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wish i had sprint!


Feb 26, 2006 by ffeje14

I really wish i had sprint so that i could get this phone. I know someone who has it and i was playing around with it for a whie....best phone out there!I had the a950 for Verizon which is supposed to be very similar but it doesnt even come close to this phone


-amazing screen
-great camera and great camera options
-MP3 works great
-nice speakers
-nice keypad layout
-great design
-very nice looking

dont know of any

started out great, ended way substandard


Jan 24, 2006 by thechriscoe

comming from a line of sanyo, i chose to venture into samsung. ive had the sanyo 8100, 8200, 5500, 7400 and finally 8300.i got the samsung and at first it was nice. stereo speakers are awesome...but while watching sprint tv or listening to mp3s there is an annoying buzzing that cannot be ignored. the phone lags sometimes. seems to freeze and has already restarted itself a few times. the bluetooth was unsteady. just because it has bluetooth doesnt make it great. (especially when it's unstable!)i even had the samsung headset. it was a let down. half of the downloads i had previously didnt even work on this phone. sadness. me and my partner got these phones at the same time and experienced the same problems. being a sanyo guy i expect more. flashlight, compatibility with ALL downloads, durability, easy interface, overall to me the samsung phones seem to target what sanyo seems to miss which isnt much. we are getting the mm-9000 tomorrow.

stero speakers (on very low/ mid volume)
outside media controls
few more customizable features
being able to view media on the sub lcd
its pretty

bluetooth is shaky

stereo speakers at loud volume

t9! terrible when compared to a sanyo!

can be glitchy

processes slow when going thru phonebook

camera very motion sensitive! blurs with very slight movement.

no flashlight

t9 cannot learn new words!

seems fragile (more opinion than fact)

**the advanced voice recognition IS NOT ADAVANCED! its the same ol same ol (if you have ever had a previous samsung) play with the sanyo AVR youll see a BIG difference no matter who you are, and thats true.**

not all downloads are compatible with this phone. very aggrivating if your a SLINGO player.

**when veiwing a subcategory (call history>missed calls) when you press back, istead of backtracking to the previous category (missed calls>call history) or even the main menu, it puts you back on the display screen. very annoying**


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a920 vs. motorola e815


Jan 23, 2006 by ray604

i've been using the e815 for the past month and just today i upgraded to the a920.once i started using it i started regretting doing this. i like to customize my phone, especially with music. the e815 allowed me to store songs in the phones memory and use those for ring tones, caller tones, and even the alarm, i liked waking up to a good song. but when i tried doing that with the a920 it doesnt let you move songs from the transflash to the phone and the other way around. you would have to download from the "music store" and i didnt want to pay for that. also with my e815 i could bluetooth all my files, pics, music and videos to the phone, but with the a920 there isnt much you can do with bluetooth other than the earpiece things which i dont use. it also comes with a data cable which is kinda useless. the plus for the a920 is the louder speakers, better camera, nice external controls and the overall look, but the e815 lets me do so much more, so im returning my a920 tomorrow and going back to my motorola

SAMSUNG A 920 junk


Aug 1, 2007 by RICHSTER

I just like to say that Samsung and Sprint have not helped me fix my A920 first of all I have had this phone for 1.5 years the speakers phone does not work,nor does it ring anymore the battery only lasts 1 hour and my calls get dropped about every 10 minuts,usb cable tells me I need software I did not get any with the phone,i can not get
music on it without sprint power vison service,has no vidio ringer,can't transfer data by bluetooth,camera very slow to start and must be very still for unsmudged pics,vidio is poor, my main concern is the service/drop calls and the phone freezes up when I try return from call waiting,It is a sprint phone and when I call my voice mail it says welcome to virizon wirless you will need to progam your phone.....Im heated they will not give me money back for phone or fix the speaker/ringer. Sprint did offer to void my 2 year contract but then I will need to start a new contract for a new phone what do I need to do to get it fixed.dropped calles have been very bad for my business,I came to this site becuase just last night the camera will not send pics to my memmory card anymore and they just disapair after I send them that is it for this phone...it has a bug

flash disc when it worker
phone # memory
many options is why I bought it

Samsung/Sprint support/help
battery life
poor vidio
slow camera,
Bluetooth not transfere data
USB cable is usless
dropped calls
phone freezes up on call waiting.
I say agian Samsung/sprint support no help

Sprint A920 not so great


Apr 27, 2006 by damar

Congrats to all who have favorable reviews of this phone. Do you all work for Sprint or Samsung? My experience is that this phone while looking great with loads of features actually sucks.

