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Apr 3, 2006 by ineffable_me

the best phone ive ever had. the speakerphone is great, people tell me they cant even tell im on speakerphone. the sirius radio is great, so is the media player sound quality is amazing. ringers can get real loud or soft. easy to navigate through. can change font and icon size between 3 different settings. colors are incredible. camcorder is good but camera has to be perfectly still to not be a little blurry. the only problem i have is that when the phone is in the fitted leather case its hard to press the buttons for text messaging. small, cute, and sturdy.

I think mine's a lemon


Apr 2, 2006 by retroman

I just bought the Samsung A920 on March 27th. I'm still playing around with all of the features and so far i really like the phone's capabilities. HOWEVER, the camera on this phone is terrible unless you are taking pictures of a bowl of fruit or some other stationary object. I gave my wife my phone Sanyo VM 4050 which took relatively good pics. I didn't have to worry about being perfectly still or having my son be perfectly still to get a good picture (which is impossible). Almost every picture I have taken in the last few days is unrecognizable. Also, the flash lights up after the picture is taken not just before. I'm going back to sprint tomorrow to return it and possible get another A920. Has anyone else experienced problems this bad with their camera.

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It left me speechless.


Mar 24, 2006 by Jay-Jay

First of all, this is one heck of a phone from Sprint. I am very impressed (after a day and a half) at some of the features that I am new to. Most of what you wished for all crammed into a lightweight phone like this. Samsung did a good job on this one. Everybody wanted to see my phone today.

Signal is pretty good in my area, (Coconut Creek, FL). Right now I got 4 bars inside the house and six as soon as I step outside.

Sound quality is kind of sweet. I can hear every thing clearly. The Speakerphone is also good. I haven't tried putting any files on the memory card yet. But I uploaded a few 30 sec ringtones and some full length AAC files. On the internal memory alone, I have ten 30 sec. ringtones and 2 full length AAC files that only occupy 8.6 MBs. This is only possibly at AAC-LC Music, Stereo, 64kbps, 44.100khz. It's OK when you play music through the speakers, but when you put in the headphones supplied with the phone, it's like you're in your own little world. This phone has a lot of PRO's and a few CON's.

1. The buttons are on the side, which is much easier to use, rather than them being on the flip.
2. Speakers are loud and clear.
3. TransFlash slot + 512MB memory card = Hello Movies
4. Nice and Crisp LCD screens.
5. A lot of customization. (May take the whole day if you don't know what you want.)
6. Headphones are awesome.
7. I could go on and on, but space is limited.

1. Can't transfer files to other phones via Bluetooth. (Hey. Now I am the only one with this file, that everybody wants to see/hear).
2. The battery runs out fast if you play around with the phone all day.

What I can't stand. I have to almost buy every damn thing from Sprint. Eg: If I get a Power Vision Plan ($15-$25), then I still need to buy the Channel Listings (SIRIUS, Sprint TV, etc.) which range from 4.95 to about 11.95. Eg 2: Any IM app for 2.99+tax per month. For what? That's not me.

I would recommend this phone to everyone, if you don't plan to be on it 24/7. Whew.



Mar 24, 2006 by nirby

i work om the sales floor and have sold hundereds on a900s and hardly any 920s. the 920 has wxpandable memory better battery better speaker and faster browser also 50 bucks cheaper but no one buys it, so i did. Ive had a 650, 8300, 7400, 8200, 680 and none compare. The music store is awesome downloads in seconds and the stereo sp[eaker is superb, evdo is awesome. I liked my treo but this is just way to cool. way better than the 900 and love the speaker. Buy it

Outstanding Phone


Mar 21, 2006 by pwabbit

The phone is just the right size.

My 920 has very clear displays on the outside and inside. I can easily read the outer display, even in bright sunlight. The displays are exceptional.

The stereo sound is fantastic. The speakerphone quality is excellent.

The bluetooth works great so far.

The reception is as good as my Sanyo 4500, 8200, 8300 phones. That is a pleasant surprise from Samsung. I haven't yet found an area that I haven't had service (I know I will).

The phone gets warm when talking on it for an extended amount of time.

The phones software is updatable over-the-air, very convenient.

Text entry is T9 capable. Samsung needs to revise the software to allow the T9 to remember the new words that I enter.

The ringtones are in stereo and are clear and loud. I also like that I can select "vibration" on all ringtone volumes.

Surfing the web is almost as fast as DSL is.

****Things I rate as outstanding:

-Ringer clarity and volume
-Screen clarity
-Earpiece and speakerphone clarity and volume
-Internal antenna
-Signal reception
-Additional memory through the card slot
-User friendly software including the on-air updates
-Rugged feel similar to the Sanyo phones
-A large sweet-spot for the earpiece
-Location of the MP3 controls

****Things I rate as average:

-The battery needs charging everyday. With all this phone does, I guess that is expected
-The phone seems slippery.

****Things I rate as poor:

-T9 text entry. The inability of the phone to learn new words is a major pain.

