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Better than I thought it would be


Sep 7, 2005 by babydoll1031

I've had this phone for about a week so far after I had lost my last one. This is an upgrade for me since my last phone I had owned for a yr and a half.

Extendable Antenna
Higher Volume Levels than previous 3325
Buttons easy to use
Battery Life
Ability to ignore a call

Screen too dark when not in use
Limited amount of ring tones

I will update my review in about a month after getting to know the phone better.
But I have no serious problems with it.

It's an alright phone for the price...


Jun 22, 2005 by agirlnamedgoo

...which was free! I didn't like the quality of the calls compared to my old V600. Also, I do a lot of text messaging and the buttons are hard to push and loud. Me being a student, I need a quiet phone so text messaging in class is a bit easier haha. I did like the ringtones and how it vibrates and rings at the same time. I'm going back today to get the Kyocera KX1 Soho today...I'm a flip-phone type of gal. But this phone is great for anyone who might be placing just calls...no texting. Also, the speakerphone is LOUD!

Best quality sounding phone ever owned…. so far.


Jun 2, 2005 by oogman

Best quality sounding phone ever owned…. so far.

Carrier: SprintPCS, San Antonio TX.

The best thing about this phone is the clarity and reliability (reception). The screen size and overall phone size is perfect. No flipping required. Buttons are large witch is great. Have not needed to extend the antenna, but it is good to know it’s there. Text size is perfect, easy to read. Awesome sounding speakerphone, I use it all the time. If you have a Sanyo or Samsung phone you will be amazed with sound quality of this Nokia phone. You well sound better to the caller and the caller will sound very clear. With this Nokia phone you don’t get that muffled loud tin bucket sound, as you do with every Sanyo and Samsung phone I ever owned. The battery life on this phone is awesome. I had the Nokia 6225i before this one, also a great phone, but horrible battery life. Plenty of pre-installed LOUD ringers.

Best Feature:
You can block incoming unwanted calls with this phone. No more needing to change your number. They call and hear your message. but you never get the message. It goes into some black hole. No guilt feelings because you never know if they called or not. It doest even show up when you check your messages. Since they here your voice message, they hopefully get the hint and stop calling, even if they don’t who cares because you will never know the difference. PS. This feature is under the security menu.

No Web. Not a big deal. I have subscribed in the past and found it to be a waste of money.
No camera. Had plenty in the past, cool at first, got old fast.
Wish it had rubber sides and rubber back dot like the old Nokia phones. Helped from becoming slippery.
Haven’t figured out user group settings. Not sure if it works.

Nokia 6015i


Apr 7, 2005 by pking

I switched over from AT&T and a Nokia 8265i to the Verizon Nokia 6015i. As the last review has sad “the difference is amazing”. The service is crystal clear and I can now use the Long Distant minutes at my house (I live in a canyon in the country). No more dropped calls witch is why I switched in the first place


- Clear Reception with excellent Voice Quality, Wow : )
- Good Speaker Phone
- Voice Dialing works great
- Contact lists easy to manage and use
- Good display
- Good battery life


- I wish it had a Great Speaker Phone


It’s just hilarious when people bitch about the lack of games and cameras in these reviews. Build your self a Kick A$$ Gaming PC and buy a Canon Digital Camera for that stuff like I did. It’s a phone not a toy.

Does its general duties


Mar 15, 2005 by Rezin

This is my first Nokia phone.
Before this one I have used and loved Motorola.

but the reason for getting Nokia this time was because I only had 2 choices for phones that were Bar shaped because Verizon has no selection when it comes to phones, they are behind in this area...as many know.

PROS:It has speaker phone

No annoying stub antenna. the antenna fits in to the shape of the phone.

It seems to be better shaped than the older big nokia phones

It locks the key pad automatically after about 30 sec.

It does seem to have better connection than most phones I hear even in a underground garage.

CONS: The speaker Phone is not as clear as it should be and you can only activate it during a call.
The speaker phone is not good quality especially when driving...also the person ont he other end can't hear you as well.

there are no side buttons for volume and such or short cuts...To do anything, you have to go through the menu which gets annoying.

The voice recorder is not the greatest you have to go through a lot to get to record and you only get about 30 seconds total of space...useless. (the motorola's is much much better an you can record at the push and hold of a side button)

The graphics color screen is terrible..
you may as well stick to a black and white screen.
the font is big and ugly and you have no option to make the font smaller (in motorola you have the option to zoom in or out to makethe text smaller)

The battery dies fast when Roaming. It will die in a day, Even if you don't use it at all! I know this for I work temporarily in Canada. and I have to charge it literally every night.

overall though the phone does what it is supposed to do in general and your calls do not drop.

