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Washer friendly


Jun 12, 2006 by voneric

I have had my phone for about 4 months now and I love everything about it. Battery life seems a bit weak, but that's b/c I use my cell as my primary phone...in home and on the go.

The most amazing thing that has happened to this phone is the fact that I accidentally washed it in my jeans a couple of weeks ago. I didn't realize I had washed it until I was putting the clothes in the dryer. There it was. I was mortified. The phone was on when it went in, so I knew every circuit in it had to have been fried as soon as it was flooded. I put the phone aside and forgot about it. I told my gf about the incident and a few days later when she was over, she picked it up and turned it on. It started up with no problems whatsoever! If it wasn't for the fact that there was still water inside the outer display, she would have never believed me. I thought I would still have intermittent problems like numbers sticking, graphics errors, loss of data...SOMETHING. But no, I have been using it ever since with no problems...and now all the water inside the screen has completely dried and one would never know the trauma this phone had been through.

I'm amazed! This is truly a phone for me as this is not the first phone I have washed...althought I wouldn't think it could survive another encounter with the washer.

So far, so awesome


Mar 21, 2006 by rytiffany

I bought this phone a little reluctant because I'm a Sanyo fan. Now I'm thinking, who is Sanyo? The features are great. I swapped out the Sprint browser for Opera mini and the internet works better than I thought now. Decent camera as far as cell phone cameras go. I haven't found a dead spot in reception yet, even in the most rural parts of Ohio, and there are some dead spots out there, believe you me. I can't help but keep playing with everything on it. I ordered a 1 GB card for it just to see if it work or not (I'll keep everyone posted.) I love this phone though. Whoever said that the a950 is no match for it was dead on. My buddy has that and I was playing with both side by side. This phone smokes the a950 in features and user-friendliness, which I can constantly rub in. Sprint wins over Verizon yet again.

Keypad looks killer
Focus effects on menu are cool
highly customizable shortcuts
EV-DO is the b00bies.
I thought it looked a little dorky with those hinges but then I realized that they are speakers and it turned me on

Still a little skeptical of the looks but it's growing on me
There is some annoying beep that keeps happening when I'm talking on it but I'm sure it's just some feature I have yet to find and turn off.

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Fantastic Phone...great job


Dec 11, 2005 by deejal

The phone is nice in size. Not too small, not too large. I have been using LG 6100 and the size is similar. I went to Samsung A880 and that was too small and cumbersome to use.

The 920 offers crystal clear displays on the outside and inside. The outside display is easily read in direct sunlight. The display is phenomenal.

The keyboard has precision feedback and the keys are evenly spaced.

The sound quality is fantastic. The speakerphone sound is excellent and the speakerphone is DUPLEX as far as I can tell. The speakerphone works while the phone is closed. There is no "tinny" speakerphone sound. There is NO NOISE CANCELLATION like the A880 therefore the conversations are smooth and not cut up all the time.

I have not used the bluetooth feature yet.

The reception is always 6 bars. I have had no dropped calls. There are weak spots with Sprint but overall, the phone handles those weak spots as with any other cell phone. It strains to keep a signal and either drops it or "holds tight" for a brief moment until signal retrieval is successful, without dropping the call. There is no antenna but the signal has been strong at all times including inside normal buildings (malls, grocery stores, Home Depot)

The software is updated over-the-air, the first for sprint. The software on my phone needed updated and that fixed some quirks with text entry.

Text entry is T9 and works just like the rest of T9 phones. Adding words to the dictionary is automatic.

The ringtones are fine and loud.
There are 3 alarm clocks with automatic snooze control.

The web access is incredibly fast!

i highly recommend this telephone.

Awesome phone!! It's about time Samsung!!


Dec 6, 2005 by MBC1965

I simply love this phone. Reception is incredible... speakerphone is clear... BT headset and HandsFREE Car Kit in paired with no problem at all and sound super clear.

