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very nice


Dec 30, 2006 by kisstine

I just received this phone in the mail yesterday and wasn't able to play with it today. My first impressions are that it's sleek, has a sturdy feel, weight is well-balanced thoughout the phone, and I like!

I really like the keypad, not only because it's from Moto's evolutionary line after the RAZR, but this one specifically has rubberized ridges nicely placed along the face of the pad. It also had a nice blue backlight.

The UI is the same as other Moto's. It really hasn't changed much. Customization is also the same. Maybe just a couple of new ringtones and wallpapers have been added. I did notice though that there are no longer themes, which is replaced by "Color Style". I have a Moto V551, which has themes but no Color Style options.

I haven't tested out the life of the battery since I've only turned on the phone since this morning. I hope I get as long as the talk times some people on here have listed. I have no dislikes about this phone thus far. It's what I expect from Moto, and I'm pretty happy with my new L6 (especially since I got it for free!)

Pretty god phone for the price


Dec 12, 2006 by Father Bob

It is a pretty good phone for the price.
I have had mine for about 3 months and it still works perfectly(I do take extremely good care with my phone(s))
It has an easy-to-use menu wich is pretty good for someones first phone because it's only $149 AUD RRP
Sometimes I found it didn't sent Text Messages and the same happiend on a friends L6, I don't know weather it is because of our service provider but it didn't do it very often.


Long battery life-(about 5 days of some times using it and sometimes not.)

Price-$149 AUD RRP

Looks-Slim,stylish and modern

sound-Clear and loud(does some times distort with really loud songs)

Lots of options-


Camera-It blurs when moved and the lighting is shocking.

Memory-10MB enough for about 13 full MP3 songs

Video-It is very pixelated and poor, not many FPS

Apart from that it is a good starting phone for anyone.

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Wow a Moto with strong reception!!


Jul 23, 2006 by cellulargod721

As a person who likes to change phones often I get to know alot of different phones very well. The L6 is the newest one in my lot and I have to say I am very impressed. I live in Galveston,Tx on the west end and my apartment would not get signal for anything. The closest thing to something that worked was a D357 and that was mediocre at best. The L6 has full signal which is phenomenal. This phone would have received a 5/5 if there wasn't a few small issues.

The reception is just incredible

The battery life is right up there as well

Bluetooth reception,clarity and volume are all fantastic

The still camera is quite good

Mp3 ringtones are clear

Decent amount of memory

Thin and light make it easy to carry

The video camera is less than par

The screen is low res

The biggest gripe - when you have your bluetooth headset this phone will only ring with the default ringtone. So no bluetooth and custom ringtones period!

This is still an absolutely wonderful phone with great looks and features to back it. I swore off motorolas after many headaches with them but if they keep this up some of my favorite manufacturers will have to back to the drawing board.



Jul 21, 2006 by jetercrazy57

ok i just got this phone about 3 weeks ago. personally, i am a person who enjoys " hi- tech" phones. if you are too, than this phone shouldnt be your first choice. it has pretty much basic features. the speed dail doesnt work very well, and it doesnt have any good ringtones. however, if you're looking for a slim design, you dont want to spend alot, and you dont care about having alot of technology; than this is the phone for you! i wont lie, the slimness of the phone is amazing! the price is too! its easily fit into a pocket or purse. i recently purchased a case for it at the mall with a belt clip and a protective screen covering, and its still very slim. the speakerphone is really good, but the camera does not have good quality. but as i said, if you want a slim design than this is the phone for you! if you want more technology, i would stick to the slvr or the new orange sony ericsson. i hope this review has helped!

MOTO L6 - Simply Impressive


Jul 13, 2006 by BuyatSamsClub

The Motorola L6 is perfect for users who
want to use the phone as a phone.
Awesome battery life, super sleek, display
is resistant to scratches, bluetooth works
incredibly, the list could go on and on.

Reception was amazing, again whats up with
that battery - crazy talk time! (over 5 1/2

The phone can't be rated less than a 5 in my
opinion. Those that complain about NO REMOVABLE MEMORY, and ONLY A VGA CAMERA,
here's what I have to say "You knew that
when you bought it."

The phone has NO SURPRISES, like software glitches, etc.


Possibly the Perfect Phone!


May 13, 2006 by LMcKinley

The signal is great the sound quality is wonderful... the size is awesome...I have only had it for a short time... But I have no complaints with it.. the menu is easy to get around... even without the manual...A ton of choices for the ringers... I believe this might be the perfect phone... and turns heads where ever I take it...

