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Lots of advanced features but lacking the basics


May 8, 2006 by BLubak1

I've been with Verizon for quite some time, but unfortunately, I'm in a heavily populated area where Sprint has had EV-DO coverage since Q4 2005 but VZW hasn't bothered to offer the same. Tired of waiting for VZW to catch up, I finally decided to try the Samsung A920, one of Sprint's three currently offered Power Vision (EV-DO) handsets.

One of the biggest pros of this phone, in my opinion, is its design and build quality. The phone has a nice appearance, feels solid, has a great keypad, and a very sharp, bright TFT display. Call quality is quite acceptable, as is data performance in both EV-DO and older 1x areas. Java is also nice, as I was able to download the Opera web browser for excellent web surfing capabilities.

Now for the cons. I'm actually really stunned that nobody has brought this up, but it's a confirmed fact that, unbelievably for a phone of this caliber, the A920's T9 text input cannot learn new words! No, it's not user error -- go ahead and search the web and user manual for confirmation of this. This also holds true for its Verizon cousin, the A950. Why Samsung would build a phone with umpteen advanced features and 24 MB internal memory but not integrate a key component of T9 is beyond me. Needless to say, for those of us who text frequently, this makes text input truly aggravating. So much, in fact, that I returned this phone within the 14-day trial period, cancelled my Sprint service, and continued using Verizon. The A920's camera also isn't the greatest -- other reviewers are right in saying it needs to be held perfectly still to avoid capturing a giant blur -- but then again, it's a phone camera. Also, the A920's menus, though beautiful and "skinable," are also quite disjointed and illogical in comparison to my "pre-Verizonized" Motorolas.

The A920 is great for talking, surfing the mobile web, and listening to Sprint's awesome -- albeit expensive -- streaming radio content. But if you text as much as I do, you'll be very disappointed.

i love this phone


Feb 15, 2006 by bigben

I really like this phone no i love this darn phone. I mean you can play MP3, so now i can work out with the headphones on and i do not have to carry an ipod and phone just the darn phone and i am rolling, and the supplied ear buds sound awesome. I do not get into the bad points of the phone i mean once you figure it out it is simple. I mean sit down toy with the phone and after a little while you are off.

People in my office love that i can play Sirius and we do not need a boom box these speakers are so loud......No cons i really love this phone......Oh did i mention that the speakerphone is awesome, and you get the choice of vibrate at every volume level. Yeah baby Yeah.

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Simple and fun little phone.


Jan 24, 2006 by motorola1

I initially purchased a Treo 650 after following it for a year. Within the first 5 days, my Treo froze 5 days in a row. Grossly dissappointing, but it was a deal killer for me. (Which is a whole other review)

I returned it in hopes of getting a Sanyo 9000. But for some odd reason Sprint decided to not distribute it anymore.

After doing a crash research job online, I decided on the Samsung a920 and haven't looked back.

Samsung and Sanyo phones have distinct personalities. Sanyo known for their exceptional reception and clear calls does the most basic things right. They build a great phone first, then worried about the other bells & whistles second.

But the Samsung a920 is the perfect looking phone. The flush keypad with a beautiful white light that illuminates every number that makes it easy to type. The phone size is perfect. Not to thin (A900) or too flimsy (A940) like its other Power Vision Siblings.

Samsung finally got the screen looking sharp. Though the Sanyo 9000 is slightly better.

With Power Vision I was surprised how much I'm using it. Streaming ABC News and Sirius...and so much more.

best phone i ever had


Jan 7, 2006 by khalid

i recently switched tot his phone from the nextel i860. The features on this phone are amazing.

-Great signal quality-never dropped a call yet
-Amazing picture and video quality
-Mp3 player is awesome
-the speaker quality is very good
-nice look for a phone
-easy to use
-tranflash memory stick comes with it (32mb)

- the only con about this phone is that you have to hold the phone in place for a long time to get a clear picture-otherwise, it comes out a little blury-but no big deal

overall, i definitely, recommend this phone. the only thing im having trouble with right now is extending my video length, i was told there is way to do it, but never figured out.



Dec 17, 2005 by msd18

Okay so here goes...about 1 1/2 years ago I had sprint sanyo 8100, then I decided to go with Nextel i860, Nextel sucked, so I swiched to T-Mobie, They were decent, I had the black razr, then samsung e730, then finally sony ericsson k750, they were all great phones but T-mobiles data services were lame. So i finally came back to sprint and I purchased the samsung a920. When I first got the phone i loved the size, not small like the e730 but not too large. Here are so pro's and cons...

