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Good phone/ good features


Aug 23, 2007 by Jiggy1

Like the 6101, camera takes good pics, nice weight, clear sound,long lasting battery life. Says it features a speaker phone, can't find the access path, didn't see it in the manual.



Jul 15, 2007 by jimminkj

If there were negatives i would put this at a negative 5... There are so many problems with this phone.
Phone is Slow
can keep any photos
I bout the new phone DG phone on ebay and the minute i see the package im going to throw it in the ocean i hate this phone so badley think when ur buying this phone. For the time u have it you will be in hell!!!

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Apr 1, 2007 by i_heart_mulits

I was very unhappy with this phone, me and a few friends both had this phone and i must admit it did have some pros there were many cons. along with everyone else i know that has had the phone the antenna has cracked and soon led to falling off completely after more cracking, also the first week i had it i dropped it on a carpeted surface and my front screen broke! i will admit i was a bit rough with the phone but it only lasted me 7 months and in the end it still works but i don't receive any service anywhere!!! some good things about it were that you could record your own ring tones and had a very long battery life. the camera was pretty good quality but the memory was VERY small



Jan 15, 2007 by dudeee

personally if you were considering getting this phone for someone who frequently drops their phone or is tough on electronics then i would definitely find a different phone. also if you want alot of picture memory and want to download ringtones and have contacts on your phone, then find a new phone because this nokia has very little memory.

clear pictures

lack of memory
no picture id
easily broken
slow response to pressing button
no multiple numbers per one name in the phonebook
easily scratched

Great for a couple months


Dec 13, 2006 by Rskitall

I really liked this phone. sucked that I have gone through 2 of them 6101's. The first one stopped ringing and vibrating I said OK sh*t happens got it replaced under warranty no charge besides shipping. The second one lasted about 2 months too the mini display had the Tmobile logo stuck on there no matter what I did it was there ghosting. I finally gave up and got a different phone free of charge too great customer service at tmobile got a T509 I hope this lasts longer. I have to say I did like the radio and the clear pictures and feel and the reception was outstanding along with battery life I just think it is not made to last.

uhh i wouldnt suggest it


Dec 10, 2006 by Lexi

ok, so when i got this phone...i was SOOOO excited! i got it in november 2005 and i was just soo happy to have a new, cute phone. the first thing i noticed was how easily it go fingerprint on its front cover. i felt as if i was ALWAYS wiping them off! i even had a case for it sometimes and would still be wiping stuff off of it! anyways, soon after, the camera would always say MEMORY FULL. this would be very frustrating, considering i only had like 10 pictures on there. also, i rarely use the camera and the button broke. it like caved in and so i havent been able to use that button ever since. the side buttons seem very cheap and flimsy. also, my side volume key broke today, thats when i decided i should warn people about this phone. also, it always makes me insert a pin-code when i took it off of the setting. i took it into cingular and they gave me a new phone, which continued the problems. my keys are broken again, when i am very gentle with my things. ALSO, this is the worst thing, it usually, like once a day, will say INSERT SMARTCHIP, or SMARTCHIP NOT READY. and then it will like turn on and off and go crazy. it makes me so mad. it usually has good serivice though, thats about the only good thing. also, i had to get another new phone because it wouldnt let me send a text message even though i was paying for the ones i was trying to send! cingular ended up letting me have 2 free months for that though. but, this christmas i am switching to verizon wireless, and i am hoping that one of their phones will work better for me. i hope this helps u decide to not get the nokia 6102 with cingular. it has sooo many problems. it was very annoying, and i was sooooooo excited to get the phone, and then my excitment stopped when i noticed all the promblems i was having. good luck finding the right phone, but i dont think this is it!
p.s. i really hope that this review helped u out. i wish i would have read something like this before i bought it!