- Bluetooth! Bluetooth! Bluetooth!
- Most Samsungs caused an echo effect in the earpiece... this phone is crystal clear I'm glad to say!!! No echo or static of any kind in areas where previous phones had proved annoying!
- Very tight design... not cheap and sloppy
- Nice dark blue color
- Clear calls in every way used
- Easy to open the flip with one hand
- Speakers sound awesome for a cell phone
- TransFlash slot!! Great feature!!
- Menuing is simple and friendly
- Great preset images
- Pretty good selection of ringers
- Over the Air firmware updates!!! There is a menu option that allows you to update your phone without having to contact Sprint or Samsung. Again, it's about time!!

- Some ringers could be lower in tone... they all seem high pitched (minor thing)
- Bluetooth FTP would have been nice, but it seems Sprint wanted this locked down for some reason
- Would have liked to have seen more foreground options as with the 940... but again, no big deal.

It is really about time Samsung put out a Bluetooth flip phone for Sprint. It is a refreshing change and it seems to me they got 99% of the most appealing features on this phone. And, with the new PowerVision service users are going to have hours of fun streaming SIRIUS radio to their phone, or watching the evening news.. and more!

If you think I'm excited... I am. I've waited 3 years for a phone like this from Sprint. Good job guys!

Great phone with tons of features!


Feb 21, 2006 by CptFarlow

This is my first review, and I'm happy to be able to review such a great phone. This is my third Samsung. At first glance, the phone is a bit oddly shaped. The music controls are noticeable on the outside, along with the speakers on the top sides.

The phone is packed with lots of great features. The phone is Sprint Power Vision capable, which includes plenty of TV channels, ranging from Jay Leno to stand-up comedy to sports to news, etc. You have news, sports news, weather information, a complete map system, dictionary, and a directory, accessible from the main menu. Lastly, the Sprint Music Store has plenty of songs available for download directly to the phone! The songs are in AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) format, which boils down to them being smaller than an .mp3 while retaining it's quality. Unfortunately, the songs are pricey at $2.50 each. Songs download in about 30 seconds, thanks to the fast EV-DO network Sprint has implemented.

My favorite feature of the phone is the expandable memory slot. I bought a 512mb TransFlash (MicroSD) for about $60 online, and that is plenty of space to put songs, videos, pictures, etc. to view/watch on the phone.

The phone is Bluetooth compatible for all profiles except OBEX. I have only used the headset profile. I bought the Jabra BT250v, which works great with the phone.

The speaker quality is amazing, considering they are built into a cell phone. While there isn't much bass, it is more than good enough to listen to while at work, at home, or even in the car.

Battery life is much better than my Samsung A680. I charge the phone about every 2-3 days. Even listening to music or watching TV doesn't drain it as much as you would think it would.

Overall, the phone performance is excellent, signal strength is great, and I have had no malfunctions. If you don't want to buy a separate .mp3 player, but want a fun phone, you will love the Samsung A920.

Best MultiMedia Sprint phone available!


Feb 6, 2006 by flawlessrhymes

I will keep this brief. I've had Sprint for three years, and this is my third handset- I went from the A620 to the VM-4050 and now, finally, to a real multimedia phone. For a current customer with the eligibility to upgrade, my cost was $149.99 out the door.
In my opinion, the MM-A920 is the best handset Sprint currently offers. The PowerVision EVDO data service is blazing fast, at least in the Chicagoland area. I ditched the built-in WAP browser for the free MiniOpera browser available from Opera's website, which allows the user to visit any HTML-based site from the phone. The stereo speakers sound surprisingly good, and the video playback is sharp and surprisingly watchable on the postage-stamp sized screen.
There have been some reviews complaining about the lack of USB-based mass storage on the phone, but there's no need- the built-in transflash memory card slot will access whatever files you cut and paste to the memory card. On a 256MB card, I currently have about 50 MP3s and 21 3GPP2 video files- mostly cartoons and music videos. Why buy from the commercial services when I can enjoy my own media? All you need is a USB memory card reader\writer.
The battery life is great so far- 3 days of standby averaging 45 minutes of daily talk time\media use\web browsing. The reception is the best I've ever had from Sprint- truly an upgrade over my previous phone. The voice quality is clear and the speaker phone is above-average, though there is a little distortion at the highest setting. Bluetooth is good, but I've barely used it. Megapixel camera will produce some nice photos if you can stop your jitters- I recommend two handed use. 4.5/5- points off for small screen.

