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Sleek, eye-catching phone that's awesome for the money!


Dec 16, 2005 by utrach

I have had my Samsung P207 flip phone for a few months now and my favorite aspect of it by far is it’s eye-catching looks. It’s black with sleek chrome accents. It has two beautiful crystal-clear color displays, and the camera takes better pictures than many other, more expensive handsets I’ve seen. The only problem with the camera function is that since the button to activate the camera is on the side of the phone’s clamshell body, it often takes numerous pictures of the inside of my purse that I have to waste time deleting once I find out. I chose Samsung because I find their menus to be highly intuitive. I also like to have things that are either rare or new and different than what’s out there. This phone was both. I don’t see everyone-and-their-mom carrying it around, and it has new technology: voice recognition. As far as features, text messaging works great though I’ve had some problems sending Multimedia Messages lately (admittedly due to user error most likely). The music tones this phone can play produce great quality sound. The phone comes with 4 games, none of which are that interesting to me, though I’m not that much of a gamer. As for call quality, the volume is a bit inconsistent, but I admit that could be due to the phone/provider/volume of the caller on the other end. Either way, it’s simple to quickly correct with the easily accessible side volume button. The battery life on this phone is good; I usually charge it every night, but I have no problem making it through the next day if I happen to forget. The only functionalities I wish this phone had are a voice recorder and Bluetooth. Overall the P207 has been a great purchase, especially for the price.



Jul 29, 2005 by rbrockport

I got the phone 2 days ago and absolutely love the menu options and the features of it. the only thing is is that i download a lot of pics and now i cant seem to find a compatible phone that matches the screen size. I am sure i will figure out i haven't had much time to play with it. I recently had the e317 and loved that phone but now this seems lighter but has a bigger screen that i love. i would recommend it to anyone i actually bought the last two in our city and they wont be getting anymore soon.... so i was happy that i did it. i do have to get used to the texting and how the t9 works because it is learning the new words but its awesome. it does contact a lot of dirt so i keep a case on it and the ringtones are kinda low but when you put the volume up it works just fine for me.

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May 3, 2005 by Rastafarian4

Nothing is worth a 5 in my book except my car, but this phone gives me almost as much joy as my Miata. First of all the clarity and reception are awesome. I can actually HEAR conversations with the top down at 55 mph. The Samsung "echo" is a minor annoyance, as is the slippery finish. I live in an area surrounded by bayous and marshes close to the Gulf of Mexico and have never been able to use a wireless device-GSM, TDMA or otherwise, anywhere near my home until, out of desperation, bought two lowly little X427M models. They actually WORKED at the house, so we have become loyal Samsung owners.
Voice activated texting-nice when you have teenagers who won't answer the phone, but will respond to text
Awesome display, reception and build quality
EDGE internet is FAST!
Fun to look at

No bluetooth or speakerphone
Accessories are hard to come by

I work for Cingular and have had literally NO complaints about this device. We cannot keep it in stock. If you are looking at a V551, consider this phone if you don't care about bluetooth. Motorola's quality seems to have hit an all-time low lately; the 551 seems to be the next V400. Samsung has been the leader in owner loyalty for the last 3 years and it is easy to see why.

The Phone to have!!!


Apr 28, 2005 by jholla15

I have had the phone about a week now. I work for Sprint and have worked for cingular. And I would have to say that for the price this phone has all the gizmos. For those of you who shop phones this is the size of the 427m or 427 samsung but has a longer battery life great camera and 256 color! it weighs almost nothing and the colors and design are just awesome. I found the video to be extermely crisp and with the new 64k sim cards the phone has plenty of memory. I absolutely love it and could ask for more. And for those of you woho are wondering the Voice Activated stuff works. HANDS FREE TEXT...thats right the next time you are in the car and get a text you dont have to pull over or risk the lives of all your fellow drivers you can push a button and say "call (name in phone book)" or Send text to (name in phone book)" it understands and flys. As long as you speak normaly and pause between words everything trnscribes beautifully. a must have. If you are thinking about the phone and want more info that may not be else where availiable email me i will be happy to assist. joshuaholland@gmail.com

close but no cigar!