Good little phone


Nov 29, 2006 by taxial

Personally, I like this phone a lot. Its small yet not so small as to be uncomfortable. Sound quality is great both incoming and outgoing, I am on T-Mobile's network and use the phone in both the New York City area as well as the Miami, Fort Lauderdale area.
As for the volume issue I find that when set to the automatic volume setting the earpiece volume is fine.
The only negative is the camera with I never use, but I don't have much use for a camera in a call phone anyway



Nov 21, 2006 by nonokia

I've had this phone for a year now and can't wait to be eligible for an upgrade. I only got it because it was a cheap upgrade to my old Motorola when I signed a contract. I used to love Nokia when I was in high school, especially for the games (snake). Now, the games stink (no snake). I am certainly ready for a new phone, as this one has been nothing wo

- Pretty clear speakerphone.
- Can turn pictures taken into wallpaper or use for incoming calls.
- Nokie "profiles" are always good.
- Still works after having been dropped a few times (not the cause of the screen cracks).
- Can customize main screen and main menus
- Ummm it still works?

- In-call sound quality could be much better.
- The send/end buttons are mixed up. The call button is on the left instead of the right. Weird and confusing at first.
- Certain actions lag, like when trying to go into menus or cancel a call before it starts ringing.
- Can't change the sound for reminders, among other things, which is REALLY annoying cuz the default one is too quiet.
- No "missed calls" log, only received calls with either a check mark or nothing next to it.
- Camera quality is pitiful, with no zoom, video camera is even worse and only for 15 sec clips.
- Audio recorder not very good quality, but you can make it your ringer, which is kinda cool.
- The main screen has broken TWICE, from nothing. I carry it in my pocket, take it out, and it's somehow busted. Got it fixed once, not again.
- Text message folders are confusing, never anything in Outbox and hard to organize message you want to save.
- If you miss a call, doesn't make any sort of sound or vibration to notify you, and no options to do so.
- Randomly loses data, such as a name in 1-touch dialing menu.

Nokia 6101


Sep 13, 2006 by thinkpink

In the past 6 months I've owned two 6101 phones. After 5 months and after enduring a faulty timing chip or something (... I'm not that technical) causing the clock time to be wrong constantly, I got fed up with the first phone. Also maybe related to that my callers were telling me my voice was always received with a warbling sound so I complained to T-Mobile and they sent me a replacement.
Now today (after one month in-service) the replacement phone's ear speaker stopped working. T-Mobile customer service claims the phone had somehow gotten wet since a moisture indicator under the battery had turned red. I have no idea at all how that happened. The phone has never been in or near water, but T-Mobile claims it's the cause. They refused to provide another phone -- claiming I was at fault by getting the phone wet and damaging the ear speaker (??). They offered to sell me an upgrade phone for $100 and I said no. Instead I am putting my SIM card into a reliable Samsung spare phone. No more Nokia phones for me -- ever....

Depends what you need.


Aug 13, 2006 by bg1256

I think this phone has some really good features, but if you use your phone for more than simply making phone calls, then you will be disappointed.

First, it's a nice size. The phone is small enough to fit in your pocket, but the keypad is not so small that you can't enter numbers/text.

Second, it has a wonderful speakerphone, and the speakerphone is in a good place. Unlike most Motorola's, the speaker is not in the back; it's on top, which enhances the volume and clarity.

Third, overall volume is good.

Great battery life.

First, and the biggest problem with this phone, it has horribly slow processing speed. It literally takes several seconds to move from menu to menu. What's worse, if you download any games or apps, they take much too long. I once timed how long it took to open a very simple game, and it took over 20 seconds. Obviously, if you need to use apps other than simply making phone calls, this will be a problem.

Second, the phone is not built solidly. I had to return one simply because the casing fell apart. The plastic feels cheap in your hand, which is a big disadvantage for me.

Third, the normal speaker of the handset is not as clear as most cell phones I've used (mostly Motorola and Samsung). In addition, I had to return one of these because the speaker went out. Remeber, here I'm not talking about the speakerphone feature; I'm strictly talking about the normal handset speaker. If the speakerphone's speaker works better than the regular one, I'd say there's a problem.

Fourth, customization is limited. For example, my Nokia 6102 by Cingular did not even support assigning ringtones to specific contacts!

Fifth, finding proper accessories is too expensive. I wish all phones simply had a 2.5mm hands free jack.

Sixth, no bluetooth.

So, if you just need to make phone calls, it will work great, but if you need more, then get something else.

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