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Stay away!


Jan 15, 2008 by imac41390

I got this phone as a replacement for my Sony z520a after sending that back for repair multiple times, and I can honestly say that I would rather still have that broken phone than this.

Loud speaker
Bluetooth connectivity

Small keys, make it hard to text.
The paint on my keys wore off after a little over a month.
NOT feature heavy.
Camera takes forever to load up so by the time it starts, your picture is gone.
Bad reception
Motorola 15 Message Inbox limit
Short battery life
Microphone gets covered often by thumb

The cons definitely outweigh the pros with this phone. Stay away. It's a terrible phone to own.

Great Little Phone


Jul 12, 2007 by phishfood

I got this phone as a $9.99 upgrade with a 2 year service agreement from cingular/AT&T. I was waiting for the iphone to come out to see if it would be worth buying now or, better to wait until later.

I wanted a phone that was small, easy to use, had a familiar interface, had mp3 ringtones, bluetooth for transferring ringtones from my powerbook, had a sleek design, and above all things, was good at making calls.

This had all of that, all for $9.99, and was quite an upgrade from my V557 or whatever it was called from forever ago.

Don't get this phone if you want a fully loaded device, this is a minimalist phone, and a great one at that.

It's a great looking phone
Small, fits great in a jean pocket
Well built, feels like a solid device, no flimsy plastic parts.

Screen Resolution
Camera Quality
Low Memory

L6 Black - switched from RAZR v3


May 3, 2007 by brrrrrandon

My RAZR broke (screen went black), so I was forced to buy an unlocked phone since my Cingular contract had 1 year left. I picked this guy up from Tiger Direct for $115 unlocked. One thing to note - if you buy the unlocked version, pick up the quad-band. I made the mistake of picking up the tri-band phone that was missing the GSM-850 band. I found a quick "L6 seem edit" to get 850 band working: http://www.howardforums.com/archive/topic/808982-1.html

Coming from a RAZR v3 user, I have to say that the reception is a little worse with the L6 (just barely). There are a couple spots on my commute that the RAZR held out perfectly, and the L6 breaks up just slightly (never a dropped call though). Features are very similar with both phones. The camera is a little worse on the L6, but that is not as important to me.


- battery life
- good form factor - fits well in hand
- feature packed, and cheap unlocked
- speakerphone works great
- quick fix to get the GSM 850 working

- the keyboard is a little bunched up - it might be difficult to use if you have large fingers.
- the microphone where you speak is positioned directly to the right of the "9" key - which I didn't think would be a big problem, but I have to make a conscious effort to keep the phone away from my face or my 5-o'clock shadow will make a rustling sound on the phone.
- reception is still great (better than my nokia 3120 AND my motorola V400, V600's), but the RAZR still beats it out with breaking in and out in sketchy service areas.

l6 review


Oct 9, 2006 by nismonx

I have a l6 I use with tmobile. I went siemens sl65 to a l6. The reception on the l6 is good with tmobile. The feel of the phone is the typical moto thin phones either you like it or dont. It is a very durable phone much more than the razor. I have a silicone case that protect it that is very nice to have with this phone. This phone has on demand gpsr and can be setup without calling tmobile just say its a razor and you cand download everything but games. One thing that is surprising is that a candybar phone does not have any auto key lock.

durable bluetooth
good screen

no auto key lock
battery life

A few things people are missing...


Feb 2, 2007 by dex110

I pretty much agree with everyone else, it's great little phone and at $50 off ebay I really can't argue. The form factor alone is the reason I keep it, it's so unoticable in my bag or pocket.

Anyway, a few things people are overlooking.

- As with every motorola phone I've owned, unless you lock the keys (and sometimes even when you do) it changes its ring style way too easily and sometimes can go from vibrate to silent or silent to loud without you noticing.
- The speakerphone could be clearer and a bit louder.
- MY MAIN issue with this phone, is the reception. Previous to this phone I owned a motorola V400 e(g8/9/18/19) and the service and reception were fairly reliable and pretty strong. I live in a dorm on the "terrace" (basement) floor. And the 400 got service everywhere on the floor in all the class buildings even in the Terrace Dinning Room (cafeteria in the basement of one of the buildings). The L6 barely gets service anywhere on my floor but near the window, it does not get any service in the Dining Room nor most of the floors, B,1,2, or 3. Basically my service area was cut in half. 50% of the places my V400 got service the L6 doesnt- I have not changed providers at all.

Just wanted to add that in, I'm keeping the phone because it's nicer in my pocket, but the reception issue really kills me.

