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samsung p207


Mar 16, 2008 by robbby

i had this phone for a year and a half when i had cingular. it was a great phone and i can only think of a few cons

to get the cons out of the way--
- lack of a speaker phone
- the default ring tones
- when you set your own picture as the background, it only takes up half the screen
- no option to change interior screen picture

- sleek and shiny-- looks so cool and amazing
- great reception
- aim works well on the phone
- menu layout is nice
- camera is decent
- speech-to-text feature
- holds a decent amount of texts
- battery life is great
- time on the external display
- service light- you can change the colors
- default games

this is a great phone that looks so nice. its looks are the main attraction. even though theres a few things missing, its still a great phone and i highly recommend it

I love my phone


Nov 25, 2006 by Pheonix

I've had this phone for a good 6 months now, and I'm absolutely in love with it.
I love the screen, I love the feel of it, I love the response time.

The p207 is so sleek and shiny, it's an absolutely gorgeous phone. Except for the slightly annoying fingerprints, but you'll get that on any lacquered phone.

I think the camera is a fantastic quality, and really, if I wanted amazing pictures, I'd buy a digital camera.

I like the sound quality, It gets reception in most places. It does have a few choice spots where it won't work, but all phones do.

Big fan of the Ringtones, I'm with Rogers (in Canada) so a lot of my ringtones are downloaded, but they sound fantastic.

No MP3 player, no big deal. If I wanted an MP3 player, I'd buy a real one.

The only think I don't like about this phone is it's lack of speaker phone. It's fairly annoying to have to hold the phone to your head all the time, but that's the way it works.

There's also the unfortunate lack of blue-tooth, but a corded headset is fine.

All in all, I love this phone so very much, and if it had a speaker phone, I'd consider it perfect.

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Good Phone


Jan 4, 2006 by Ic3pick

I've had this phone since August of 2005. I was waiting to leave a review because I wanted to see how good of a phone it was before I left a review.

~Nice design black glossy look

~Camera Quality is really good

~Price only $80

~Speech to text feature- takes time to get use to but eventually works really well

~Phone works well. Haven't had a single dropped call. But that is due to Cingular not the phone. I'm in the Southern Chicago area

~Video is too short. If there is good lighting the video will be really short however if the lighting is bad the video can go up to 59 sec

~No bluetooth

~No speakerphone

~Have to buy headset directly from Samsung

All in all this phone is the best I've had yet. I dropped it in the bathtub and just turned it off and unplugged everything and later that day it was working again. I'm one of those people that likes to show off what I have because I'm still in high school so its fun to brag. Can't find this phone that easily because most Cingular stored don't sell it so its one of a kind.

I would recommend this phone to anyone unless you absolutely have to have speakerphone or bluetooth.



Dec 16, 2005 by enigmaz

The design of my phone, the Samsung SGH-P207, is very sleek and modern. It feels very nice in your hand, both while talking and when just pulling it out of your pocket to check the time or to see if you have any messages. All the buttons feel like they are where they should be, including the volume rocker and dedicated camera/voice button on the side.

The features on my phone are amazing and have worked without any problems. Text messaging is the feature I use the most, I especially like th T9 predictive text input and the VoiceMode which turns SPEECH into TEXT which is pretty amazing. The accuracy of the VoiceMode feature is very good. Other features include downloadable ringtones, 3 games, multimedia messaging, full color interior and exterior screen, and of course the camera. The camera on this phone is great, theirs no delay or problems with light as with some other phone cameras, its a good point and shoot cam. Resolution is good, and it also takes short 1 minute video clips.

Battery life is amazing also, I went on vacation for a week once and I forgot the charger. The phone lasted ALL WEEK without it, this was about a month after I got the phone so I knew I had made a very good choice.

Call quality is very good. It never drops calls or gets that weird "rushing" noise that other phones sometimes get. Very clear, on both ends. My friends never have a problem understanding me.

My Overall opinion is that the Samsung P207 was the best choice for me. It has amazing design and features and a very well to do price. I would highly recommend the P207 to any Cingular customer.

Samsung P207. ALMOST perfect.


Nov 8, 2005 by Mystery

I really wish I could give this phone a 5. I really really do. Although it's cons are few, they may matter to some people.

- Reception. PERFECT! (Mind you I'm in Canada)
- The layout is good. Anyone with at least MILD finger control can work it's keys with ease
- The black with silver accents make it gorgeous. Of course its blue lighted keys are nice too
- The time CAN be displayed on it's external display. Simply press and hold the side button
- The volume of the speaker while on a call is so damned loud when turned to max, yet still crystal clear; great for those noisy days
- While ringing, the tone can be muted without rejecting the call. You don't need to open the phone for this either. Again, just one click on the side button and it's done
- The service light. With 7 different colors you'll never get bored. You also have the option to turn it off completely.
When a call is coming in, it flashes all 7 colors real fast. I love stupid things like that
- The camera. I've never had a camera phone before so I can't really judge what is good or not. But to me, this camera seems pretty decent. It is a PHONE after all

- The ring tones. Yes, they all suck. However there ARE 3 standard ring-ring type tones. The rest are all cheesy musical ones.
- No sound profiles. This phone is either Ring, or Vibrate, or Light only. However, it does have a Vibrate twice THEN ring option, but not the 2 together
- With the exception of 1 picture, every graphic I have downloaded and tried to use as wallpaper does not fill the screen completely. None of the photos I've taken with the phone seem to fit either
- Battery life. It's true, the battery life is not good at all. I had to charge it 3 times in the course of 3 or 4 days when I first got it. That's from continuous screwing around mind you, but still
- Glossy finish. Yes, smudges show up easily, as do scratches. Buy a case for it. Seriously

Overall, it could be better, but I'm still very happy.

