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Nokia 6015i / 6016i / 6019i


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I love it


Oct 25, 2004 by danaross

This phone is great. Tri-mode, speaker phone, vibrate. What's not to like?
It totally works and is simple and easy to use. I had a Motorola V60i for two years - a great and elegant phone. I was ready for a candy bar. I'm tired of flip phones.

Reception is great, the voice activated dialing works really well. The games are really boring and I upload others. I don't need games anyway. The predictive text works really well and I like that it can learn new words.

Verizon generally has pretty boring phones but this one works really well.

an ok phone


Oct 9, 2004 by oleg106

This phone does not have many features and has very shady construction. The buttons are made of rubber and have number and lettres painted on them. The phone looks pretty cheap, but performs ok. I've had some reception issues when the antenna was not retracted. The antenna is very long and very tricky to retract. I used the phone for just a day and I will be returning it and going back to my old V60c.

Works fine
Battery life is good

Poorly constructed
Hard to retract the antenna
The screen looks horrible, it is big and has a very low resolution, images look very pixelated and washed out
Reception issues
Just 1 ring tone, the rest is music
Strange menus and features
The speakerphone can only be turned on after you dial the number, there is no special button for it as there is on V60s and other phones
Did i mention the screen quality is really bad?

piss poor phone!!!!


Apr 6, 2006 by compudude86

this phone should go down with all the other nokias we dont use anymore!!! it acts up constantly, the antenna jams, and the signal strength sucks. BUYER BEWARE!!!!

WOW...What a phone!


Jan 20, 2005 by yankeez

1. VERY good reception. Please don't insult your carrier by using your antenna!
2. Works VERY well with the DKU-5 data kit. I download pictures and songs into mine and it works great!
3. Speaker phone is great.

1. The keys are hard to get used to, but better than the 3587i.
2. Nokia needs to make some good OEM faceplates for this one. The After Market plates aren't worth a darn.

I got this phone through work, as I work for a wireless company. I just won a motorola 810 and will keep the Nokia.

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Nokia 6015i / 6016i / 6019i


Mar 14, 2021 by VHORocks


Three different names in ONE?! :O
OK battery life.
Nice quality.
Nice display.
Nice speaker.
Nice speed.
Nice reception.

No camera.

In sum, this phone is good.

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This Phone is my Spirit Animal.


Jan 5, 2015 by tiesan01

Carrier: Verizon

Like stated above in the title, the Nokia 6015i is my spirit animal. It is January 4, 2015, and I still use this phone on Verizon.

I have had several Android phones, two LG's, an old Audiovox, and one terrible, terrible Samsung. This Nokia has outlasted them all. No other phone has worked quite so well, or so faithfully as my Nokia.

Things to love: I love the old Nokia menu layout. I love that I can access the NAM menu on this phone and reprogram it. I love its teachable T9 for texting... And I love the janky, old pull-out antenna on top of the phone. While nobody's Nexus or iPhone 6 can get service in the basement dungeon that is my office, my Nokia sure can.

On the con side, the keypad wears out very quickly, and the actual circuit contacts need replacing after a year of heavy texting. I have so far been able to get it repaired by specialty shops with no problems. Another drawback is that the phone is outdated, and I wonder how long basic CDMA service on Verizon will continue to exist...

I know that my phone will stand the test of time. Question is, will it outlast Verizon's CDMA capabilities?

Durable phone


Mar 10, 2007 by Emento

This phone was a perfect phone in almost every way. It had a great ringer and vibrate was strong. The speaker phone is loud and clear. I had mine through some rough beatings; I dropped it hard on concrete, and spilled coffee on it by mistake and it still worked.

Nice size
Great ringer
Strong Vibrate
Very Customizable
Good battery life

Picture quality is not that good
Kinda big
Not alot of features.
Call audio is low

This phone is great as a phone. If you want features then don't get this phone. Let me just tell you that it is about 3 years old and my father uses it now- It still works fine too(he is the third owner of the phone too!)

Going Home (again)


Dec 1, 2006 by zartman

Since getting this phone on verizon in '04 I've had the Kyocera Soho then the Moto V325 which are each decent phones but I keep going back to the 6015i 'cause it does "phone" like no other and I prefer candy bar style. When this phone quits or VZ no longer supports it I'll be depressed and perplexed when picking something new unless VZ releases a simple, functional bar or slider.

PRO: Everything

Con: Maybe the resolution for some folks.

Simplicity and signal strength.


May 28, 2006 by compu44

I bought this phone after owning a Nokia 3586i. That phone was the best i'd owned. Never acted up, great signal, and good battery life. It was really a welcome change after owning Motorolas that constantly gave me trouble and dropped calls. My 3586 was in fact, working so well that I didn't really want to replace it, but since my carrier (First Cellular of Southern Illinois) is getting bought out by Alltel, I wanted to be sure I was under contract so I could keep my $39.95 unlimited anytime plan as long as posisble. With a new contract I had to get a new phone, so I chose the 6015i.

So far (about 2 weeks) it's been an awesome phone. Signal strength is slightly better than my 3586 was (and it was excelent). Voice quality is pretty good, although a little tinny, it is quite clear and plenty loud. Speakerphone seems to work pretty well, although it too is a little tinny. Ringers are plenty loud, and battery life is good. Plus, perhapps best of all, it has the awesomely-simple Nokia menu system.

To sum up:

-Signal Strenth

-Holds on to calls in weak areas very, very well.
-Has a speakerphone

-T9 predictive text works well

-Loud Ringer

-My standby battery life isn't anywhere near what's spec'ed. I'm getting about 4 days of very light use (less than 10 minutes/day) in digital service with pretty good signal. Nowhere near the 15 days advertised, but still good enough to me. Talk time though, is pretty close to spec'ed however. After about two hours of talking I still have 5 bars left (of seven).

-Phonebook is only 250 names. My 3586 was 500, seems odd that they'd take such a step backwards.

-I find it a little more difficult to dial by feel with this phone than the 3586 since all the buttons are shaped the same.

Overall it's quite a good phone, I doubt i'll be seeing any trouble from it for a long time to come.

Good Quailty Cell Phone


Mar 10, 2006 by kywireless

Got this phone cause of my Kyocera Milan KX9 had problems, this phone will at least get a couple of bars where the other one couldn't. Had a Nokia 2285 once, very good phone..just didn't like it being a tracfone. I'm using Bluegrass Cellular with this one in Kentucky. I live in a rural part of the state and reception is not the greatest here but at least I can make a call with this phone if I need too.


Nice feel in my hands
Love the keypad
Reception is good
Battery Life is Good
Screen is nice and clear
and bright enough

Nice clear Loudspeaker
Nice Loud ringer
Inexpensive phone


needs a higher resolution screen

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