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Still One of the Best Phones Out


Jan 10, 2008 by DancinPhil

I've owned the A920 for exactly 2 years now and despite my eligability to upgrade to a brand new phone I just can't find one that out-shines this Samsung. As of January 2008 Sprint Nextel's phone lineup is very weak and the A920 remains at the top of the class.

Here are some REAL pros & cons after 2 years of constant, daily use:


The biggest positive is that this phone includes and takes advantage of all the features offered on the Sprint network. There is no other phone out that does EVERYTHING and does it as well as the A920.

- Interface is simple and fast to memorize, operation is a breeze

- Keypad is perfectly laid out, sized and feels great; buttons have a great "click" feeling to them

- SOUND! External stereo speakers offer the loudest, most clear sound available for music, ringers, and speakerphone

- Great camera/camcorder quality (1.3MP)

- POWER VISION! Sending/receiving pics/vids and connecting to the web is super fast

- Front LCD display is large and allows for easy picture taking with the flip closed

- Satisfactory battery life

- Bluetooth enabled

- VoiceSMS functionality

- Expandable memory


I consider the "cons" for this phone closer to slight bothers that are easily overlooked for the most part. The Pros far outweigh the Cons. This is more like a wish list of tweaks I wish they'd made to this model that would make it flawless.

- T9 TEXT DOESN'T LEARN! My only major complaint that could've been improved.

- Minor glitches; phone will lock up 1% of the time and is easily resolved by restarting the phone

- Can't receive a text or call while listening to music

- Making a 3 way call or operating call-waiting is overly complicated; display doesn't accurately indicate which line you're on

- No option for long video recording; can only record 30 second clips (however this ensures all videos can be sent)

*Bottom Line*

Even by todays standards the A920 is an exceptional phone!

Simple Opinion


Mar 16, 2007 by Bailadoruno

Not much to say other than, I really like this phone. I've never paid this much for a phone but even now, almost a year later, there is not phone out there at the comprable sale price that I paid with as many nice features that this phone has to offer.

One nice thing that I like from this phone over others is that it can hold up to 500 phone book entry and still not kill your battery immediately. This was a big confidence booster until I lost my phone along with all the numbers with it...many from chicks who won't believe me that "I lost the number."

You'll also like the built in Comic Icons for ringer recognition and the clear screens.

Needs more graphics to be able to choose from for a background/screensaver and also ringer melodies.

Oh, well. This phone is not perfect but it does all that I need it to do.

Excellent Phone!!


One of the better phones I've had with any wireless carrier!!


Mar 2, 2007 by subjekk2chanj

Okay I have had all the major phone carriers (Sprint, Cingular, T-Mobile, Verizon), but most recently in order as follows Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon......Okay and while I was with sprint having the Samsung A920 I loved this phone-----

Dual External Speakers (makes for loud ringtones and great use of the built in media player!)

260,000 color internal display, was great for uploading or downloading high quality photos as screensavers or photo id

65,000 color external screen, was great for photo id and also for media player while phone was closed

1.3 megapixel cam that takes better pics than alot of digital cameras that I have encountered

QVGA camcorder....WONDERFUL!! When your in great lighting it takes exceptional videos only downside 30 second clips...

EV-DO enabled, interent surfing speeds are almost like broadband, download speeds are unheard of its almost like as soon as you click a download link its already done, this also makes great for if you use this phone as a modem on your desktop or lap top pc or if you download the mini opera browser which is like having real internet in your pocket

EXTREMELY customizable, it gives you ample space to download more than likely thousands of ringtones, I make my own so right now I think I have a collection of about 100+ on it, if you have to mini opera browser you can download pics directly from whatever website your viewing and I set them as my wallpaper, GREAT quality doesn't distort quality through downloading

Very user friendly...When you recieve a pic/video mail the phone automatically temporarily downloads and saves the actual file for viewing before you decide to save file which is a great feature that saves time from having to load a link and them click numerous links to get the pic/vid on your phone....Well I have like 100 characters left so I'm going to end this by saying just from what I told you alone should make you want this phone...Sorry they no longer sel it in the store..Ebay

My Favorite Phone EVER!


Feb 28, 2007 by wizpop

This phone TOTALLY ROCKS! I just switched back to the phone after trying the new Sanyo M1 and I like this phone MUCH better.

* Excellent Reception.
* Amazing sound quality.
* Very easy to open with one hand.
* Very fast internet.
* GREAT battery life.
* Bluetooth is Excellent. No static at all.
* Overall feel of the phone is Geed.
* It looks good to me.
* Picture ID is AWESOME!

* downloading songs to phone with cable I cannot figure out.
* I wish the camera was a 2 mega pixel instead of 1.

Other than that, this phone is the best as fasr as I am concerned.

ROCK ON Samsung!!!

Good Phone


Nov 7, 2006 by Slash8915

I've owned this phone for a while now, so I decided to write a review...

When I first got this phone, I thought, "Wow, this phone is GREAT! It has SO many features!" And you know what? I STILL think that! This phone IS great! It's more like an entertainment center rather than a phone. This will be much easier, I'll just list the pro's and cons. =)


-Sirius Radio
-GREAT stereo speakers
-Awesome display
-FAST internet
-Great camera
-Big outer display
-MP3 Player
-MP3 Player control buttons on front
-Adequate battery life
-Buttons and display are both very bright


-Kind of bulky
-Text message inbox only holds 100 text messages
-Text message outbox only holds 50 text messages
-Text messaging itself on this phone is a bit tricky at first

Great phone so far (2 weeks)


May 11, 2006 by cbair

Pros: Phones features all seem to work well.
Phone navigation is very intuitive.
I've had the phone for 2 weeks and
haven't needed to reference the manual
more that a couple of times.
Many "phone upload" websites for Sprint
phones, but need i-net access.

