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Amazing phone


Nov 4, 2010 by narn3049

Got this after my previous Sprint Nokia stopped working. This phone was what I needed, had a good camera, good keyboard for messaging although it wasn't a qwerty it still was good. I loved this phone when I had it. It was extremely durable,

I got this phone wet 2 times, it was tossed around, friends kid actually drew on the front face of the phone, and it had to be wiped off of course, screen covering was cracked.

This phone held up well, and was A M.E.S.S at the end of the two year agreement, but I loved the phone

Work horse


Apr 2, 2007 by j man

Pros: Extra durable- will last forever
Bright screen
very affordable- 60$$$
Cons: nearly feature-less
small screen
bad resolution- forget about seeing pictures or videos
not too loud
may get dust between the cover and the actual screen- but its easy to clean

Does Cell Phone Very Well


Mar 6, 2005 by hankwill

I upgraded from an AT&T Nokia (2years old) to the Verizon Nokia 6015i. The difference is amazing. I'm not sure whether it is Verizon or the 6015i or both, but service is clear in places I had no service before - including in my apartment house. On a car trip to very southern Maryland I had excellent service in some very rural areas. No static or breaking up or dropped calls. Works well in the METRO tunnels



o Clear Reception with excellent voice quality
o Speaker Phone works very well
o Voice Dialing worked first time for all entries
o Light weight
o Contact lists easy to manage and use
o Good display visibility
o Works well with hands free devices
o Tri-mode
o Good battery life
o Good ring and vibrate options
o Cheap


o If you are looking for games, calendars, fancy tones, pictures, MP3, etc., etc. - this is NOT your phone.
o Not as compact or as light weight as most clam shell phones

My choice was somewhat driven by the fact I already had Nokia wall warts in four homes spread across the country and cigarette chargers in four cars, also spread across the county - using those on the new phone saved a pocket full of money - BUT, I am happy with the quality of the phone when it is doing phone things!!



Feb 7, 2008 by george29

I needed a cell phone, one that works everywhere all the time. This phone coupled with the Verizon service does just that for me. The phone has been dropped often, immersed three or four times in either the dogs water bowl or the bath tub, and still works perfectly. The speaker phone allows me to use phone whilst driving, I just close the windows and clamp phone under sun visor, very clear speech and hearing. I have owned this phone for 3 years and will buy another used one to replace it when the time comes to, I refused Verizons offer of a free cell phone upgrade. When they say, "don't fix something that ain't broken", they are talking about this phone.

A great phone


Mar 11, 2006 by dandrewsmd

This is what a phone is supposed to be. Reliable, Great Reception, Good Call Quality. This is a bare bones phone, and in my opinion, that is better. It has no fancy features to detract from the phone itself. If you just want to talk on your phone, look no further that the 6015.


-good call quality
-loud speaker phone
-loud poly rings

-a little large and odd shaped
-keys are not the best

Aaaaaaah. . . relief


Aug 13, 2005 by Zambini

After 5 dreadful months of the Motorola V810 I am finally back to a great reception, great battery life, awesome hands-free with or without headset, fully usable Nokia phone again!

I missed being able to make and receive calls with the voice activated system of the Nokia. The button on the provided ear piece saves a lot of hassle fishing for buttons on the phone, leaving the phone open, etc. You just hold the button until you hear the tones, speak the memorized voice command and voila you are good to go. Even the memo option can be set to voice activate with the use of the headset.

I also am enjoying the reception and battery life. No more dropped calls, fuzzy connections, chatter or skipping. I'm no longer hearing, "you're breaking up, you must be on your cell phone." We live int eh Ozark foothills.

Graphics aren't that big a deal, and I don't find the buttons to feel cheap or cheesy as others have mentioned.

The one drawback to the phone is I can't program the arrow keys to access the menu items I want. Oh well. At least the menu system isn't as labor intensive as Motorola's was.

Sometimes you just need to go away for a while to appreciate what you have.

Its a PHONE not your life


May 29, 2005 by burntcoat

I just renewed our phone plan with US Cellular and two 6019i models. While, it has only been a couple days, the phones are quite nice and easy to use, provided you are used to Nokia's menuing system.

Pros: Quick, each to use phone, with simple, straight forward interface. The right features for the right job.

Cons: maybe a little cheap in construction.

If you need a surgical attachment to your head to communicate with the world, this is not for you. But for the PTO mom, and the commuter, this phone is more than adaquate for your needs. You want a camera? Buy a camera. You want to browse the web on your cell phone? Get a life. Only in America would someone use their computer to call someone, and their phone to type out an email message.

Love it!


Mar 31, 2006 by alex.s.moore

What can I say. This is an awesome little phone. I am now on my second one (i dropped the first one in a bucket of paint while painting my house) and still cant get enough of it. It has incredible reception. Great sound quality and battery life. Of course, it has the classic and wonderful Nokia UI, as well as a rock solid build quality.

Defintetly recommended.

Phone= not good


Mar 4, 2006 by kevdaboom05

I got this phone about 4 months ago. The first few months were great then its got worse and worse.

good signal
ok battery
ok screen reception
can see screen in the sun

no singing ringtones.
buttons started sticking
buttons make loud noises when pressed
vibrate is very weak

this phone was good for a while i liked it because u were able to get calls in places my old samsung a670 and a650 couldnt.
you have to be on the phones good side. After these four months of having it i live in ct and we got snow and i forgot to take it out of my coat while outside and it got a little water in it and none of the buttons work except the send key and the power key o yea the up arrow to. i think i am going to upgrade to the lg vx 5200


Fantastic Signal Performer


Jan 13, 2006 by bing722

I purchased this phone slightly used when I moved to weak signal area. My LG VX7000 had no bars and could not hold a call longer than 5 minutes, even next to windows. The 6015i had no trouble pulling in a signal anywhere in the apartment (at least 1 - 2 bars).

- Receives and holds a signal even in fringe areas
- Light
- Tri-mode
- Speakerphone
- Decent battery life

- Keys too close together
- Menu layout tedious and confusing (maybe because I come from an LG background)
- Color display not very colorful, low resolution
- Call quality not as clear as other new phones

If you live in a fringe area with poor coverage, and you don't mind a plain phone, this is the one for you.

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