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Love it


Jul 27, 2004 by heatheraleigh25

I bought the this phone about a month ago and its my third phone with sprint and its my favorite above all. Me and a friend went on the same day to get our phones she with Cingular and she got the Motorola with cam and i got the 8200 she got back with hers first and then i got mine and at first glance she wanted mine. My phone does so much more than hers. I love the being able to have friends and family's pic on the phone when they call so all i have to do is see who is calling. I really love the buddy guy who walks around on the screen hes cute like to see what he does next. I just bought some skin covers for the phone and cant wait to use them did not know they had that for my phone. I have had nothing but fun with the phone since i bought it and it keeps giveing me joy.

-love the colors better than any phone I've seen.
-love the cam great pics even when i send them to my email on the puter.
-love that u can make a call with the phone closed. just by programing the name with a number in your phone book. so when I'm driving i don't have to look at the phone just say the name and it dials for me.
-love the speaker phone.
-have the 2 way link just don't know anyone with it yet to use it.
the battery has a very long life unlike the old one i had.
-enjoy that i can download my favorite songs for ringers and have a different one for my friends
just an over all easy phone to use.

-the only thing i don't like about the phone is that when closed u have to hold down the .)) button to be able to do anything else with the phone when closed i forget to do that and it makes a bad nose its the key gard so any help getting that off would help.

hope that you enjoy your phone as much as i do.

The FIRST flip phone I actually love!!


May 30, 2005 by Talderon

Well, I work in the wireless industry. I have also been a phone tester for many years and have had many phones that never made it to market.

I never got the chance to test this phone, but from what I have heard and read, I decided to buy one. I LOVE IT.

Ok, it's not perfect, but it's close.

A lot of the other reviews go over pro's and cons, and for the most part, they are spot on.

I think the only thing that keeps me from giving this phone a 5/5 is the navigation system.

Ok, I use to be a Nokia man, and am used to the one click from the phone book, same with this phone, but a HUGE draw back is the navigating through the menu to get to recently called numbers. On Nokia, you hit talk, and you can scroll through recently dialed, on this phone, you have to go through the menu. Not do good when there are numbers I call a lot and am used to going this way to get to them.

The Color display is very sharp, and the outside color display is a great feature. Ok, the Polar Bear "Buddy" is fun and cute and entertains me some. :o) Although, the lack of the ability to get new ones is a bummer.

The camera is nice and the flash is a cool feature, but, not too functional in mid-light areas, Low light, it's pretty functional.

Voice dial and voice memo, nice and works great.

With a Data Cable and BitPim, you can do some really nice things with this phone and a PC for Pics and Ringtones.

Multiple colors available make this phone pretty cool for people that like to match.

Sound quality is great, but the speaker phone can become somewhat distorted when turned up load in some instances, but I guess this cam be said for any speaker phone, cellular or not.

Battery life is nice and seems to last a good while when I am talking a lot, and I use the phone a LOT when at work.

The alarm clock feature I use, and I love, so good job on that one.

Well, I don't know what else to say about this phone other than, I LOVE IT!!!

I hope you find my banter here helpful. :o)

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Fabulous upgrade


Apr 27, 2004 by Jedi8100

I just picked up the 8200 over the weekend and it's a great upgrade from my last phone. I carried the LG 5350 for over a year. That's a good phone, but the 8200 has so much more. Its 32-chord ringers are just shy of the 40-chord ringers on the 5350, which was the main feature I liked.

The camera on the 8200 is solid, providing very vivid images despite its limited resolution (640x480 at best).

The signal quality, like on all Sanyos is great. The PCS Vision speeds are a vast improvement over my previous phone.

I like that Sanyo has again offered three colors as it did with the 8100. I picked up the midnight blue version, which is really sharp. It's a nice change from the standard silver. I have yet to see the red one, but I'll bet it's also very sharp.

I'm thrilled with the speaker phone. It has great volume and the microphone can pick up from about five feet away. I used it for the first time today with great results.