Nice, basic phone


Oct 31, 2005 by bradspace

I bought this phone as I was auditioning all of Cingular's offerings. I've had it for about 6-8 months, but only really tested it the last few weeks.


* NICE looking phone
* Excellent screen
* User friendly interface
* Above average signal strength
* POP3 Email client
* Nice size clamshell
* Speaker quality is VERY good


* Although it looks nice, the high gloss scratches easily - I would HIGHLY recommend a good case
* Web connections are a bit flaky
* The list of lacking features are too long for my liking: No Bluetooth; No Speakerphone, etc...

If you're looking for a nice, entry level phone, this is a good little buy.



Oct 7, 2005 by Bubblez0163

Well, Where can I start. I got this phone 2 weeks after it came out. It was something different something cool. I got the phone and I loved it straight away. I had the samsung x427 before this one, and the resolution blew me away on the p207. I had never seen a phone with so many colors, but anyway. The phone's camera is very good for a VGA, the calls were clear and i loved it. Yea loved it, I lost this phone about a month ago and I have been searching for a phone that could compare or better than this one and trust me this phone should not envy the RAZR in any way, but in it size. I didn't want to get this phone straight away, you see I didn't have insurance, big mistake. So I wanted to try out the RAZR and see what was so cool about it. I hated it, it is low in volume, and the vibration sucks. So then I got the SonyEricsson s710..WAAAY better than the RAZR. But I'm going to return it. The phone is just plain slow. I am hoping they would take it back, and getting my P207 back. I'll wait for a better phone to come out before I upgrade, maybe next year!

-good camera for a VGA
-good signal
-good talk time
-everything is good to me except..

-no flash
-no speakerphone
-no bluetooth, but i couldn't care less for that crap
-no vibration & ring at the same time



May 1, 2005 by Roasted Tires X

Reception - Nothing short of amazing. Also, very excellent call quality, even when my signal is bouncing from bars to 1 bar.

Battery life - Even with the 262k screen, I have yet to charge it after 2 full days of continuously messing with it. So far, it's impressive.

Screen(s) - Very nice. Bright, easy to read, and very clear.

Build - Very nice as well. Nice glossy finish. It is however a fingerprint magnet, but having a black phone is a nice change... silver gets old after a while.

Camera - So far so good. Haven't used it extensively.

Hinge - Very nice. Built very similar to the X426 + E317's. It's pretty evident this is a sturdy hinge.

Call quality - Incoming and outgoing are very impressive. As I stated above, even when bouncing between 0-1 bars, it has great quality. Only when that signal meter is bouncing between and absolutely nothing at all is when it gets choppy.

Speech to text - This is a new feature. It's kind of nice to just hit 1 button and have a voice automated menu. You can say something like "check status" and it will tell you the battery and signal strength, kind of nice. Using the speech for texting is pretty nice, but it's not something I'd use too much. I do however like using it for calling people. Just hit the button and say "call 'name'" and it will call them. Very handy.

Overall, this phone is a great deal for the money. It does its job as a phone, making and receiving calls, but has a few nice extras to keep the gadget freaks satisfied as well.

I was going to give this phone a 4.5 because it doesn't have a speakerphone, but I base my reviews off of how the phone works with the features it has... and since it works great, it gets a definite 5. A speakerphone would of been nice, but it's not something I require of a phone.

Regardless, great phone. I'm happy, and doubt I'll switch from this for a long, long time.

Piece of Junk!!!


Aug 3, 2005 by EmEd913

I was so excited about getting this phone, but ended up very disappointed. Any ringtone that I dowloaded and assigned would basically decide when it wanted to work and when it didn't. I can't tell you how many calls I missed b/c the phone would just light up and not ring. I went through 2 of these phones and they both did the same thing. It's too much to pay for these phones.

- nice, sleek design
- screen was very clear and crisp
- could take pictures while phone was closed, you hold down the camera key and can see yourself in the LCD screen
- photo caller ID on inside & out
- very good camera

- no regular ringtones come with the phone
- MediaNet ultimately didn't work
- downloaded ringtones are not loud
- you have to dial the area code for local phonebook entries for the ID to be able to show up, otherwise you will see 123-456-7890
- fingerprints show up like crazy
- keys are very small and it's hard to text & dial #s
- ringer didn't work half of the time

Love It!


May 8, 2005 by Air Force RX8

It took a lot of conversations and frustrations to get this phone. I talked to probably 30 different people to get to the person who finally was able to get my issues resolved and place my order. I was well compensated for my troubles and persistence.

Very light, but not cheesy or flimsy at all!

Ring tones are loud and clear and the vibrate option is quite strong as well!

Camera is easy to use (my 7 year old figured it out with little coaching) takes good pics for a phone camera, but do not expect 1MP resolution quality.

Great reception. I get reception indoors at work in a large concrete and steel 2 story building with no windows. My co-workers V180 gets no signal inside.

Even with low reception displayed (1 or no bars) conversation quality does not lack.

VERY appealing visually. I have had several people ask about my phone and I have only had it since Thurs.

Not many, but here are mine.

The phone has "locked up" and rebooted on me 3 times, but never during a call. Only during heavy and quick menu navigation.

Fingerprints and smudges, but I expected this going into this phone. Needs a case that will not take from the superior looks and still give some protection from scratches and prints.

Menu buttons are very close together and take some serious training to not hit the wrong button. I still have not mastered this, but not a major drawback considering the Nokia 3560 and all of it's largeness.

Bottom line:
Great phone, great conversation piece, literally great for conversation! I Love it!

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