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I Miss My Motorola!!!


Aug 18, 2005 by Kate1231

When the guy showed me this phone about a month ago I was so amazed because I had never seen anything like it. I was so excited to show everyone my new phone because of how cool it looked. But that is about all it has going for it. The first thing that upset me was how the front LCD display had to be activated just to see the time. That bothered me because I was used to my old Motorola flip phone that always had that displayed. I thought that I could get over that little detail.

Then it only got worse. The battery life only lasts a few days even if I hardly use it and that is tough after going from my Moto that lasted almost a week. This could be because of all of the features but it's not worth it. While the screen is amazing, the other features suck. the guy tried to sell me on the voice texting but it does not work AT ALL!! What's the point of a fancy new feature if it doesn't work? Then when I would be trying to do something as simple as send a text message it would freeze up and shut off on its own. I definitely regret giving up my Motorola that never gave me any problems for the 1 1/2 years I had it. I'm glad I'm still within my 30 day period so I can take it back and get a Motorola!!!

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Cool Phone


Jun 10, 2005 by DaRev1

This is a great phone!


Great display, reception and build quality
Edge (pretty fast)
Voice activated texting (pretty good, even though it only knows up to a certain amount of words)
Loud ringers
Camera (pretty clear)


No bluetooth
No speakerphone
Accesories are very hard to come by (doesn't come with the standard 2.5mm jack)

Overall, If you are looking for a more than entry level phone but not with all the extras, I would recommend this phone to you.

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May 3, 2005 by jbx74205

After having this phone for a week, I'm not all that impressed. I hate to write the first negative review, but here we go...


1) Amazing main LCD and menu graphics. It looks like you're watching a miniature TV.
2) Loud ringers and strong vibrate setting.
3) Nice overall style.
4) Good camera (better than my old SE T637) and decent video for a phone.
5) High-quality outer LCD


1) Poor call quality. It sounds like the other person is under water and talking to me through a tin can.

2) Less that stellar reception. I don't get signal in a lot of places where my T637 and v400 had absolutely no problems. I also hear a constant hiss in the background when making calls.

3) Outer LCD needs to be activated in order to see the time. It only takes a second to press the side key to turn it on, but it's annoying. Probably due to the fact that it's a 65K screen. It should have a monochrome mode or screensaver that displays the time.

4) Glossy finish makes the phone slippery and easy to drop. Also very scratchable.

5) No ringer volume control using the side keys. They change the call volume once you've opened the phone.

6) Wallpaper doesn't fill the screen.

7) Only two non-animated wallpapers come loaded and there are no professional/standard ringtones.

8) No data transfer software currently available.

9) Keys are squashed into the bottom half of the phone, making rapid typing a challenge, and I have relatively thin fingers.

10) Thin font on text messages makes them difficult to read.

All in all, I'd say this is a good pick for someone just getting their first camera/video phone. I'm very particular about my electronics, and this one didn't live up to my expectations. Call quality was definitely the killer, and I'm in NYC, which is a very solid signal area. I've never had a problem before, except when I was with Verizon. I'm exchanging it for a Motorola v551.

Maybe there's a reason it's only $80...

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owned it


Jan 6, 2010 by narn3049

I had this as well.

I got this after the sony i had long been using quit on me.

I have the Samsung Intensity, had the alias so let's say i'm a big fan.

This phone is nice and sleek. the keypad even though not a qwerty has a nice feel to it, the games are nice the ringers, are nice and loud, it has a gredat camera. the one con is that there is hardly an personailization options. it just seems u can hardly put anything in it. like robby said it holds a decent amount of text messages. if u have to get this i suggest u do

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Nov 11, 2006 by VintaqeRomance

A basic phone, the only reason I purchased one was because I found a very limited WHITE edition on Ebay. I actually keep this one as my back-up in case I lose my primary phone. It's a basic phone and doesn't have much going for it except asthetic-wise; people always exclaim at the pretty white, glossy finish (the keys are white too!).


+ Very attractive
+ Small
+ Big key pad
+ Simple UI
+ Good camera
+ Basic functions
+ Service light (preference really)
+ Loud mp3/music ringtones
+ Internet


- Mediocre at best reception
- VERY short battery life (I have to charge it every day)
- No bluetooth
- No Mp3 player
- No speakerphone
- Texting is a hassle you have to go through many menus just send the dang thing
- Circular navigation (left/right up/down arrows) make it so that you constantly hit the cancel button when texting or using the menu -- VERY VERY annoying
- Long ugly antenna
- Menu not very customizeable

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Awesome phone


Jan 13, 2006 by maria1982

I saw that someone was knocking the reception on the phone, in my opinion I think it has to do with the carrier and how stable the service is.


Great camera for VGA
Lots of storage
self portrait option
and pretty much everything


glossy finish prone to scratches and fingerprints.. get a nice case and that is resolved though.

No speaker phone, this would be the ultimate phone if it had the speaker phone..

All in all it is a great little phone.