May 16, 2005 by JJ81597

It took a while for me to get this phone. I had upgraded to the LG 1400 but didnt like the fact that i could not set individual ringtones. I returned it within the 30 days. I came across this new sleek phone and had to have it, but Cingular wouldnt not be Cingular without the drama. Cingular gives a lot of "run-around" and they like to pass you off to someone else. But after a month, i was able to get this phone, not at the $79.99 price, but for $99.99. Ok, on to my review:

-its black and shiny
-great color
-camera is clear and crisp
-earpiece volume is good.
-great games to pass the time!
-you can take pics while the phone is closed. Cool for self portraits!

-u cant adjust the volume with the side keys. it only adjust the keypad volume. Its an inconvienence when u wanna quickly put ur phone on silence (no vibrate). But it does have a vibrate shortcut key.

-There isnt an option to turn off the camera shutter shound. So you cant sneak a pic in a quiet area. Not cool and annoying!

-The voice-to-text sucks b/c it only knows 122 words and if you dont use any of those words within that list, it defeats the purpose of using it.

-It seems like you have to buy the handsfree specifically for the P207. It doesnt come with the standard 2.5 mm jack. That really suck.

-also it does freeze up and restarts sometimes. It happened to me twice in one day. I can live with that cuz i cant deal with Cingular's CS again right now.

-The fingerprints! It doesnt bother me much, but for those who it will bother, im sorry. Im sure once you get the leather case it should remedy that.

-then there's the other fancy stuff some folks just have to have like the "bluetooth, speakerphone, etc)

Overall i do like the phone. It looks great and is light. Im sure there will be an updraded version soon. Accessories are available at samsungwireless.com (hope im not advertising, lol)

Hope this is helpful to someone

Wonderful Phone!


Jul 6, 2005 by robinam

I've had the Samsung P-207 for about 3 weeks and it's really a great little phone.


* VoiceSignal technology - dictate text messages, look up phone numbers and call someone, go to an application, etc. It prompts you to say 122 words and adapts from that (it's vocab is much more extensive - I know this from experience - and can be taught to recognize new words) Very simple and helpful

* Reception - no crackling during calls and always has At Least one bar. Very good reception where many other phones are lacking

* Battery life - only needs recharging every other day for about an hour

* Video recorder + normal camera with zoom (no flash) Screen is super-bright both inside and outside

* Very loud ring-tones - the ones it comes with are awful, but the downloaded ones are still extremely loud

* Vibrates twice before ringing sounds, a good feature when you forget to silence your phone in a quite place

* Great design! The black is definitely an eye catcher and the fingerprints aren't very noticeable. It is lightweight yet still hardy.


* No side key lock on camera function button and camera shutter sound can't be disabled

* No speakerphone

* No blue-tooth

* The number buttons are pretty small, it's not hard to mis-enter a number

The pro's, as you can see, highly outweigh the con's. It's really an amazing phone for the money and has great features as well as the VoiceSignal, which is very interesting and fun to play around with and show to people.

I give it a 4.5 because it lacks blue-tooth and a speaker-phone, but everything else is great. If those are features you can live without, I highly recommend the Samsung P-207, it's a wonderful phone!

Cute and simple


Aug 23, 2007 by thelastassassin

-Small and extremely light-weight
-Nice color/chrome scheme
-Nice screen display colors and size
-Buttons and navigation system easy
-Has a loop-hole to hang charms off of, which was a big advantage for me
-Good battery life
-Voice indentification software for text messaging is fun

-Not at all customizable
-Side buttons for pictures go off in your pocket/purse filling up your picture gallery with blanks
-No speaker-phone
-BAD service with carrier

I had this phone for 2 years and really liked it. Aside from the fact that the side button for the camera would go off in my pocket ALL THE TIME and did not have an option to turn off the shutter sound, the phone was extremely cute and well made. That one aspect of it really didn't sit well with me, as my picture gallery filled up with blanks and it became annoying to try to delete all of them. The absence of speaker-phone was also annoying.