I love it...



Mar 28, 2006 by olrte66

Wow...what can I say?! Everyone is right on the money w/ there reviews. Just got the phone and popped a card in and bam! Works great! Was able the get the quad band L6 which I highly recommend for the states. Don't really care if it does not have trans flash music goes on my pod not my phone. Sound and reception is very good, screen nice and crisp, camera on phone is good for a camera phone...it's not suppose to be a digital camera please keep that in mind. Batt life so far is good and I've been really playing around w/ it and still have full charge at this point. So far I'm very happy with the L6...I think you will be too if you're thinking of purchasing one. Great bang for your buck! Can't go wrong people.

Pros + Ditto what others have been saying!

Cons - I really can't find any so far.

First week with the L6


Dec 25, 2005 by montaukmike

After 7 yrs of using solely Nokias, I may be a bit biased against Motorola's layout and software. Nokias were very user friendly compared Motorola. (Eg: iTAP v. T9, I think T9 was easier to use.) But since I'm committed to the L6 now, I'm sure I'll get used to it all after a few more days. Enough about that, on to the phone.

I received the L6 from a TMobile dealer who got it from Hong Kong. The menu is in Brit. English (kinda cool personally) w/ trad. or simp. Chinese as the only other language options (not too big of a deal).

The L6 is flat (about half a deck of cards, although a bit wide so you may want to try how it feels in your hand before signing up.

- Reception has been good, no dropped calls & no complaints from the other end of the line.
- The speaker for the ear is loud & clear, while the speakerphone is acceptable while in the car.
- TMobile TechSupport was extremely helpful & courteous in getting my L6 configured to TMobile's internet & SMS services. It's not possible to do it yourself online on TMobile's website b/c there are no instructions for the L6 and using the instructions for the similar RAZR V3 won't work. Also, TechSupport needs to give you the URL for the SMS Service.
- Txt msgs had very little delay before the recipient received the txt. Sending a SMS msgs with a ~3kb pic from my computer took about a minute for the L6 to receive it.
- Sits comfortably in any pocket with no unsightly bulge :-)

- User manual: while Nokia manuals which are like mini-tomes describing every conceivable use, the Motorola manual is pretty basic. There were features of the L6 I had to figure out on my own, most notably, the keypad backlight. Per the manual, the light should come on whenever a key is punched, but on my L6, the light came on sporadically. Turns out there's a light-sensitive dot sensor left of the Left Soft Key which permits the backlight to come on only when it's dark.
- No cover for the USB port.

Motorola L6


Jan 17, 2006 by unclemark

Just bought a Motorola L6, not that bad a phone. Paid 100 dollars and a 1 year contract with t-mobile. Battery life isn't to good, 2 and a half days if I am lucky. Easy to hold, volume is good as to the speaker phone which I use alot. This is my last hope for a motorola phone as all the other ones I owned had software problems.

Not at all what I expected...


Sep 11, 2006 by shaval

This phone is not normally available from my carrier (T-Mobile) so I was happy to be able to find an unlocked pink quad band model that was originally a Cingular phone.

I am a high tech person who lovews all of the bells and whistles that I can get on the new phones so I was looking forward to using this one after reading the specs on it. I use my phone for just about EVERYTHING and use the text and web features even more than I use the phone.

The phone worked for phone calls and text messages as soon as I put my sim card in. The web browser didn't work but I wasn't too worried about this since I heard that my servicer could help me set it up for browsing.

Called T-Mobile and they flashed my phone with an upgrade for the browser. They also walked me through the process of setting the browser up. Yep it worked BUT you wouldn't believe the terrible version that this phone gets. Much worse than the Moto V330 that I got this to replace. I called Motorola to see what I could do about this. They said since it was a Cingular phone being used on T-Mobile it didn't have the browser available that my carrier uses. It turned out to be an out of country model so I was told that I was lucky to even be able to set up the browser at all. This phone has really been a disappointment to me and I will be getting rid of it very soon.

+ Quad band phone that worked with my service
+ Slim size and shape
+ Cute pink color
+ USB that allows you to sync to your Outlook mail and calendar. Also lets you download mp3 ringers and other neat stuff
+ Camera phone with video

- Very uncomfortable to the hand, especially when trying to text message. Feels like it is going to slip out of your hand any time.
- Lousy version of the web browser available when not used with Cingular service
- Side key not programmable as stated in the manual
- Manual is horrible and leaves a lot out. Not easy to understand when trying to set up or figure out features on phone.

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