Very Good Phone


Jan 8, 2006 by dirtyrotten

I've had this phone for 3 days now. I had a Sony Ericsson T608 previously, which had horrible battery life, no SMS, small keys, dim screen. However I loved the call quality, reception, interface, its Bluetooth features, and speakerphone. As for the Samsung A920, I just need to get use to the interface. Besides that this phone is great. Some minor issues kept me from giving this a 5.

- Good reception
- Good call quality
- Decent Battery Life
- Good Bright Screen (not QVGA though)
- Nice sounding stereo speakers
- Dedicated Speakerphone key
- Transflash Slot
- Media Player
- Bluetooth
- Power Vision
- Can be used as a modem at EVDO speeds
- Good camera quality

- Bluetooth doesn't allow file transfers
- Additional Ringers can only be downloaded from the web
- T9 dictionary can't be edited
- Data cable only for use as a modem
- Camera is slow to snap and phone needs to be still

These cons are minor. I really wished the bluetooth or transflash allowed transferring ringers to the phone. The data cable doesn't allow file transfers as well. I hope they can fix these issues with a firmware or software upgrade.

As for the pros, these are the features that stand out to me: Reception, call quality, screen, media player and speakers. The form factor is nice but I do prefer a candybar or slider. With all that said this would be a 5 if the bluetooth/transflash/data cable allowed ringer transfer.

Excellent Phone


Jan 5, 2006 by agentdelaney

I'm a huge Moto fan. not gonna lie. but Sprints Power Vision is incredible. So many little features that set the A920 apart from tons of other phones. lets get into the nits and grits of things.

The Camera: I must admit...the camera shows quality. I've used an A880 before and to be honest, this 1.3 mp is a lot better. the photos are a bit fuzy when Ur trying to get ur shot set up. but after u take the picture, the quality is excellent. not to mention it's pict bridge. yummy. the only problem i had with the camera is the lag it has when ur trying to take a picture with the phone closed. it's pretty bad. but, you get an external keygaurd so you don't hit the camera button while its in ur pocket. but hey, can't win em all.

Camcorder: same deal. great for a phone. obviously u can get 100 times better quality if you bought an actual camcorder. but that's beside the point. it's great for just being a phone camcorder.

Power Vision: I live in Rochester, NY. so Power Vision only works in the heart of the City near malls and what not. it IS fast though. downloading songs and watching TV is awesome. I watched the weather this morning before going to work. A lot better then Verizons Vcast. it's actually live. like you can only catch Adult Swim after 11 pm on the weekends. can't beat it.

Scheduler: this makes it kind of like a PDA. you can throw in appointments and vacations and what not. makes for a sweet little deal. as appose to having just a calendar like the A880. very nice

Overall: the phone is a sweet little device. the only real problems i had was theres no regular text...and the T9 is kinda crappy. i couldn't type "me" and it got me really aggravated. other than that the battery life is great on it. the menus are very easy to use. it does have 25 megs of internal memory plus the 32 meg card that comes with. not a Very hard switch from Moto or Nokia. i really love this thing.

Pat your selves on the back Samsung!


Jan 4, 2006 by djrocboy

Awsome phone. I've had many phones in the past and this one tops them all!

Great colors!
Great camera/camcorder!
Clear display!
Buttons are user friendly!
Great outside display!
Great MP3 player!
Bluetooth is awsome!
Speakers are awsome!
Great Battery life!
Great phone overall good job Samsung!

Low memory on voice memo feature!

Other than that its a Great phone.

One What up B

Awsome Phone, but a couple glitches!


Jan 3, 2006 by Dolphinfire

This phone is AWSOME! I love almost everything about it! From the MP3 player to the interactive animated menu styles to the dual speakers. But I have to admit that this phone is able to download video ringtones, but only able to set them as silent screensavers, for now, I have put in a request for Samsung to do something about this, but have not heard anything back. But it has awsome reception, even if it has no bars, I get perfect reception!!

Compared to my Sanyo 8100


Dec 20, 2005 by thegeekboy

Having used my Sanyo 8100 for the past 2+ years I only changed phones because of the new laws requiring headsets and I wanted Bluetooth. I use my phone as a phone so all the rest of the gadgetry weighs less in my opinion. So here goes...


SOUND QUALITY: Everyone says its as clear as the 8100. External speakers sound a bit like tin but what can you expect from tiny speakers.

LAUNCH PAD: You can customize it so it now feels like my Sanyo and I don't have to fumble to make calls.

BATTERY: I have yet to run it out having it on at work all day and making 1.5 to 2 hours worth of calls at night.

VOICE RECOGNITION: Excellent... far superior than that of the 8100. Lightyears ahead!


RECEPTION is almost as good as my 8100. The 8100 holds a signal better than this phone watching the two side by side. Ive seen the Samsung search for a signal while the Sanyo reported a full signal. However, I have yet to drop any calls which is the most important thing.

NO COMMENT: I haven't taken this phone on the road yet nor have I tried the bluetooth but so far it is a big step up from my old Samsungs and on par with my Sanyo 8100.

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