Good built quality
Good size
Large internal and external screens
Great camera and flash
Music controls on outside
SIRIUS satellite radio(subscription required)
REALLY quick internet and sprint TV
loud stereo speakers
good battery life
256K display
transflash memory slot
Nice Color
awesome call quality
good signal reception

Sprint limits transferring data to phone via transflash unlike GSM phones

That is it, I gave this a full 5 stars because its a POWERHOUSE! this phone will literally eat up any other phone on the market

excellent phone!


Dec 16, 2005 by cliburn

i just got this phone few days ago and i can't keep my hands off it. i love the features and the fact that i can download and play songs in it, perfect for me. i used to have the A880 and i immediately exchanged it with the A920 as soon as it came out. This phone is so much faster when it comes to browsing the internet, emailing and instant messaging. Downloading pictures, videos and ringers can be fun too since it won't take u long to view them and listen to them. This is perfect phone for checking out news and stuff. I love that it has expanded memory slot. Now i don't have to worry if i want to download bigger files in it. and before i forget i love the camera features. I think this phone is like a toy for adults too.

I am just a little concern about the phone itself. I mean it is all fast and all that, but i think it has a tendency to freeze when u use it.

My friend Tom thinks it's a cool phone too but he just wishes it has bigger screen.

Happy holidays to all and this phone is a perfect gift for christmas.

920 vs 90. And the winner is MM-920


Dec 15, 2005 by El. Presi

I just traded in my 900 for the 920 and i was like , damn, damn damn damn !!!

I just don't know how to explain this but the 920 is surely the phone to beat. And the memory card ? Wow....
I think everyone that's thinking of buying or that just purchased the 900 should get off their butt and smashed their 900 on the wall with no mercy then file for a complaint against samsung for releasing the 900 ahead of the 920!
yeah i said it, what !

Samsung Revisited - A Happy Homecoming!


Dec 25, 2005 by Naytess

I bailed on Samsungs a few years ago after I discovered Sanyos superior reception on Sprints network in N. Cali. I loosely vowed never to return to Samsungs; even though they could release an attractive phone with cool features but, the mere fact that I was dropping calls way too often steered me away. What made me return to Samsung (for now) was the 2 features that Sanyo for whatever reason continues to neglect to include on their handsets. They are: Bluetooth - this hasn't been a total "make or break" feature for me in the past but, I've decided now that I would prefer to have this feature than do without it. However, I haven't yet tried it on the A920...almost there! And, the other is an internal antennae! I really don't know why Sanyo hasn't begun incorporating these simple features on their handsets! But, I'm happy to report that the reception on the A920 is excellent! In fact, I'd say it's reception is superior to my last Sanyo (4500). Now, for my list of A920 Pro/Cons.
Pros: Pretty much everything but...
* Compact size - not too big, & not too small! I love it!
* Stereo speakers - they sound great for their size!
* External media player controls - very nice! Another feature Sanyo hasn't incorporated yet.
* Camera/Camcorder - both work great!
* Screen - is beautiful!
* Voice SMS & Text-to-Speech - very cool!
* Dark blue color - the silver phone was played out last year! I'm amazed it's still so widely produced!
Cons: very few
* Text Mess. - I'm still used to my old Sanyo. With the A920, when texting you need to hit the "space" button twice rather than once to separate words. Trivial but, still not as user friendly as Sanyos.
* Calendar can't be set for "quick launch". Something I'm used to w/Sanyos.
* Video Caller ID - can't shoot vids w/phone & set as caller ID. Can only download content i.e. music vids, etc to use as caller ID.
That's it! I'm extremely pleased with this phone! And, until Sanyo gets a little more creative I'll hang with Samsung!



Feb 5, 2006 by rxseven

First of all, I purchased the Samsung A940 that is a cool phone too. I returned it however, and got the Samasung A920. It has all the same features except for a feature in the tools area that is called "motion fun". The A940 allows you to shake your phone and play dice. The A920 doesn't have that feature. Other than that all the same features. I Love this phone! Sound quality is awesome. I hooked it up to a set of 5.1 surround speakers and the sound is great. Music store is a bit pricey but oh well pay to play. I would reccomend this phone to any and all. You won't be sorry.

I real liked my A900...A920 is AWESOME


Jan 11, 2006 by TampaBayPirate

I find the A900 & A920 too be twins...not identical twins...for there are some differents...size battery life screens sound & memory...

The A900 is smaller & the screen is sharper..The A920 has way better battery life sound is better & memory card slot...
I tried the A900 for 14 days...it was sweet & I liked it alot...but since exchanging it for the A920 I'm even happier...I like the longer battery life the sound is sweet and the memory allows more storage...

Verdict is: their both great phones...and they both appeal to different people for different reasons...but I truly believe anyone looking for a great phone will find enjoyment with either one of these phones...

The choice is your's and with either one you have made a sound choice...

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