My biggest issues is battery life. The original battery was good for 2-3 stand-by w/ no talk time and 1-2 days w/ 30 min talk before dead. I complained to the Sprint store and was given w/ no change the extended battery. Some improvement now i'm at 3-4 days w/ 30 min talk time before its totally dead. Forget the leave it charged for 15 hrs and the rest of that. It doesn't work.

Second issue is speaker phone, talk about cheap. No volume; can you say what again. Worst i've heard of the 5 phones i've owned.

Basically if you're into looks over function buy this. If you need to actually use this, buy something else.

3 A920 Samsungs in less than 2 weeks!


Apr 10, 2006 by satxme

It has been a nightmare! First Samsung A920 was purchased on 3/24. Store where purchased forgot to update software. Phone worked well, until I attempted to view my albums. The albums would not open. I was out of town with other projects and could not get to store. Return trip home, transfer of contacts omitted important Official numbers-Brought phone back to store, apologies from them, they updated. They apologized for contact glitch-too late. Then the ear piece, Bluetooth-had bad echo. Phone handset had same problem. Within a week, store exchanged for 2nd brand new a920. Horrible echo problems with this phone also. And media was a no go. Their telephone tech support was no better, but they filed a ticket on phone. Store didn't upgrade the software again, although I asked that they do so, and they said they did. I ended up updating twice. This turned out to be BAD news again. Brought phone back to store, yesterday morning, they tested out-battery had been also losing its charge, handset calls came in scratchy. They sent me on my way, did the updates, and while on road, Bluetooth had bad echo, headset with boom had bad echo, and handset had bad echo. Good Grief!!! I returned yesterday afternoon, for a 3rd A920 -they upgraded everything as I stood near where they worked and assured me I had a good phone. Not true. A C.S. rep called me last night to see if I was still having problems and both she and I heard bad echo, and it came from the phone itself. I didn't have my Bluetooth or headset. Today, they put me in a Sanyo 8300 (we have one already) but, my qualm about it is screen too small. I've had one previous Samsung, with similar sound of echo problems - What are they doing? My first thought was, maybe phones were in flood area - or built in wet conditions. Is this possible? I do not have good feelings about their products. I cannot give them a high rating, would you??

another fancy toy


Jan 26, 2006 by jchorny

A week ago I have bought a new model of Samsung SPH a920. At first I was extremely happy that finally somebody made really multitasking machine. Now you can empty your pockets from all mp3-players, cameras, PDAs and have only Samsung SPH a920. What the joy!!!

But what the great disappointment it was when after two days of searching internet for necessary driver I just found that this phone is not created to upload/download information from computer to phone or vice versa. Even it has USB cable and Bluetooth but its only to be able to use your phone as a modem or to send your pictures strait from phone to printer (don't understand why to bother if you can do this any way from your memory card) I think people would benefit much more from ability to use USB cable to download/upload pictures, music or even to use a phone for transporting some files from one computer to another and what the most important to be able to sync or manage your entire phone book, calendar, schedule, appointments with your computer at home or at work.

So, phone by itself is ok but just as another fancy toy

Blond girl stuff...


Jan 11, 2006 by Voyagers

This phone looks very nice.. like a blond girl. Light weight, bunch of stuff in it... Have you ever think to buy a BMW with a dishwasher and microwave in it? This exactly what it is. Feels like it was made just to show it to your friends with a words: look, I have here this and that and....

If you want to use it, you definitely have to sit next to a power outlet. Otherwise, your joy will be real short. Like an eye blink.

Highly recommended for teenage girls and for the others who actually don't plan to use it as MOBILE PHONE.

Vs the E815


Dec 28, 2005 by punda.G

Well It looks like I'll be the first Canuck to post a review on this phone here... I actually work for a cell provider down in toronto, and I upgraded from the Motorola E815. Now we dont get as much choice down (or I suppose I should say UP) but at least we do finally have access to some 3G phones, and at least EVDO.

as far as how this compares to the E815, I find it to be superior in ALL aspects save for probably the most important one...Reception.

The only provider you can get this on in toronto is Bell Mobility. I had the E815 the day it came out, and after only two days of using the A920, it's obvious that its the weaker of the two in that category. Now to be fair to the samsung, the one bar it chooses to display while in my basement seems to be all it needs to make and maintain a call.... so i guess all in all, it's still a fantastic product.

Pros: feature laden, stylish and effective in every way

cons:not what you'd expect from a samsung for reception, though voice quality is always superb (way better then the fishbowl sounding E815)

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