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this phone broke


Feb 21, 2010 by narn3049

I used this on cingular.

lets face it the phone was fragile. I dropped it maybe 3 feet and the screen cracked. I was able to get a new phone and it broke again. THIS WAS BECAUSE OF THE CHARGER PORT FAILING, the next phones screen backlighting went out.

I mean the phone is good- but the rating is only a 2.0 by me because of the issues i had

There Are Better Choices


Jan 2, 2009 by smashme101

I had this in pink.

I drop my phones alot so i need them to last.

This phone was no match for me.


Battery Life is bad
Screen goes out after 3 falls
Its motorola

DONT BUY IT. 2 cups and string is a better buy

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3 Replacements


Aug 14, 2008 by techgurl88

I had to replace this phone THREE TIMES WITHIN ONE WEEK....After the 3rd replacement, I just gave up...I dont know if it was because it was a Cingular phone & I had it unlocked to T-Mobile or what....This phone had me depressed & in tears because I cannot be w/o a phone....Everytime I put the phone on the charger it would shut on & off....on & off. All 3 phones did this. I htought the battery was just dead so I charged it all nite & the phone was doing the same thing....I just gave up!!!!!!!

But it is a Motorola so I wasnt surprised LOL!!!!!!! This phone is lucky I gave it a 0.5

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Jan 24, 2008 by Incnway5   updated Sep 21, 2015

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the reason i now have a blackberry


Oct 6, 2007 by xoblackberryxo

worst phone i have ever owned by far. in the past i liked motorola... kinda it was affordable and the phones always looked kinda cool i guess. i got this phone less than a year ago ive had 3 replacements through warranty nothing but problems...

- the only thing it has over my black berry is video

- browser is worse than dial up when it first came out! (not a carrier problem some tech problem with all 3 phones)
-phone randomly powers off or it gives me this frozen screen
-not happy with picture quality
-buttons were weird to adjust to
-blue tooth isnt stereo
-fades out in sunlight (screen not visible)
-ring volume/vibrate is horrible
-settings like to set themselves back to what they were originally not what i changed them too... frusterating
-when i set calender alarms for important buisness meeting and what not. it wouldnt alert me,thank god i got a courtesy call

overall i Never recommended this phone to anyone it completely turned me off to motorola. i just got the curve love it!!!

I Had Problem With This Phone


Aug 13, 2007 by JSweazy

When i first got this phone i liked the how slim it was. I carry around phones in my pocket so i needed a slim one. At first the signal was ok, but after a while it kept getting worse and worse. It came to the point where i would have no signal in my house and drop calls a lot. So i wouldn't recommend this phone. I'll list the pro and cons for everyone:

Phone is nice and slim
Like the Candy bar shape

bad reception
Camera is not good
screen resolution is not good



Jul 26, 2007 by BlondeBombshell

I give this phone a 1.5, after owning one for alittle under a year. I have owned 6 different phones in the last 2 years, all either Motorola or nokia. With all of my other phones, I had at least 3 bars of service. With the L6, I was lucky to have one, and definatly not in my bedroom.

Syncs easily with Motorola phone tools
Good screen quality (unless in direct light)
battery life
photo quality
good volume

Screen gets dirty easily and makes it almost impossible to read.
Horrible service (deal breaker)
sloooow internet, and very limited browsing
speakerphone breaks up

what a waste


Mar 4, 2007 by katelyn_m511

i admit that this phone has a very stylish look but do not let the look fool you. This is by far the WORST phone i have ever owned.
it has a lot of cons so ill start with them
-NOONE can hear you every person i talk to can hardly ever hear
-if the wind is blowing it sounds all staticy and the other person cant hear you either
-the camera sucks you have o hold it very still to take at least a half way decent picture
-every time i set my phone down even just the least bit hard the screen turns white and it looses service
-the speaker phone is not loud at all
- the keys are really tiny and makes it harder to text message

-you can merge a call
-it vibrates and rings at the same time
-really small
-pretty sturdy for what it is

Crummy Ugly!


Jan 30, 2007 by claresano

I was seduced by all the positive reviews on here and wanted to try something new so I ordered this phone. The very first call I made I was told my voice sounded muffled. This was repeated throughout the day with comments that I was 'breaking up', not speaking loud enough etc. Basically no one could hear me! Walking down the street with a slight breeze apparently made the phone unbearably static-y on the other end. Meanwhile on my end the other person's voice was blasting in my ear. Then today I experienced, for the first time, a tinny echo in my ear as I was talking.
This phone is crap it can't even do the most basic thing, which is to transmit a decent call. As for the 'style' don't even get me started; its really pretty ugly - yeah its thin but its wide and awkward in the hand and its damn heavy.
I'll start with the CONS since it has so many:
terrible call quality
strange tinny echoing
annoyingly small and slippery keys that cramp your fingers to use
non intuitive software - difficult to use
kept accidently downloading media files that i didn't want and will be charged for
terrible quality camera
useless manual
ugly design, awkwardly shaped to your face and hands
no 'missed calls' section
short battery life

very flat
seems to be sturdily made - not a lot of plastic on it
ability to customize many options

OVERALL: I had a 1000 times better call quality on my little no frills Nokia and the software was easy to use.
To say 'style over substance' is too much of a compliment to this phone because its not even stylish! I'm returning it tomorrow for a Nokia.

Great for Phone-only; Flawless on Trip to Europe


Jan 17, 2007 by Montalvo

My Nokia 8390 was getting old and I was planning an extensive road trip in France and the UK so I thought I'd buy a new unlocked quad-band GSM phone and then buy a SIM card for use in Europe. I found L6's on E-Bay for just over $100 that were quad-band phones...perfect for both Europe and for my existing Cingular account which I wanted to preserve ($39/mo. for 1,000 anytime min., no LD/roaming charges US-wide).

Being older than even the oldest B-boomer and also retired, I wasn't looking for a phone to do anything other than...be a phone. And the L6 does a great job of that. The reception is far better than my admittedly outdated Nokia and the battery life is superior, too. And while I like the look of the slim Moto design, I find it less secure in my grip than the Nokia (which, like the L6, is a candy-bar but twice as thick, 20% shorter and about 20% narrower). I carry my phone in the front pocket of my jeans and as mentioned in another post, the L6 wants to ride horizontal, making it rather uncomfortable despite its thinness.

All the other cons mentioned were mostly irrelevant to my needs or inconsistent with my experience with this phone. I've had it for four months, including the month in Europe where it performed flawlessly. A neighbor was able to reach me in Avignon to tell me that one of my lawn sprinklers had malfunctioned and was flooding her driveway. I was able to arrange to get it fixed thanks to my phone.

I've dropped the phone several times without any mishap other than the back popping off. It appears to be fairly rugged. All-in-all, I'm pleased with my purchase.

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