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the sanyo 8200


May 29, 2004 by blackend sights

First off I will mention the cons since I only have such small space.
- no video camera like the 5500
- features are still weak and hard to manage through as a sanyo usually is
- with the ready link you can not program ringers like you can in the phone
the biggest con that will make you miss calls "when ending your vision or ready link call your phone is still connected to the Internet for a minute and a half before it shuts it self off so that you can make and receive calls" all vision and ready link phones are that way
- like most phones you can tell when your in a spotty area of coverage, you would hear the convo. start to break up on your end. well with all sanyo's you still can't. the only way to tell is by the person on the other side of the convo. saying that your breaking up and by that time its too late you've lost the call. on the bright side of that note if you press the talk button 2 times you can redial.

pro's are everything that is mention in the features work great i simply added what's missing in the phones all sanyo phones. and of course if you ask a sprint rep they'll tell you different that's why i lost my job with sprint

Very Cool


Oct 21, 2004 by Silverado_98

OK maybe I am a little inexperienced with Sprint, being that I went from a Nokia 5185i 4 months ago and got my Blue 8200. but overall It is so cool. The ringer volume is so easy to mute in certain areas via the use of the volume key on the side. The flashlight feature is very good for finding your keys at night. The camera could be better But hey its just a phone right not a professional camera. The ready link is cool for trips when you have multiple cars going the same place because you can reaylink up to 5 people at the same time. The ability to use Real song clips for ring tones is just so cool. I like the feature of the side keys having multiple functions as well. Like the volume is the flashlight when closed, ringer volume when open and earpeice/speaker volume when in use. as well as the speaker button on the side so you don't have to open the phone to talk. Overall I do beleive the 8200 is a very well built and engineered phone but as always No Phone can Fully please everyone.

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Jun 10, 2004 by Missa13

Great phone - except for:

- camera does not take great quality pictures. They come out fairly nice but the resolution is not the best.

- you cannot send every picture you take ("Saved to phone" file does not allow you to send those pics)

- battery life is very weak

- camera takes a few seconds to start up - so you would not be able to take a pic of something that is happening quickly unless you are prepared - however, pics in motion do not come out great with this phone

- ringer volume on some ring tones is VERY low

This is my first Sanyo phone and I am quite pleased. Other than these few minor setbacks the phone is great!

Have had 2


Sep 1, 2009 by narn3049

both phones were fabulous and had great reception

great ringtones
great rigners, to download, loud
no video
quick text and cool phone overall

it was emerald green, and you can find them, red silver or also blue. 40 dollars if you signed up with sprint then but i know now they are discontinued

i loved this phone


Jun 5, 2008 by yanezrochelle03

this phone lasted me 3 years b-4 it stoped working and i just took it down to the sprint store and had it replaced with no problems it is a great phone

pros everything is great about this phone i like how there is 2 different spits to store pics so you can have a lot more and the phone rings really loud if you have a good ringer on it but anyways i loved this phone I'm gonna miss it

cons it doesn't have video rec. and you cant receive videos that is my only complaint

service is great any where i went it never cut out on me thanks sprint



May 17, 2007 by abcphoneguy

This phone was a tank...that's all i really have to say abou it.

What's up Sanyo?? FIx your flimsy charging ports!


Feb 20, 2007 by OliviaC15163

I got this phone a while back but I wanted to know... Am I the only one who finds Sanyo's charging ports cheap and flimsy? I have had a total of 4 Sanyo phones, all with the same basic design, and every single one of them has ended up with a bad charging port.

First, I had the PM-8200. I had my first one for < 2 months when the plug messed up. I would plug in the charger and hear the "beep" to let me know it was getting power. then it would been again, to let me know it LOST power. I'd go on and on with this till I finally gave up! I took the phone back to Radio Shack, and they gave me a new one.

The second one lasted longer, but eventually ended up trash too. I had it too long to return it :(

SO after that, I bought a different brand phone. I didn't like that phone, so I went back to another Sanyo. I thought surely they weren't ALL bad and I just had some crummy luck.

Well, my luck didn't change bc the same thing is happening to my current phone! I was thrilled that my new Sanyo came with the wide plug instead of the pin plug. The guy at radio shack said the pin plugs were causing some problems, so this one should be better. Once the wide plug messed up, I began using the pin plug and it's messing up now too.

My husband also bought a scp-3100 and had the same prob. So that's 4 phones with the same problem.

So now for something positive.

Pros: the phones work great, they do what the say they'll do, and reception is clear. All the different Sanyo phones I owned had different features... but I mainly used my phone to TALK. Besides my plug problem, I would have been happy with ALL of these phones! They don't take great pictures, but I have a nice digital camera for that so who cares.

I am about to purchase a new phone when my vi-2300 dies completely...) i can still wiggle the cord and lay it down so carefully! and it sometimes keeps a connection!) I like the new Sanyo SCP-8400, and it has great reviews... dare I try another one?



Jan 27, 2007 by danielson1824

I have had this phone for almost 2 years. The phone was great the first year I had it. The second year showed the phones true colors. The first thing to happen is the pinhole charger went out. I went to a Sprint store to find out what to do. They told me that the PM-8200 was built with a fault pinhole charge port. I spent nearly 15 minutes every night messing with it so it would charge. Sanyo came out with a charger for the data port on the bottom of the phone to charge the phone. 3 months after the charger problem the END button quit working. I would have to sit and click it about 30 times before it would clear the screen. It was rather annoying. After that the phone quit shutting properly. There is something wrong with the little button at the top right of the keyboard where when pushed it shuts off the main screen and lights up the outer LCD screen. When you end a call with someone and shut the phone it doesn't end the call unless you push the top part of the phone from side to side. Not only that but it kills your battery in about an hour and a half. This phone has been nothing but trouble, I wouldn't recommend this phone to anyone! Sanyo did a horrible job on this phone!!!

Terrible sound quality was a deal-breaker


Nov 27, 2006 by xyzzy

I bought this phone secondhand to use with Sprint in Philadelphia. It has a decent feature set for a camera phone, BUT:

Test calls sounded tinny and hollow using the handset (OK through my Jabra wired earpiece). I ended up not even transferring my service to it, and reselling it.

This phone isn't worth your time


Nov 11, 2006 by skatepunk493

Okay. This phone really does suck. I've went through 12 of these since April. 12!
-good camera
-loud speaker
-user friendly
-sprint is good

-Horrible battery
-Charging ports stop working
-Battery says its full and it dies in 30 seconds
-gets really hot. I mean REALLY hot
Not worth your time. I spent 80 dollars on this piece of crap.
Go with the samsung a960! I gave up with sanyo and got this phone for 30 dollars

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