Smart, Sleek and Sexy


Apr 25, 2006 by mochipop

I bought this phone because I was bored of my Samsung X-495, and I am definitely happy with it (until I might get bored again ;) Unfortunately, one mistake on my part cost me quite a bit of trouble and money. I am used to flip phones, whose battery and back cover are basically combined. This is one of my first bar phones, and a Motorola one at that, so I was confused with the battery and tried to unwrap it (bad idea!) I had to spend an extra $15 for a new one.

Before I get to the good stuff, let me just get the bad stuff out of the way. Perhaps my biggest complaint about this phone is its way-to-simplified version of the users manual. It was the worst and shortest manual I've ever read. I had to call the Motorola company to get my questions answered. Okay, so besides the incomplete manual, the phone itself does possess very few cons:
- Inability to add more than one phone number for each entry
- No voice memos
- Uncatchy ring tones (of course you can make your own)

This phone has a lot more pros, however:
- A cool, slim look (all my friends love it)
- Very bright blue back lighting
- Decent camera & video
- Easy menu / user friendly
- It vibrates AND rings
- Loud volume

Seriously, I'm going to be keeping this phone for quite a while. I even bought a very neat white frost silicone case for it, which I recommend that everyone buys because this phone is very easily scratched. I love the L6 and I'd recommend it to anyone. Good luck!

SLVR on price, STRG features


Feb 14, 2006 by epictempo

This is a great phone for those looking for simplicity at its most beautiful. I battled myself over getting the L6 or its sibling, the L7. Ultimately I think I made the right choice (for my needs).

+Slimmest phone in market, slimmer than L7
+Shorter in length than L7
+Fantastic price for unlocked, unbranded
+Decent battery life
+Decent RF but still can't touch Nokia
+Sound quality is loud and "real"
+Love the light sensor, conserves battery

-10MB non upgradeable memory = useless cam
-VGA cam quality is agreeably a novelty
-Speakerphone volume is too low
-Back cover creaks slightly, same as V3

*Cam is same on L7, which is a shame
*100 songs limit on L7?!? I still love my iPod then
*Nokia IMHO, still has better RF & GUI(menu)
*Nice bluish silver and its exclusivity in US
*Everyone (& their mothers) will own L7 within 2 months

L6 is Damn Good


Jan 30, 2006 by mrgarcia3

Well I just got the Asia Version of the L6 GSM 900/1800/1900 and I am impressed. My friend has the L7 and there are just two main things between them like the transflash and quadband. I am using this phone with Cingular and it works great. I had the Cingular tech send my phone the GPRS settings and the MMS ones as well and its good just not EDGE like my V635.

Pros: Large Screen
Nice Speakerphone
Keypad Lock
10mb Memory
Great Motorola Menu

Cons: Battery Life
Color (I would like Black)
Not Quadband

Overall its a very nice phone that fits into your budget for a high quality phone with great options.

From a PHONE user in the boonies


Jan 12, 2007 by kcolexx

Rural Cingular user-

Long battery life when used as a PHONE
Small / thin
USB plug instead of big 'snap in' plugs that are bulky and won't stay plugged in (like Nokia 6102i)
Good rural reception
Clear voice transmission / reception
Bright lit keypad
Keypad lock timer

Short battery life when using the keypad a lot (display uses up battery)
VoiceDial only has -5 entries- (ridiculous)
Buttons difficult to use (like all thin Cells)
Speaker sounds BAD and is located on the back of the phone
Menus not as INTUITIVE as Nokias'
Poorly written manual - no help in explaining ANYTHING
Motorola Web HELP very bad - they couldn't even tell me if the phone would VoiceDial or not

Over all a pleasant phone to use. Because of the small thin size of the phone you have to be careful not to drop it or let it slip out of your pocket.
The reception seems equal to my previous Nokia and Samsung phones. As with ALL CELL PHONES reception is relative to location, position of your head when you are talking, and atmospheric conditions (cloudy, sunny, early morning, Etc.)

Great Phone and Great Price


Jan 24, 2006 by dsmmsd18

This phone is really great. I have had it for around 3 weeks now and I still love it. I originally purchased this from www.saberpoint.com and the second I recieved it I knew I'd be keeping this one for a while. It may not compare to the L7 in features but the price can't be beat and it serves great as a cell phone. The bluetooth works good and the speakerphone is load. The contruction of the phone also feels really solid. The Battery last really long as well i've gone up to 5 days off a charge and talked alot on it as well. Only cons is the screen is not the best but it is color and definitely beats any nokia color screens.

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