant find one. I ususally only get clamshell phones.
Pros on this phone are like what every one else says. Good camera, battery life and other features. The media player does what a mp3 player should do on a phone, play music. I don't surf the net on this or any phone so that stuff doesn't interest me. Unlike other ppl, I actually get my txt messages and phone calls when my music player is on. It has a nice screen and great user interface. Lots of features kept me busy for a while just trying to get it just right for me. I have Sprint and i can't complain about sound quality or reception.

I wish the speaker was louder for both calls and music. The three way calling feature is difficult to figure out and I rarely is it. I was having trouble with receiving vids from other ppl, but a firmware upgrade fixed that problem.

As I said before, I want to upgrade, I just can't find a phone that I like. I've had this phone since 2005, and I still cant beat it.

I don't know why Sprint and Samsung discontinued it. Especially since they haven't put out ANYTHING to compete or replace this phone.

Uh oh. Trouble!


Feb 16, 2008 by PhantomJ

Oh boy. This phone was trouble. I really tried to like this phone, and I sort of did, but there are some definite cons. BTW I did not use the online services.

*Excellent display! Chrystal clear.
*The MP3 player is a dream. The speakers provide high-quality music.
*Camera's pictures are great, but not omg! great.

CONS. (oh jeez)
*The camera time! When you take a picture you have to wait about a second before you can move your hand, or the picture will blur. A real arm-strain.
*Signal strength. I was in a room where some of the ceiling had concrete plating. I had signal while my friend (who had a different phone than me) had 3 bars. Carrier- Qwest City- Phoenix, Arizona
*The A9 texting feature is... well... stupid. One time i tried to text a sentence and i got crazy nonsense.
*Battery life. The battery was the worst of all. You charge it for 3 1/2 hours and get about 2 hours of talk. Even worse for music lovers. About every 12-17 minutes of constant music you lose 1 bar of battery.

Overall, I don't really recommend this phone.

One of my Favorites!


Oct 24, 2007 by benjaymin

I would probably still have this phone if Sprint wasn't a company that I didn't get along with.

I really loved this phone, it did what I wanted, the transflash slot was a great feature to have. The MP3 player function was cool. I used it at work all the time to listen to while doing what I needed to do. The stereo speakers were good for their size and I had unlimited data and a video plan and used it to watch TV. that was great when bored in class!

My BIGGEST problem was if I was to call out at the same time as getting a call in, the phone wouldn't let me do anything till the person went to voicemail. It was annoying and happened often specially after a dropped call. I also didn't like how limited the storage was for the messages, i mean 100 texts... that is kind of small. If the "T9" would learn that would be nice too.

Over all I was extremely happy with this phone and really don't have it anymore because of sprint.

Grrrreat phone!


Aug 1, 2007 by zombie9

I have had this phone since it came out December 2005 and I've never had a problem with it!

Stereo speakers
Great voice quality
Can take a bump!
Great sprint apps
Fast EVDO service
External keypad for mp3

You have to hold the camera very still when taking a picture for at least 3 seconds, taking pictures of anything moving is about imposable.

Overall one excellent phone, many phones have come out since and i love new phones but i have no reason to upgrade with my best friend the 920! :)

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