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Not for me


Jan 12, 2006 by tonka4x4

This phone is definitely not for me. There is not much I'm happy with, it has been a learning phone about what to look at in reviews.

Pros: yes, the camera does take good photos and there are fun frames to add to them

Very loud speaker volume, I never have a problem hearing people

Nice size if you are carrying it

Comes with 4 full length games

Way too small when I'm holding it to talk, I'm a girl and it hurts my hand if I talk too long

Even my fingers dial the wrong number (quite often), strange button config.

Speak to text doesn't work as well as I'd like and is a little difficult to fix words that pop up different than you'd wanted

the outside screen display turns off too quickly and you have to open the phone to see if you've missed a call!! I can not find anything that will stay lit or remind you!

Downloaded ringtones are very quiet on the loudest setting.

the green light on the outside constantly blinking is annoying

I'm not good at T9 messaging and this phone offers that, speak or regular long typing for texting, no other options

There are most of my complaints, read the other reviews as I did not want to repeat things often remarked on!

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Great features...HORRIBLE reception!


Jan 9, 2006 by tara_jackson

when i saw this phone, I thought it was the coolest phone I had ever seen! But once you get to calling people, you know, the true essentials of a phone, the samsung p207 falls very short of a good working phone.


-Awesome camera..the pictures are amazing.
-Cool games
-really nice menu, easy to use. And to personalize.


-The reception is horrible! The phone would be connected to the person and just cut off!...I would have full reception bars and the minutes would still be counting on my phone but I couldn't hear a thing. I have cingular, and there would be people with Cingular phones in the same room as me and they would get perfect reception. And my phone wouldn't get connected to the person.

-when the phone would be connected I would be constantly trying to turn up the volume and press the phone up to my ear to where it would hurt.

-The front LCD display doesn't stay on, you have to hold down the side button to turn it back on, for that amount of time i could just open up my phone and see the time. And I couldn't choose one of my own pictures as the LCD display.

-When not on a phone call, the side up and down buttons only deal with the keytone level, not the ringtone. Who cares how lous the key tones are?!?! I want to access the ringtone right there!

-The camera couldn't be programed in any of the shortcuts, ie. left, up, down...

I got this phone for free on Cingular...but the saying is true, you couldn't give this phone away for all the problems it has...Cingular tried with me, but it's just too awful of a phone...As far as the camera, and sleekness is concerened, it's such a shame becuase it's suuuuuuch an awesome phone...but an awesome camera isn't going to get me connected to anyone during an emergency...

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SaMsUnG p207


Dec 27, 2005 by TATSUYA

Many of you readers have been interested in this phone because of its eye catching appearances. Though, if you are really interested in this phone, then it is recommended for you to meticulously read the pros and cons of this phone written by the people above because in fact, they are correct. This phone is quite fantastic and has numerous features beyond the technology of the old phones created in the past 5 or 10 years. Though, it has numerous cons that must be fixed or changed. I will not list the pros in this review because I am sure that you are familiar with it already after reading all the comments so instead, i will explain, in details, the cons. The very first thing I noticed about this phone when I purchased it was the fingerprints. Every time you touch this phone, your fingerprints will show up instantly. It doesn't affect the physical appearance of the phone but it is pretty bad. Also, since this phone was actually my first camera phone, using this feature was one of my first action when I purchased it. I noticed that it was impossible to erase the shutter noise, even in silent mode, and also the pictures you've taken doesn't quite fit the whole screen, when it's a wallpaper, so it looks very dreadful. Those two are the most significant features that must be fixed and the other features such as a speaker phone, mp3 player, etc, should be added. What I am trying to inform you is before you purchase this phone, just think about the pros and cons of this phone and ask your self, "Do you think this phone will satisfy you? Does it have all the features you need? Will the cons affect you in any way?" As I, one of the people who purchased this phone basically by the appearance of the phone, was extremely exhilarated when purchased this phone, but is not quite satisfied with it now. I am not trying informing you not to buy the phone because it is still a GREAT phone with a fantastic appearance and numerous great features; all am saying is to think about it.

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this phone is horrible


Oct 29, 2005 by Lowey33

I've had this phone for about 2 weeks and with all the trouble I went through to get it, I've been trying really hard to like it, but it's not gonna happen. It's going back.

sleek look
impressive screens
camera not bad

-reception is worse than any phone I've ever had. nuff said.

-no real ringtones(why can't a phone just go ring-ring, I'm in a meeting with my boss, the phone rings and it plays some gay ass happy day melody, I look like an idiot. With a phone that looks as classy as it does, it should have a freakin professional ringtone...seriously) Oh, don't try to download any either, the volume of them is so low it shouldn't ring at all.

-wallpapers and pictures don't fit the screen, so when you try to put a picture on as wallpaper and show off the good screen this thing has, it only uses half of it anyway.

-this phone gets dirty, I know its shiny and black, but I am cleaning this thing everytime I pick it up. This gets old after a while.

Thanks for listening to me vent...don't buy this phone.

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