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its an ok phone


Jul 18, 2008 by talkie101

i got this phone about 2 years ago from my brother who had gotten it about 2 years before that. so its about 4 years old...its been very durable through tough conditions....i've dropped it quite a few times on our cement basement floor and it still worked fine...but then a small chip cam out of it a while ago.....then just a few weeks ago i dropped it in water on accident....i took out the battery and let it dry for about 2 days and it was working fine again.....i was really surprised! then a few days ago my camera stopped working and all it says is operation failed...this disappoints me because i use the camera a lot! so now i have to get a new phone.....but this one lasted great for 4 years and someone can still use it but the camera is broken!! =]

A good phone


Sep 27, 2006 by dan327

Pros -
It's a NOKIA FLIP PHONE! Perfect size, extremely user friendly, camera with video, audio messaging, reliable phone I have used it for almost a year (October 2005 to now September 2006). Good battery life no noticeable memory issues.

Cons -
Displays are NOT as crisp, clear and bright as other phones. Sound is OK could be better, the 6102 has 3 themes but no easy way to get more, Cingular & Nokia do not offer any at this time. No Bluetooth. Low resolution camera pics & video are low quality.

Cingular now offers the 6102i which has improved features and Bluetooth.

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this phone is the best out of 8


Jun 21, 2006 by lexy_j

i have had about 8 phones and this one is the best. its also lasted longer the all of my other love the way it looks. it sleek and shinny. the radio is what sold me on this phone. when i go work out with my friends i dont have to carry my CD player or radio. its all in this little phone. all the little add ons just make it even better. i also have never dropped a call (i live in tacoma washington. great signal)!!! also the 6101 is strong. i have dropped it soo many times.

not easily broken
quick text
battery life (i charge my phone for 3 days at a time)

the camera is a so-so

Nokia lives up to its name


May 10, 2006 by Hipnotighz

Cingular's Nokia 6102

The Nokia 6102 is one of the best flip phones that isn't high in price, and cheat looking. The 6102 has a amazing pic, great clear calls, and outlasting battery life. Using all of these features on phone including MEdia web surfing, I haven't need to charge it up in 3-4 days, and I still have battery to last other 2. I am a cell phones sales consultant, and I have two phones. A Razr, and 6102. The 6102 is the most family friendly phone out there.

Crisp and Clear Pictures
Battery Life
Compact Phone
Clean Calls
Many Personal Options
Well Lit Screen, and Background

Video not the best
Headset is a Pop-port
Radio needs to have headset
Mp3 ringers arn't the most clearest.



Jan 4, 2006 by MrMet

I've owned this phone for 3 months and I can say it is the best phone I ever bought.
First of all you will forget to charge this phone.The battery lasts me for 2 1/2 days with heavy usage and it still has 2 bars left.The other thing that amazes me is the signal strength.This is the only phone I can use in every room in my house being that I live in a low signal area.It never dropped a call yet.Also the ringer is very loud,the buttons and menus are very easy to use.This phone is what every phone should be. I cant think of any cons except maybe bluetooth capability but to me its not important.This is a SOLID phone being that I dropped about 3 times so far and it still works like its new and theres not one mark on it. THIS IS A WELL MADE PHONE.
If you're looking to get a new phone DO NOT pass the NOKIA 6102 You will not be disappointed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Black and silver are the colors for me


Dec 30, 2005 by angiesman

This is an absolutely beautiful cellphone,not only on the out side but the features rock too.It is not a phone but much more,FM radio,digital camera,digital camcorder,voice recorder etc.I bought this from T-Mobile and i havent been more satisfied with a phone.I cant get enough of it.

Video camera
Picture capture
sleek design
excellent sound
perfect speaker phone
nice FM radio
crystal clear reception
no problems with a conversation
external color display
beautiful quality
included earphones are nice

Cons(not much):
requires earphones for radio
voice command isnt all that good but still a nice feature
battery life lasts about a day if you use the camera and radio
too nice to take to bad places(get stolen)

This phone caught my attention right away and it still hasnt lost it.

What a phone!


Dec 16, 2005 by cingulrboy

What do you look for in a cell phone? Is it battery life, features, design, or call quality? Well, let me tell you, you will find all of those in the Nokia 6102.

I have had many phones throughout my 2.5 years of being a Cingular Customer. Many have caught my eye, but none like this one has.