Cons: MP3s on smart card can't be used as ring
tones. This way, Sprint has you purchase
your ring tones.
Bluetooth only allows headset use & phone
as modem use. Can't transfer files via
bluetooth. USB cable is the same.
Only way to put your own MP3s on the
phone is to use a memory-card-reader,
put the mp3s on the memory-card, and
then place the memory-card back in the

Summary: With a little effort & time, this is a great phone. Sprint could've opened it up a little more to make it an awesome phone.

this phone is 1337


May 5, 2006 by sprintpimp

I work For a company who sells sprint nextel verizon tmobile and until recently cingular
as well as ampd virgin and soon to have helio
this phone is definetly in the top 3 phones i have ever used
fast Gui
decent camera
excellent sound
excellent reception
t9 does not learn
not able to sync directly with PC
(although you can use Qpst for some things)
no video ringers
weak blue-tooth

Great Phone


Feb 4, 2006 by DP556

Great phone! I just purchased this phone to upgrade from a sanyo 8100 i was using. I had a LG225 which I liked, but it got stolen, then I got the 8100 from a friend, then purchased this phone at retail price. Overall its great. I've never been a big fan of sprint, and I usually use motorolas, but this phone is simply phenomonal!

Great display, 200 million thousand colors, crystal clear on both outside and inside display.

Date speeds are incredible! the Power Vision is fast and efficient, steaming videos and live TV come out clear with no delay.

Sound quality is oustanding. Inside/outside, I always have good signal.

Bluetooth is great. I have the HS810 and when I flip it open, the phone automatically recognizes it and opens up the voice recognition program.

Voice dialing is awesome. It recognizes the name that you have typed in the phone book without training!

Ringtones are loud and clear.

Speakerphone works amazing.

Transflash card.

There is nothing this phone cant do...simply another great product from samsung. If you have the opportunity to get it, its worth every penny.

The only thing I dont like is that if you don't keep the phone absolutely still while taking a photo, they come out blurry...but that is not a big deal at all...besides, they have fun frames :)

A Samsung I Actually Like


May 10, 2006 by jrsoit

I personally never liked samsung phones, As I am in wireless retail I prefer Sanyo phones, I always liked their functionality, their signal strength and their speaker-phones and form factor. Most samsungs phones I have used which started with the 3500 back in the day and the 460 then the 840. Most samsung phones I have used all got VERY HOT after just 10 mins. on the phone and I always dropped calls. I have to say I was a BIG fan of my Sanyo VM4500, I thought nothing could beat it, then it broke!

I choose the Samsung A920, with all the problems that happened with the A900 and I was no big fan of the sound quality I went for the odd shaped one and I couldn't be happier. where sanyo is missing out on the Blue tooth samsungs is great! Sound Quality is GREAT, Signal Reception is GREAT!

1.3 Mp Camera /w video capture
Expandable Transflash memory
Stereo speakers
Bright Displays even in the sun
No antenna but Great signal strength
Good battery life with high drain features
Excellent voice recognition and digit dial
Over the air software updates.. YEAH!!!
High speed EVDO, no really it is actually fast, Downloading content to your phone is awesome fast.
Streaming media is very clear and low drain.
I can listen to sirius radio for almost 5 hours and only drain 1 bar of battery.
2 words MUSIC STORE!, though a tad high priced.
Speaker phone full duplex no choppy conversations.
Doesn't over heat in ten mins.
the list goes on and on.....
buy it you will see!

pictures blurry if not held very still
only comes with a 32mb transflash card :(
BLUE TOOTH is locked
Not video ringer compatible, no biggy just would have liked to see that on a multimedia phone.
Nothing else I can think of.

I have to say, this is the Samsung that has impressed me the most out of all the new phones and I will recommend it to all my customers, hell its only $149 on new 2yrs. What a steal for such a great phone, Bout time SAM

MM-A920 Overall Very Good Phone


Aug 20, 2006 by cleansho93

Ive been using the Samsung MM-A920 now for about a month and I have to say that overall I am very happy with this phone. I work for a retailer that offers Sprint and Cingular and I have sold Verizon in the past. I have been doing this for the last 5 years. I have seen many phones come and go and I myself change phones at least every 4-6 months. Sometimes more often than that. Over the years I have used many samsung phones, and I have to say that Samsung has done it again with a very good phone.


Internal Antenna

Bluetooth works great (also have been able to transfer files via BT despite what other reviews have said)

One of the best features I found was the ability to send contacts via BT. I was able to do this from my Motorola ROKR (Cingular) to this phone. The two phones are different brands and different carriers yet I was still able to share contact info via BT!

Great looking bright 262k internal screen with good resolution

Large external 65k screen

Stereo speakers

Awesome sound quality through headphone jack

MP3 controls on the front (which can be used to control music on your Micro SD card if you open the music player first

Reception is about average in my area (Saint Louis MO area)

Camera quality is good


Keypad feels cheap and springy. It does not have a very positive feel like other Samsungs that I have used. I find myself sometimes hitting keys I did not intend to while texting.

I have noticed that about %50 of the time when I receive a Voice SMS message that when I go to view it, the phone will power cycle.

If the phone is closed and you are not already using the media player with your memory card, the phone automatically takes you to Sprint Music Store when you hold down the play key on the front MP3 controls (should have the option for that to take you to the memory card for listening to your MP3's).

Overall I am very pleased with this phone and I will continue to use it until the next great phone that I must have comes out.

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