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May 31, 2005 by gators4469

Just wrote a long report on how great it was and it erased. so, ill just say its a great phone and awsome abilities.
tons of pros and little cons.
i recomend it!!!

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Feb 13, 2006 by whiterussianx

Got this phone about 5 or 6 months ago worked good untill now

My friend and i have the same phone, well she dosent anymore she said that " the phone messed up so much that she had to just get rid of it "

Good camera
easy to navigate
picture id
ring tone id
black and shiny
eye catching

in 1 day my phone turned off then back off (by itself) 9 times. then it wouldnt turn back on
no blue tooth
no flash
no speaker

if you are thinking about getting this phone

read more reviews
maybe it was just my phone that did this but don't just rush out and buy it until you are 100% sure you want it

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at long last....


Jun 25, 2005 by leeross21

ive had this phone since the second week it hit the market, and i'd have to say that the things that i like the most about it are that: everyone, including the cingular employees drool over it, and secondly that nobody else has it. I'm the only person in my town, and the next town with it. When i first bought it for a cheep 80 bucks, i started to sell it on ebay at the going price of 350, but decided to give it a try. so far i love it, the voice to text works great if you mess with it and teach it you voice. it took me about 2 weeks, including one week without a phone period, to finally get cingular to send it to me. i was in a family plan so i couldnt register online, (this is an online phone only) and FINALLY i get a lady on the phone after about a week who claims she will send it to me with a new number instead of porting my old one (idk why). i wait 5 days for it, and when i get the box, i see that its the v551. i said hell no and shipped it back. after beating enough heads in a hanging up on 4 different customer ''service'' techs i finally get my phone. we had to actually start a completely new account and then fix it the next month.

long story short, if you can get this phone, go for it, but good luck.

outside display stays off.
cant change the outside display to a custom pic.
locks up occasionally.
no speaker phone.
no compatable accessories in the cingular stores. you have to settle for the holster and buy accessories online.

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May 11, 2005 by judgedread

Pros: Has cool little features, better reception than sprint, nice screen

Cons: Cant seem to use custom ring-tones like the phone says (mp3), I will not pay 2.99 for 5 seconds of a old song off their website!!! My previous phone sprint sanyo 8200 had better camera and could use whole songs as a ringer for free( i make my own), (myphonefiles).
Speech-to-text is overrated, does not know what I'm sayin ever.

Need at least 3 bars to use the nternet, which is slow as he$$.
No speakerphone

Well its only 79.99 so u get what u pay 4.

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Great Phone Has Its Problems


Jul 15, 2005 by perfectcell2

I will have to say i did not like Samsung until this phone came out. I love the MP3 compatability and all around its a good phone.. I am only returning this phone because the battery life is horrible and when i contacted Cingular to get it replaced they wanted to charge me again for the phone. Otherwise this is a good phone for anyone.

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Horrible Experiance


May 16, 2005 by otheronet

[...] I bought one of these and i really liked all the bells and whistles. It is a pretty cool phone. Unfortunately it gave up the ghost in 2 days. I called cingular to return it [...] Finally get the phone on the next friday. It works for a couple days and the same exact thing happens. Busted! [...] I should have a new Motorola phone by weeks end. I never had a problem with these phones. I don't know why i even tried this samsung. All the bells and no speaker phone? Wait to see if anyone else has the same problem with this phone. Let them work out the bugs. I give it an f- along with cingular and there horrible vendors.!!

Ed. note: removed Cingular rant

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Wonderful Phone


Dec 5, 2005 by wmking959

I am really impressed with this little phone. I really only used Motorola and this phone is really nice. I would like to give a 5 however I do not like the fact that I can not change the ringer volume with the side keys. Plus there should be a quick way to change alert to vibrate. Other features are really good. I love the voice commands, once you train the phone you will love this feature and forget how to dial and not have to pay for voice activated dialing

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This Phone is Janky


Jul 7, 2005 by ASTONISHYN1

I ordered the phone the first day it came out on cingular.com, which was in April, Im not on my second phone I thought maybe the first one had a defect or something but ALL of them do!!

Reception is BAD, I've never had a Prob with Cingular phones I've been with them for 3 years. This phone is awful

You cant hear the other person unless you PRESS your ear to the phone which is BAD!.

When on yahoo IM or txt the phone will just freeze up like a PC with a Virus and cut itself OFF

It drops calls on a regular.

Keypad is Small and I have little hands but its still too small for me.

Voice2Txt isnt all that great you will get the phone and forget thats even a feature cus its stupid, you have to talk like your slow before it even considers recongnizing what your saying

I hate that I did a upgrade and extended my contract for THIS! They are going to have to let me get the Black Razr 3! Or I'm cancelling my services with them

I have Verizon as well and I havent had a problem yet with their service or customer service!.

Cingular is Great too but If I dont get a Black Razr 3 they wont be.

Its a pretty phone, but never judge a book by its cover. It's like buying a 2006 Dodge Charger with NO HEMI! Lol

Good Luck, This phone is only fit for Prepaid service if you ask me!

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The Worst Phone I've had


Apr 2, 2007 by empireinc00

I'm not joking. I've owned 3 Nokias, 2 Motos, 1 SE, this is the worst samsung phone I've had in my life.

it look nice that why I got it.

So much I'll try to list them all.
Actually the one I have is my 3rd samsung P207 that I got and exchanged/ exchanged and exhanged. If I had a chance to go back 1 1/2 years ago I would definitely return it but I got stuck with the phone bz I let the 30 day return policy passed so I couldn't return it and also got stuck with 2yr cingular plan.

All 3 phones have the same problem.
1. When I hit send text msg then the screen frozed and reboot or sometime frozed like that and i had to take my battery off to shut that thing off.
2. Worst reception ever. Some time I have 5 bars then all the sudden it lost all bars so I couldn't make any call then had to shut it off and reboot. It has so many drop calls also.
3. I tried to send MMS with pictures, the person never received it but cingular charged me.
4. Voice regcogition doesn't work, it made the screen frozed and again I had to turn it off and reboot.
5. The phone can't sync to PC even though I have a data cable.
6. I tried to unlock the phone hoping that I might be able to load other version of samsung and again the phone won't work with any data cable.

All the problems that happened to me made me afraid to buy samsung again.

Never think about buy this phone even for 2nd hand or even they give it for free. It's really a piece of junk.

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it sucks


Mar 11, 2006 by matthewcolej

i been through 2 samsung p207 while your talking about 30-45 min the buttons start 2 heat up as bad as u cant let it touch ur face SUCKS!

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