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A great phone


Jul 8, 2004 by brianb6603

My 8200 is my 2nd Sprint phone, my first was a 8100. I was very happy with it but in the process of doing a software upgrade it died. I was offered a 8200 for a replacement and of course I jumped at the chance!!! I have always been happy with Sprint cust. svc but as you can imagine I am elated with them now.

The 8200 is a real upgrade, same size screen but higher resolution (132x160 vs 120X145) and better looking to boot. higher res camera with more options, speakerphone that works amazingly well and twice the memory (my 8100 was FULL). I am also very happy with the reception I get, the signal strength bars have been recalibrated from the 8100. It went from to 4 bars fast, the 8200 shows less signal but it works better in marginal areas, At my desk at work the 8100 barely worked but the 8200 doesn't skip a beat. The other thing I like is that it is thinner, not a lot but in the pocket it helps.

the speakerphone breaks up at louder settings
Ringers could be louder at higher settings

I strongly recommend this phone to anyone who might be looking for a phone

A really nice phone


Jul 5, 2004 by Tony_Alex

I just bought 2 PM 8200's. So far, it's the best phone I've ever owned. The majority of the comments about it on the net are great and I agree. Sprint is my provider and I am satified with them except they really nickel and dime you if you want to use all the phone's features. However, they will work with you and have some decent plans. The cust svc rep was great and gave me some great discounts on the phone and took my old one in on trade. You owe it to yourself to talk to them about this phone. You may be suprised at how affordable it can be to purchase.

Great Features such as
-Camera(with flash)
-Readylink (Doesn't use airtime!)
-Photo caller ID
-In phone photo album
-Many Others
-Good quality phone

-Ringers (Sorry I don't want to be alerted to a call with the latest top 40 song, I just want a loud, annoying bell!)
-No data cable included
-No belt clip included
-Need to subscribe to "premium" services to use features such as internet, downloads, uploading of pictures, etc. You can use them without subscribing but it will cost more.

One last note. Sprint will let your try all premium services for FREE for the first two months.

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So Far So Good


Jun 8, 2004 by ThrustinJ

I just got my phone about 4 days ago and so far so good. I changed from a Panasonic Allure (sexy, barebones) and Suncom to Sprint and the 8200.

I got added to my girlfriends plan so I only pay $25 a month for shared 500 minutes (I never used my old 300) and unlimited PCS.

- Good signal even on 1 or 2 bars where I used to get 3 and 4 with Suncom.
- Adjustable powersaving features on almost every aspect.
- Charges quickly, low power consumption.
- Mulitiple shot camera; to make up for the delay the haunts all digital cameras. Though you may have to delete up to 14 pictures to get the one you want. I could have used it trying to take pictures of Ricky Carmichael at High Point.
- Speaker phone button, no menu fiddling.
- Clear screen, great graphics.
- Easy to navigate menus.
- Context sensitive OK button. Though you never really know what it will do, usually bringing up a menu you could have gotten one button over to the left or right.
- Custom quick messages for email (great for uploading pictures IMO).
- Feels really solid (my old featherweight Allure was, but this isn't clunky heavy.)
- Decent selection of stock ringers.
- Nice color selection (Red, blue, silver).
- Solid-colored plastic. Scrathes shouldn't be too obvious accept to feel.

- Extendable antaenna that doesn't really do anything (additional bar gainage).
- Slightly difficult to open with one hand.
- Sprint must offer two different mail services. One on the phone and one on mobile web. They are completely seperate. I haven't figured out how to use the web mail yet because...
- Sprint PCS is one of the most confusing, frustrating services ever.
- Super smooth key surfaces/bezel. No blind dialing. You'll learn positional memory like playing a trumbone.

In the end. Sprint PCS has some issues but the phone performs super without involving Sprint. The camera sports one of the best in it's class and the customization is also top notch.

Hopefully I didn't hit on any personal, idividual things.

Best Ever!


Jun 4, 2004 by Paint Guy

I bought two of these phones for my business use. I was promised good service from Sprint, and ease of use. I Got It!
The phone is extremely easy to use, and features that make figuring out the "new stuff" easy.
Sprint is not only clear, but seems to be most every where. Even out here in "cow country" or the sticks as most of you call it. Either way, it is a great phone for everyone who wants ease of use, and great reception too.
I bought these phones because I was un-happy with my GSM plan at Cell One. I ended up being a big Sprint and Sanyo fan.
My only negative is the battery life is too short. I use my phone all day, and would like a battery that lasts longer. But I can live with this as long as the service lasts.



Apr 29, 2004 by hitokiribattousai

This phone is really good. I used to have the 8100 and loved it dearly, but i just had to get the 8200. I work at Radioshack, and i know my phones. Nothing out there compares except the VW4500. The vision is faster, the readylink kicks ass, the text messaging is alot faster, and phone is smaller. Only qualms are - The shiny surface is prone to scratches, and reception isn't as good as the 8100, but the 8100 had the second best reception out there (under the 4900), and i love in a large area so its fine with me. BUY THIS PHONE!!! (preferably from me, i can use the commission lol)

Great Phone


Apr 29, 2004 by peteweber9

I love it

Camera is great i love the camera nice and clear

Ringtones are great too loud and clear loud voice ringers

Sound is great nice reception on the phone

I just switch from att to sprint i love it i also love the two way feature plus sprint is cheaper then att i have a a vision pack for unlimited everything Internet text messages picture messages so i love it and the phone.

great phone


Apr 19, 2004 by sweetlady314

this phone is so much better than my 8100. it has faster vision, sms text-messaging, a great speaker, and the ringers are loud. To me, the only con this phone has is that the keypad lights are still green.

Sanyo 8200 - Little, Blue, Different!


May 7, 2004 by jds6900

Last week I upgraded to the new Sanyo PM-8200. My previous phone was another Sanyo, the much loved 4900 speakerphone. Really the only reasons I upgraded to the 8200 were because
1. I wanted a flip-phone
2. I thought it might be cool to have a camera phone
3. it was blue!!!

So anyway, I have had my new 8200 for a week, and this is what I think.

I love the small size, the large, bright, hi-resolution LCD screen, the extra intuitive on screen menus, and the volume of the phone.

I am slightly disappointed with the quality of the camera (still pictures are still not as good as the ones from the VM-4500) and the battery life (Sanyo actually admits it has less battery life the 4900 - WTF???)

As far as reception goes, this phone is just different. In some areas it works better than a 4900, but in other areas it does not work as well as one.

Overall, I am very satisfied with my new pm-8200, but there is always room for Sanyo to make something even better.



Oct 1, 2004 by bkdbeanz7

this phone rocks.... i've had it for about 3 months now. the ringers are loud, clear, and good. the vibrate option wakes me out of a dead sleep! also having the high & vibe ring option has been one of the best things so far. I did send the pictures that it takes in to be developed & I could hardly tell the difference between the pictures from my phone & my digital camera!!!!!



Apr 22, 2004 by IVIatty

So far so good. Just picked up the 8200 today in RED, very nice color. Much smaller than the previous 8100, also love the software which is installed. As said before, 1 con about the 8200 would be the green keypad, youd think it would be blue. Other than that I am very happy with the phone, If it had VIDEO CLIPS it would be complete!

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