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Verizon and Nokia have a great phone!


Oct 12, 2004 by djl31065

I have been using a pre-release of the Nokia 6015i for a few months. Previous to this, I used a Nokia 3589.

Call quality on this unit is Excellent! I hardly ever need to extend the antenna (the internal antenna works fine). With the unit's "Auto Volume" the volume is much louder than with previous models.

Audio from the speakerphone is very loud and clear.

Analog mode also works very well. Excellent battery life.

The speakerphone needs to be turned on after a call is initiated (it cannot be left on continuously).

The volume control is on the front of the unit. This makes it a bit difficult to adjust the volume during a call.

It's OK


Mar 29, 2007 by nerm00

I have two of these in my family on the US Cellular System.

You really have to be used to Nokia's menus to use this phone easily.

Call quality is OK. It doesn't always get a strong signal where some of my colleagues with different phones get good signal strength.

Speaker phone
Voice commands

Message notification



Feb 10, 2006 by zackery9419


Excellent battery life (I've gone up to a week without recharging it.


No internet. i have the nokia 6016i and you can't download any ringers. :-(

No camera. Nor can you get pictures.

Bad screen resolution.

heavy and bulky.

faceplate keeps falling off.

Overall, i would not suggest this phone.

used to like it


Jan 15, 2006 by rebos

When I got this phone last year, I really liked it. Now, I can't stand it another minute. After about 3 months, it started to get hard to press the keys. Either nothing happened, or multiple numbers would come up. This was very frustrating when trying to navigate an automated system where you have to enter account numbers and such. Also, the reception is getting worse and worse. It was pretty good when I got the phone, now I drop calls all the time. If you want a good, basic phone for a very short period of time, this is the phone for you. If you want a phone to last until it's time to renew your contract, stay away from it. I'm going to pay full price for a phone, just to get rid of this one.

There is no better phone


Nov 7, 2005 by randyder

You want a phone that works for you with great reception and call quality every time, spend $49.00 and buy this phone from best buy.
You name the phones out in the market for verizon net work, I've had them, none has as good reception and ear volume as this one which to me are most important facts when it comes to cell phones.

Good Phone In An Accessible Way.


Apr 27, 2005 by lpnalda

I got this phone from Verizon as a prepaid phone and like the fact that the screen is bigger width wise than a lot of the flip models. It doesn't have get it now or web features, but you can send text messages with a large bold font size. I also like the screensaver which is a big digital clock and if you set the time out faster than the backlight timeout, you can see it with the backlight on. The buttons are also larger than a lot of phones as well.

The audio is excellent both through the handset and speaker. You can set different ring tones for everything it seems and the organizer functions are really nice. It also allows you to change the color theme of the menus as well which also adds to the visibility factor.

Nokia 6015i


Feb 22, 2005 by Mark_S

This phone purely performs as it was intended to. An entry level bar form phone to make and receive calls. Reception and sound quality are the best I have heard from alot of CDMA phones. Is that not what a cellphone is supposed to do? Battery life is superb, has a speakerphone, voicedialing feature, intuitive phonebook. I would gladly sacrifice a flip-phone with a camera for this one knowing I can make and receive my calls where and when I need to. Forget showing off to your friends that you have a so called "cool" looking flip LG, Samsung, or Motorola. Even though Nokia has yet to still get more phones into the CDMA realm, Nokia, and this one in particular for CDMA (Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless) does its funtion well and with no issues...........

6016i - Excellent value


Feb 15, 2005 by Chinasaur

Purchased for $150 and is excellent value. The earpiece quality is good but the sound from the headphone jack with a good headset is fantastic. Extremely clear. Excellent reception. Loud ringers. Excellent battery life right out of the box with no conditioning needed.

Only two "ringing" tones, the rest are kinda cheesy midi tones. Typical Nokia menu. Case feels "plasticky". Keypad feels tilted to right and 3,6,9 keys sink further into body than other side.

Carrier is Sprint PCS. Purchased phone while on contract at corp that does not allow camera phones. Other phone is Samsung A-700. I actually prefer this phone as it is smaller, simpler, less obtrusive than my Samsung.

Nokia 6015i Rocks!


Jan 5, 2005 by johnny5

Since my Kyocera 2235 was dying a slow and painful death I began researching and reading about cell phones available with my Metro PCS service. I did not want the photo option...I already have a digital camera and phone photos are low quality anyway. My criteria revolved around reliability, good aethetics, voice dialing option, quality speakerphone, acceptable ring tones and ease of operation. Was originally seeking a flip phone, but none of the Metro PCS phones offered at the time could meet my criteria.

After two months of research I finally landed on the Nokia 60151 and I am thrilled! The display is bright and easy to read. The phone works brilliantly with crystal clear calls and the speakerphone actually works quite nicely on this unit. The battery holds a good charge and the phone has a classy, almost elegant look. What's not to like??

Easy to operate with a very well written user guide. This phone is just solid on all levels. If you are looking for games, look elsewhere...don't see any preloaded, although if desired I suspect they can be added. I don't use them so it's not an issue for me. I haven't used any of the calendar features yet.

The phone holds plenty of contacts and has a very intuitive classification system for the contacts. Can place contacts in groups, if desired, and can give each group a special ring tone. Wish it had capacity for more than 25 voice dialing options...that's really the only deficiency other than not being a flip phone. A solid/smart buy. Hard to go wrong with this unit for those just looking for an excellent performing everyday cell phone.

Excellent audio!


Nov 23, 2004 by horseladyy

If you just want a simple phone that WORKS, this is the phone for you. It has EXCELLENT audio, ear piece volume is the loudest and clearest of ANY other Nokia handset on Verizon Wireless, and trust me, I've used them all! It's small and easy to hold. I live in an area that only receives 800 mhz digital signal. That signal even fades in and out. Calls break up and drop here all the time, and forget ever using a phone in my house! Well, this Nokia 6015i has not dropped any calls or broken up when using it outside. I can even use it in the house, but occasionally a call will break up. This is not a problem with the phone, it's the signal in my area. Great phone if you aren't into a lot of features and you just want a phone that works!

The only con is that the speaker phone can only be turned on during a call.

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