I haven't used much of the Ready Link as yet, but I expect that will work just as well.

Everything about this phone is fabulous. It's a great upgrade from any earlier PCS phone or and even better way to start as a new Sprint customer.

Very good with some issues


Apr 27, 2004 by jokerb

Overall, I really like the 8200. My only other phone has been the SCP-4500, which I've loved and has treated me really well.

The 8200 has great features, great size. Menus are very easy to navigate. The screen is great and bright. The camera is perfect for what it is (a camera-phone...nothing more).

There are a couple of complaints I have:
- The sound quality at higher volumes does deteriorate. More so on the handset that on the speaker.
- The buttons are completely smooth against the phone, so it's quite tricky to dial without looking at the phone.
- Although the speaker is loud, the ringers aren't quite as loud as they could be. On my old 4500, the loudest setting was painful indoors, and perfect outside walking around. Inside, the 8200 is just loud, and outside, I can miss a call while walking outside on a crowded street if it's not on vibrate. This is even more dramatic on the downloaded ringers, since they tend to be sampled at a lower volume.

So overall I like the phone. I wrote more about the cons than the pros, because you can read all about the features of the phone, and they work beautifully. Every feature in the specs works as well as you could hope for. But if you're going to spend most of your time on the phone where there are going to be ambient noises around you, it may not be the best phone for you. Otherwise, it's a fantastic phone.

(One little warning. There are buttons on the outside that can do things when the phone is closed, like activate voice-dialing, or take pictures. But if you hold the volume-adjust button, when the phone is closed, it turns the flash of the camera on to use as a flashlight. Strange feature, but I figure this out when I was playing with my phone in a dark room. Scared the heck out of me.)



May 7, 2004 by getrdone121

So i just got the sanyo8200 yesterday and i love it. i had the samsung vga1000..NEVER GET A SAMSUNG, THEY SUCK! it was so heavy, so big, the pictures sucked and the signal on the phone was not good at all-always cutting out on me. i had a sanyo8100 back last summer, the best phone i have ever had and i have had 9 different phones in the past year and a half. i dropped it, got it wet, did everything to it and it still worked fine. all my friends like this phone. i like it because so far i haven't seen anyone else with it, however im sure that'll change in a few months. the picture quality is good and the speaker phone i love, i like being able to shut the phone, put it in the pass. seat of my car and just sit there and talk, its a safe thing to do, kinda breaks up but its worth it. over all i would have to say that sanyo phones are by far the best, they have the best picture quality and that best signal. YOU GOTTA HAVE ONE!

Great product!


May 24, 2004 by ralph0722

This is my first Sprint phone and Sanyo product. And i must say I'm very satisfied with the phone. Not the coverage of Sprint. But I'm here to talk about my Sanyo not Sprint coverage. Well i did some research about Sprint products and this PM-8200 one took my attention.

-Great battery life
-Refined, smooth feeling
-Awesome dual 65k colors screens
-Feature packed
-Great camera resolution and flash
-Awesome speaker phone
-Ultra high volume in both ear piece and speaker phone
-Speaker phone works with the phone closed
-Look stylish and cool
-Mine is silver, i wanted the blue one but it was out of stock at the time.
-Text messaging is a breeze
-High quality plastics
-Calendar, appointments, alarm, calculator, games, world clock.

-Circular center Menu/Shortcuts are badly labeled and programed, in normal cell phones the Phone book is located in the lower arrow but is this Sanyo is oddly located at the right arrow.
-Button layout are smooth against the surface and there impossible to dial without looking. Same to text messaging.
-Ugly green colored keypad light
-The TALK button does not have a last 10 dialed calls, so it only shows the last one only. You gotta go to the phone book all the time to search the latest dialed calls...personally is the thing i MOST dislike about this Sanyo.
-Cheap, spartan wallpapers and ring tones.
-Ugly antenna

My cons are a personal taste matter, it doesn't necessarily bothers other people. But i LOVE my Sanyo. Its very sexy and refined and reliable. I suggest people to first research in the Sprint web site to see the offerings and to go in a free day without hurry and play with all the cell phones so you can make a wise decision. Remember: Informed customer are happy customers.

