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Bad *** Phone


Jan 19, 2006 by phiram

The P207 is vertually flawless and not to mention very eyecathing. I have had many people complement me on how sleek and unique it is.Not to mention the good resolution and quality picture for the price. I found out a a cool feature while playing around one day. I found out that you can have a video play repeatidly everytime you flip open your phone. All you have to do is select a video in your Video Album, choose options and Set AS Wallpaper it wil immediatley save and will show the video playing as your Wallpaper. Its pretty sweet.I would defenitly recommend the phone to my friends because of the good signal strength and feature of it.

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Dec 17, 2005 by idreamoutloud

I have to admit I was really surprised by this phone. I'm a huge samsung phone, but this phone didn't do it for me. heres why...

voice to text... junk!, after you spend forever teaching it how you talk, it still doesn't work all that good, you can't talk at a normal pace, you have to pause between each word. have you ever tried to talk like that?... its hard and frusterating. I can t9 type faster then this thing can listen to the words. Course with buttons the size that this phone has, you pretty much have to talk to it instead. If you have any vision problems at all, this phone is most definately not for you.

The ringtones that this phone comes with all suck, i can't even find the words to describe them, they're just that bad.

Whats with the grapics this phone comes with? oooow, moving crystals, how exciting.
oh well, that 7 color flashing LED more than makes up for the crap graphis....not!

how come you can't change the display colors on outer screen?

Oh and don't be fooled by the "chrome" strips on the side, they will fall off shortly after you buy the phone.

The only good points this phone has is, EDGE data, good sound quality, and samsung reliability.

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Great Phone


Nov 22, 2005 by cmgould

This is a great phone if you read the manual or know how to use multifunctional phones. The camera picture is good, the screen is very clear, it is very easy to use, the reception is outstanding (even on backroads) and it is sharp looking. I think it is well worth the money paid and I will probaly end up buying a few for christmas gifts.

cool little phone


Sep 22, 2005 by correa99

this is a nice stylish phone! It does the job! Great for voice texting. Needs speaker



Sep 19, 2005 by bigdanlee

This is my second SMG P207 phone as the 1st one froze up and never defrosted. I had to take an exchange of a returned phone because there were no more new ones available. The returned phone was exchanged because the customer bought her first one and it wouldn't hold charge and then she brought back the one I have now and said the same thing. She exchanged for a Razor instead.
I myself LOVE this new phone because I had the x427 for over a year and it gave me no problemos at all. I just wanted the newer version.
The Pros:
Sleek design, cool color graphics, more than two games to play and the speech to text.
I can hear the ringtones good and loud and the pictures are wonderfully clear.
Navigating is pretty easy, pretty much like the x427.
I like the digital and analog clocks for the front.

The cons:
No bluetooth, no speaker phone, which is no big deal to me, but it would help it sell better...
I also like the voice command on it but the volume isn't really loud enough to understand what the automated voice is saying.
My first one froze up...(this is why there is a recall on this phone I would imagine.)
I have to recharge about every 12 hours even when I'm hardly on it.
The case for it is lousey, which I bought online because you have to take the top part off to take a pic or to hear good because the plastic covers the holes. The slide in pouch is the best for this phone.

Other than that, Samsung has a great phone and I hope this one will hold up like my last one did and I'll hang on to see what else is coming out by the manufacturer.
Definitely worth the money in my opinion. If this one goes down, I'll get another one if they'll let me.

I really didn't like this phone.


Sep 19, 2005 by SimpleMistake

The good:
- Nice looking. Shiny, interesting layout of keys and such.
- Better reception than most phones I've had. - my house is terrible for my service provider (Cingular).
- Entertaining (yet odd) games.
- Wrist attachment.
- Fun effects to use with camera and great picture quality.
- Changable color service light.
- Able to easily take self pictures.
- Large front display (Even though it was basically usless unless you were taking self-pictures)
- Pretty good size.

The bad:
- Automatically goes to T9 while typing a text.
- Cannot silent/put everything on vibrate all at once and have to actually go into the menus to do so.
- Put it on vibrate and ring...vibrated but no ring.
- Barley ever heard my calls.
- Odd way to enter in phone numbers.
- No speaker phone.
- Have to open the phone whenever you want to know if you missed a call or what time it is.
- Cannot change background on front display.
- No bluetooth capabilities - not a big deal, many phones don't have access to this.

I can't think anymore, I'm too tired. But that was the basics. I had this phone from about August 30th through today - September 18th *'05*



Sep 17, 2005 by incubusion5

What is the deal the only phone that I like gets recalled? OSH KOSH B GOSH. I feel like I was forced into the razr, that really sucked. 9/12/05 was told to take device in because the recall, which wasn't the thing the fact was that there was a defect, and I would have to be without my phone that really bites, the phone was a good device, except the phone frying, good phone good price and was small compact and clear

If you're thinking about getting a P207... DON'T!!!


Sep 16, 2005 by the incubus

I?m having trouble with this piece of Crap P207 as well...

$150.00 Down the Drain... Woohoooo!!!!

Already had a second one (Brand New) sent to me and now the third is on it?s merry way.
Both phones are doing the exact same things, and My wife?s E317 (also a Samsung) does it...

It's a software/samsung issue. I've read plenty of other reviews on it in the last couple of days and they seem to be around 60/40 in favor of good but the bads are REALL BAD!!!

My Main issue is that when I make calls, you can hear the phone ringing but as soon as the other party picks up, the sound goes BLANK and you can?t hear squat!!!!
The call doesn?t get cut off, only the sound is gone cuz they can hear me just fine and I can see the call timer counting and the screen says ?CONNECTED?!!!!!!


Not really though because I?m not even opening the other one up. I?m just gonna call and tell them is does the same thing.

Then... they have to issue me another phone, a phone of MY choice. So...

I?m going to get the Black RAZR. I would?ve gotten it but they were out of stock and suggested this Shoddy Contraption.

I will say though it is a beauty but IT SCRATCHES Way, Waaaaaaay TOO EASILY!!!

The first phone i had was only 4 weeks old and only saw the inside of my soft cotton pockets and the top of my work desk & night table, AND IT WAS ALL SCRATCHED UP!!!

Perhaps a Dust or Bead Blast finish would alleviate this issue.

LASTLY the voice recognition software is awful. You do the speach exercise so it learns your voice and it consistently enters the WRONG WORDS. I tell it Hello and it enters YELLOW or TO DO, I tell it "I LOVE YOU" and it enters "WHY DOES YOU".

My advice to anyone who is thinking of getting this phone... DON'T. It's really a TOTAL WASTE OF MONEY.

I say get the Motorola RAZR, or something else comparable instead.


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Love It~Hate it


Sep 5, 2005 by Evan14r

This phone is one phone to not be forgotten it was supposed to be the hit for samsung unfortunatly it was on back order and still may be but the funny thing is, it is now on
recall because the phone freezes up at startup. and of course i got this phone and guess what it froze on me and i got another one this one is fine now but who knows what is going to happen 2 weeks from now when it happens again. I really do love the phone its eye catching but it does have its problems but it also has its feature which outweigh the negative.

great lil phone!!!


Sep 4, 2005 by howiewow

i love the style. the voice text is revolutionary and relaxing to use once you get the hang of it. the fact that it has EDGE technology is a plus. the screen is bright ,colorful and a treat for he eyes. the audio of this phone is crisp and clear. if i can say one negative thing it is "watch the smudges!!"

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