Excuse numba1pimp, he has no clue.


Mar 3, 2006 by OneBlackberry

The Samsung MM-A920 is an excellent phone and does provide a lot of features & benefits. It has excellent volume & clarity and also appears to have great reception. I used the Sanyo MM-7400 for 9 months and thought is was a very good phone, and purchased the Samsung A900 when it came out. I found the A900 to be a probmatic phone low volume & not great clarity and of course software issues, not too mention poor battery life. I believe some of these problems have been resolved with software upgrades. All in all I believe the A920 is just a better all round choice and it has served my purpose.
As for numba1pimp's review which is bogus since Sprint doesn't even sell the phone he reccomended it was an unjust rude review.

A920, one of the best out there.


Apr 27, 2006 by napfro87

I've had this phone for a week now and it hasn't dissapointed me yet. Aside from a few minor flaws, this is a great phone from sprint. I live just outside of a power vision coverage area, but when i go in one, man is it great. The Sprint TV channels looks almost as good as regular tv. Downloading full songs from the music store took about 30 secs, and ringers took about 10. Pages also load up quick, and streaming radio sounds cd quality. Reception is good and it holds a signal good while i'm at school(in a computer lab where phones rarely work). My old a740 switched to analog, then digital roam, while this one holds on to one bar. Call quality is excellent and have yet to drop a call. The mp3 player is a nice feature to use and it doesnt drain the battery as much as you think. And it sounds good through the speakers or the earbuds. Camera is great for a phone, but i've found the solution to blurry pictures, turn the flash on and don't move the phone till it flashes, the shutter speed is kinda slow so blurry pictures are gonna occur if you move the camera to fast. Videos are grainy but video cameras in cell phones are improving. The animated menus are fun to look at and give the phone a nice look. Also, Samsung has took a page out of sanyo's book, all of your java based apps and the media player still work after you close the flip. This is one of the best phones sprint has to offer right now. Hope this review helps you.



Feb 12, 2006 by SonyEricssonZ520

This Phone is the best phone I have ever owned. Here are my Pros and Cons about it

- Great MP3 Player
- Over the Air Music Downloads
- 1x EV-DO
- Great Ringtones
- Great Games
- Stereo Speakers to play back music
- Universal 3.5mm headphone jack
- 1.3 MP Camera (One of the BEST Cameras)
- Internal Antenna that still gives you great reception
- Hardly drop any calls
- GPS for E911 and other location services
- LED Flash
- Crisp 262k TFT Internal Display (AWESOME DISPLAY!)
- 65k DSTN External Display (Most other phones either don't have one or have a small and poor resolution 4k or 256 colors display)
- Bluetooth Support
- Multimedia Powerhouse!
- Solid Construction
- Supports all CDMA Bands (850,1900) and AMPS (Analog roaming)
- Decent Battery Life

- No support for GSM/CDMA Networks
- Transflash only limited to 512 MB
- Could have included WLAN and Infrared

920 a joy after a900


Dec 16, 2005 by MuncleJim

After waiting for 2-weeks for Sprint to fix the problems with the a900 I gave up and traded it in for a 920. The 920 can never compare to the 900's small size and better display, but it sure beats the hell out of it in just about every other aspect.


1. Expandable memory !!!!!
2. Very good battery life
3. Noticeably improved signal strength
4. Faster Power Vision browsing
5. Great speakers & speaker phone
6. Dedicated speaker phone button
7. Super-bright keypad backlight
8. Charging port location on bottom (duh!)
9. Volume & camera buttons on the bottom half of phone -- where they should be (not on the upper flip)
10. Faster menu response
11. Faster picture album browsing


1. No Bluetooth FTP profile support
2. No way to turn off sound associated w/menu scrolling unless 'silence all' is selected

There are other quirks that both the 920 and 900 share that I don't like. For instance, no positive indication of a sent picture, no T9 dictionary editing, etc.

But the real joy of the 920 is that everything works the way it is supposed to. On the 900, lots of problems with Bluetooth, Picture Mail an OTA updates. My 920 hasn't skipped a beat on any of these -- works like a charm!

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