If you have a choice I would wait just a little to get the next Nokia if you want to get a nokia with a speaker capability. if you need one now this one is okay, you will last.and it is a bar phone and for now bar phones that are AMPS/CDMA verizon capable are limited.

Awesome Little Phone


Dec 27, 2005 by jlp0712

This is my first Nokia phone. I had a Motorola i205 which was the worst phone ever. The signal quality is great. I bought this phone from and it was only $39.95 CHEAP!!! Anyways in the central Texas area with simple freedom service i get great reception most places.

Brite Screen
Great MIDI tones
Little doesn't way much
Loud speaker phone
voice dialing and voice commands actually work even with background noise

Low Resolution Screen

Nokia, the Volvo of the phone industry!


Feb 24, 2005 by sweetie_jm21

Guys, this isn't a pretty phone and it doesn't have all the newest "stuff", but it does have something it's compeditors are lacking, dependability. It gets great reception in the country and better reception in the city. I have yet to meet its equal in that. The speakerphone is so loud and clear that I use it as handsfree in my car. No need for extra equiptment. But if you must have that sort of thing, this little phone delivers. Handsfree devices are crystal clear. The ringtones a really loud and the vibe is very powerful, I haven't missed a call yet. The menu is very user-friendly (more as if you've a Nokia before).

One might wonder if I have anything bad to say about this phone, right? Well, there are a few minor things. First, my keys have been sticking, and that isn't good. Also, you can't asign a downloaded ringtone to an individual without putting them in a caller group first. This wouldn't be a big problem, except there are only groups and you can not creat new ones. Other than those two things, I really can't complain. The 6015i has been good to me.

Kickass reception, best VZW currently has to offer


Jan 20, 2005 by beerMe

This is the phone I got for my wife after we ditched our lousy LG VX4500 phones that didn't work where we live. This phone absolutely rules! No camera, no flip, no problem. If you just want a phone that works all over the place, look no further.

* Best reception of all current VZW phones. I sell VZW phones for a living. I always pay close attention to which phones work best because we live in a rural area where reception can be a real issue. This phone works without breaking up or dropping calls even in our BASEMENT -- a lot of other VZW phones won't even work upstairs in our house.
* The extendable antenna is unobtrusive when it's not extended and it gives an extra bar or two of signal when it is extended.
* Speakerphone is a useful feature, though this speaker is not as loud or as clear as the one on my Motorola V710.

* Cheesy Nokia software. They've had the same lame menu system since the 5100 series (or before, possibly.) This is the only reason I didn't give this phone a perfect 5. When will Nokia make a phone that is as easy to use as a Samsung or LG? This is not a good phone if you are too dumb and/or lazy to figure out how to use it.

Overall, if you are more impressed with gadgetry than you are with reception (or if you live in a metro area where signal is never an issue), don't buy this phone. If you live in cow country like I do, and reception is tough, then this should be your very first choice.

Not bad...


Apr 2, 2006 by ShadowScorpion

After some problems with my TDMA Nokia, I decided to give Virgin Mobile a chance. Ironically, I found an ad of a 6015i for sale, so I bought it. This isn't my dream phone, but so far it performs quite well, and Virgin Mobile's airtime rates are certainly better.

So! Off to pros and cons.

- Tiny, but fits well in the hand.
- The keyboard has a stunningly beautiful BLUE backlight!
- Virgin Mobile's airtime rates are great
- Good sound quality (Virgin Mobile Canada, using Bell Mobility's network)
- Vibrate is just strong enough
- Good battery life
- Analog service
- 1xRTT capability

- Service is supposed to be in the 850 and the 1900 CDMA bands, but so far I had service only in the 1900 band.
- Signal strength is a bit weak (I barely reach four bars, but still can make and hold calls)
- The factory ringtones are frankly boring, either keep it on vibrate or download some custom...
- 12-bit color screen (16 would have been better)

Overall, a nice little phone.

Very good phone


Nov 11, 2004 by ryanb4321

I received this phone free through the company I work for. I had the choice of the kyrocera or this and I choose this. I am not for flip phones because that is one extra step you have to take to take a call. Anyways this phone works really good I have bog hands and I would have to say I thought the antenna was going to be hard to get out but it is not at all. In fact after you pull it out fot a while it will loosen and become easier. The battery life is above average IMO it lasts quit a while. All in all this phone is perfect for me and what I need it for to call people and not take pictures of them that is why i have a camera. Hopes this helps.

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