My service with AT&T is what drew me away from the phone, not really the phone itself. Cingular/AT&T was not my favorite service provider. I live in Columbia, Maryland and my Cingular service was horrible, to make it short and to the point. It would take me an attempt of THREE tries to call people sometimes. I don't know if it was the phone or the carrier but that really got under my skin. I got my calls dropped all the time and also lost service frequently. I missed calls from important people because I didn't have service and it went straight to voice-mail. ANNOYING!

The technology for the phone now is pretty out-dated but it's still sleeker and more compact than some other newer phones.

The phone that almost was perfect


Jul 15, 2006 by cellulargod721

The Samsung P207 was so close to perfection it just makes me wonder why Samsung stopped there. Small size but yet quality construction paired with lots of features gives this phone a good 1-2 hit. Camera/Video works well but could be just a little better. Not a huge issue. The voice command is neat but does not work very well. Overall though this is a great phone. I would still call this perfect if it had bluetooth that is the only thing missing from the equation.

Reception is above average

Battery life is quite long for a small feature packed phone

Great looks and perfect size

Keypad is right on with its ergonomics

The black finish while beautiful scratches easily

The camera is just below par for the course

Why didn't Samsung put bluetooth on this one?!?!?

I know that not having a certain feature is not really a con I knew that it didn't have bluetooth when I bought it. On the other hand bluetooth would make perfect sense on this one. It would have killed the 551/557 series with ease. But I suppose they had their reasons. Still a really good phone!

It SUCKS!!!!!


Jul 15, 2006 by purple

I have had this phone for less than a year and I am now having to get my 3rd replacement. I had to have my 2nd one sent to me after having the phone for only a few weeks. It froze up on me and wouldnt do anything. Couldnt turn it off couldnt do anything with it and it got so hot that I had to remove the battery just to keep it from burning up. Got new phone and still could not send or receive pictures and would freeze up every now and then. Now I am having to get a 3rd phone because now when I shut it off or it freezes up and I have to shut it off I lose everything that I have downloaded.
what I dont understand is why Samsung has not done anything about the issues that the phone has. I know that I am not the only one to have these problems and if I have gone through 2 plus phones already with the same issues on each one something should be done about it.
Looks nice
Terrible phone
Freezes Up
Deletes my downloaded ringtones every time I shut it off
Cant send or receive pictures
Lose my videos and pictures contantly
If you talk on it for too long you will need a pot holder in order to hold it
Battery life is terrible
Have to buy headset directly from Samsung
Voice recognition is terrible
No speakerphone

I would not ever buy this phone again and would not recommend to anyone else to buy this phone. I think that if you spend that much on a phone it should at the very least actually work.

Superb performer


Oct 1, 2005 by springaf

I originally got a black phone that had the initial freezing problems. however, i returned the phone and got a fixed one and otherwise have not had a problem. The phone i got was the one auctioned off here at phonescoop for hurricane Katrina.
(I'm smoothdogg247, protect my investment from other company workers who follow my posts)

Pro's: menu setup is easy to use and predictable, screen is the best of any phone on the market, surprisingly fast Internet processor, speech-to-text quite accurate and consistent, easy texting, camera and video are both crisp, reception is better than most (but not all), good sound quality on handset and wired headset, unsurpassed look and class (grabs attention, both black and white models), beveled keys, phonebook organization, individualized ring tones, i can see my reflection in the phone, and the exclusivity of the white model.

Con's: no bluetooth, outer display shows cingular logo instead of time (except for three seconds after you close it), requires occasional fingerprint wipe-offs, no mobitv

All around, it is a superb phone. all the cons can be dealt with. the only feature i will miss is bluetooth, which i used during my p207 hiatus with a razr. it isn't a necessity, but is very nice. i would hope samsung would include it on almost all of their mid and upper tier phones in the future. as the bluetooth isn't a required service yet, the p207 earns 5 stars

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