The design of this phone is amazing. It is the second flip-style Nokia phone I've owned. The flip itself is very sturdy, and the phone does not feel plasticy at all. The spring in the phone feels much better than any Motorola or Samsung flip phone I've ever had. The buttons are a very nice size, which is a good thing for many people. The color, grey and black is an awesome color scheme.

All Nokia phones have the basics, text messaging, picture messaging, wireless internet access, etc. This phone takes all of that a step further with class 6 EDGE, FM radio capability, and it has dual displays. The menus are also much easier to use than other phones, and other Nokias.

The battery life on this phone is amazing!!! I've made many calls after receiving the phone a few days ago, and the battery strength indicator has not gone down at all! That's pretty amazing. The battery also charges very quickly. A newly designed Nokia charger is used with this device. It's very unique, and is alot smaller than other Nokia chargers.

Nokia phones have always been known for their excellent call quality, and ability to keep calls in very low-signal areas. This Nokia phone is no different. There is no traditional GSM hiss noise with this phone, only crystal-clear calls that stay connected for a very long time even in low-signal areas.

My overall opinion of this phone is that it is a very trustworthy phone, that won't let you down, especially when you need it most. It has excellent battery life, call quality, and it has all of the features that you will ever need. I have had many phones in the past, and I would recommend this phone above all others.

Nokia 611 for T-Mobile


Nov 28, 2005 by DDDDRRREEW

I just purchased this phone yesterday from a T-Mobile store. Before getting T-Mobile I had canceled my Cellular One plan and signed a contract with Verizon which I returned within the 15 days because of not being satisfied. My Mom had T-Mobile so I was added onto her individual plan which made it a family plan. I was choosing between this phone and the RAZR. The rep. at T-Mobile told me the Pros and Cons about both phones. I was offered greta deals on both phones but chose to go with the Nokia because of past expierences with Nokias. After purchasing the phone I was very pleased with it's weight, look, style, and feel. I snapped a few quick pictures and explored the features of the phone. After making a few calls I really liked the quality of sound on the phone. A+ on that. Here are the pros and cons that I found about this phone.


-Look (very stylish)
-Weight (light)
-Internal screen (nice size/ depth 128x160)
-External Screen (BIG, but not VERY clear)
-Very decent VGA camera (Camcorder too)
-Excellent Battery Life
-Instant Messenger (very convienent to use )
-Record sounds and apply as ringtone
-Nice menu setup


When you press the menu button it takes 2 senconds for the menu to appear, but not something to worry about. I got used to it very quickly.

Overall, this is a better than basic phone. It has all the features that I needed and worked VERY well. Nokia made a nice sized/looking, durable phone that I really enjoy using. Great job Nokia.

one word... Amazing!


Nov 25, 2005 by idreamoutloud

After years of using Samsungs, Motorola's and LG's, I decided it was time to try a Nokia again. The last Nokia I had was an 8390. I loved that phone, and now that I have the 6101 I find myself asking why I left Nokia in the first place. If you are in the market for a solid, reliable GSM world phone, look no farther.

In typical Nokia fashion the phone is packed with every feature you could ever use in a phone. Both for fun and for business and you get all this at an amazingly low price by comparison to any Motorola Samsung or LG.

I'm not going to waste your time telling you all the features it has, afterall, if you are reading this, then you already know. But I will tell you that it is an excellent product and well worth purchasing. My only complaint is the somewhat small memory, but who cares, I have and iPod and a digital camera anyways. Afterall this is a phone first, and a toy second.

Thank you Nokia, Keep up the great work!!!

One word... Awesome!!!


Jan 25, 2006 by lwomack

The Nokia 6101/6102 is an Exellent phone. I have always been a fan of Nokia, & after trying the Sony Ericsson z500, I will never stray from Nokia again.

Pros: * It's a Nokia
* Excellent signal
* Sturdy (really, no joke)
* Easy to use, and navigate
* Excellent battery life
* Great screen quality
* Nice volume on speakerphone
* High quality camera
(you can 3x zoom after you take pic)

Cons: * You need to adjust the volume when
you get it, go to:
2)Phone settings
3)Call settings
4)Automatic volume control-switch

As you can see, you can fix the only Con, So
there are None!!!
I highly Recomend!!!

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