Brilliant piece of modern technology.


Jul 2, 2005 by harrisk5721

The phone is beautiful looking.
It has a built in two way radio that works well.
it takes great pictures.
It is very fast and has nice user friendly menus all lit up in animated color.
Super Reception !

ringer is very low..

Over all I Really love this phone.
Sanyo is top quality all the way!
Sprint Dealer



May 22, 2005 by futureky

I currently work with cell phones everyday with the joy of testing and checking out all functions of the phones that we recieve.
By far the best phone company to go with if choosing sprint is the SANYO lines.. You cant beat the technology, and by far the "Coolness" ratings.

I personally own the RED Sanyo 8200 and I love the phone. I've been in love with it since the day we received this phone in stores. Yes the audio quality on the ringers is a little scetchy...but its that way on the samsungs, or the lg, or hey...even the nokias also. The ringers that come with the phone can be described in one word. PLAIN... if ur getting it for the ringers dont.. they are plain and simple.. and the quality of the ringers downloadable from the vision site..are the reasoning behind the terrible sound quality.
By far for those of us that are in the states that dont allow use of cell phones while driving.. the speaker phone ROCKS!!!! its loud and clear. LOVE IT!@

The menu is simple to use.. and even changeable to put the actions that u will use most often in the order u would like.
The camera is not the greatest in the world but its not like it was advertised as one either.. take pictures of ur friends, frailly and save them. Put them to their phone # and see them when they call you a feature Im also in love with.
If your looking to go with sprint or are with them now u should beware they are NOT the best as far as service but this phone helps them out!! Go with the 8200 and choose your color!!

Great phone!


Oct 14, 2004 by mtomal

Just got this phone a few days ago and I could not be happier with it. I have service thru Sprint in Milwaukee, WI. Too bad that it does not have a function to scroll back and forward for the calendar screen saver. Otherwise it has great sound (I cancelled my Cingular service after one day). I got the red model & it is a beautiful design. Voice quality is excellent & more than enough volume (I have to turn it way down). Very sturdy hinge that my coworkers have praised. Very solid feel. I have owned cell phones since the "bag phones" and this by far is my favorite. I love this phone!



Oct 13, 2004 by godsend

I've had the 8200 phone for over 5 months now, and have been extremely pleased with the phone. The reception seems to be clearer (not much, but enough to notice), the phone is the right size and weight for me, and the combo camera/walkie talkie, external lcd was the biggest selling point, along with it's refined silverish sleekness.

I worked for two months doing home repair over the summer. Since that time, I've dropped my phone (with out case) off a four story building onto the grass below and there wasn't even a scratch or any looseness. Also, It's been through two rainstorms (i like to talk outside of my house a lot, and i sometimes put it down and forget to get it when i come inside), and somehow its not affected my phone at all. Maybe I've just got a super phone, but either way, i was impressed with it right there. Cell phones are not known to be water resistant, but this seems like you could take it down to the Mariana trench and back, and it would be just fine.

*LOVE the solid pull and click on the way the phone shuts close. There's not a lot of phones that seem to have that kind of high quality. It stays open when you want it open, and it stays close when you want it close.
*Love the huge screen, and the external
*the camera flash also doubling as a flashlight is an amazing feature.
*walkie talkie access was a major selling point
*speaker phone that is LOUD
*nicely sampled ring tones
*the vibrator lets you know its there
*ear piece accurately puts a little more bass in the frequency's to give the person speaking less of that "50's phone call speech"

Cons- keys are flush with the rest of the phone, making it hard to dial (that is, if for some reason you regularly dial without looking at the keypad...???)
*ear piece- it can be a little too basy causing it to distort if someone is speaking loudly to you. If people would stop automatically raising their voice while talking on a cell phone, it would sound natural on the 8200.

Solid phone

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