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the best phone so far!


Feb 16, 2005 by punk_indie_girl81

i 1st had the vga1000 by samsung. then my phone was lost/stolen and it was replaced with the sanyo pm8200. when i 1st heard that i wasn't getting the vga1000 as my replacement, i was a little distressed... until i recieved the phone. it it is great!
*i love having a flash on the camera, i can take pics in the dark and they will come out decent(not the best, but what do you expect w/the pixel quality). the pictures come out just fine for me.
*speakerphone is a great feature, it's loud enough to where i don't have to have the phone right in front of my face to talk with it.
*the animation(a polar bear)across the screen is really cute. weird, but cute.
*voice dial and the push to talk feature is cool to have, don't really have much use for it as of yet, though.
*alarm only goes off once(ok, maybe i should get up the 1st time, but i don't). my other phone would go off 3 times.
*not having video would be cool, but overall i am very satisfied with this phone and i would recommend to get this.

Good Mid-range phone


Feb 11, 2005 by racheybee

If you are looking for a mid range phone.. this is a good one. I like all the different colors it comes in (mine is red..a and by the way if you want a red one..hurry..the red won't be around much longer) Overall good phone-It sounds good and holds a signal just fine where I am in the southwestern part of VA and Northeast TN. The screen and camera are not as good as some of the higher end phones, although the camera does have a multi-shot function.. which i like. And I wish it did videos :( I would recommend this phone for anyone who wants to have some of technology but is not a techno junkie.

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Super Bowl phone but tinnitus in the huddle


Feb 5, 2005 by thebuck

Owned since 12/04 - East Texas;
camera features not tested
Speaker phone outstanding – works well with clamshell closed; much better than ear piece; would be perfect if full duplex;
Make voice phone calls with phone closed
Keypad yellow-green better than the blues, much easier to read, good layout;
Minimal no service areas; few dropped calls
Battery life – fair with reg. battery;
Pleasant interface/screen – bright & attractive colors, but not as crisp as VM4050
Good clamshell snap feels solid
Clear roaming indicators
Universal power connector
Get Body glove fusion case – unfortunately it hides the beautiful blue color of my phone
Build quality, overall appearance excellent

Requires 2-3 or below on ear piece, similar on speaker-phone, otherwise the vibration/echo is unbearable
Sorry ringers, no MP3
Phone is a little on the thick side
Alarm cumbersome to set, no indicator on main screen when set
Few default backgrounds
Menu structure somewhat confusing
No way to delete stock ringers/pictures or those downloaded thru vision
Ready link – I’ve seen Nextel and this ain’t no Nextel
Earpiece has indentations for nine holes – only three open, why??
Keypad not raised
Somewhat difficult to open flip with one hand;
Bottom arrow should be contacts; other three should be programmable;
Needs separate business and personal contact lists;
Web surfing doesn't cut it; uses half of screen on some sites
Easy to accidentally press multiple or wrong buttons while phone is closed.

Compared with 4500, 7300, 2500, 4920, Nokia 6230, and Mot. v551 and decided to stay with this phone in spite of its only MAJOR drawback - the vibrato.



Jan 25, 2005 by ciera23

This is my first Sanyo phone. Two of my friends have had Sanyo's for about 4 years and have been very pleased with them. In fact, my one friend has an 8100 and I cannot tell you the # of times she has dropped it and it just keeps on ticking!
Pros of the 8200:
-Great colors to choose from
-Love the external picture ID
-Easy text messaging (can use contacts to pull up addresses)
-Easy picture messaging
-Easy menus to follow
-So far, good battery life (i use about 6000 min. a month)
-Decent speaker phone
-Handy camera (decent pictures)
-Like the call alarm alot!
-Call screening is wonderful!(set this feature for when people call you from blocked id's and you can hear them leaving a message and if you decide you want to talk, you can pick up the call!)
-Quick web browsing
-Like the plastic holster because it keeps the phone from catching and flipping open (purchase separately)

Cons of the 8200:
-Calendar does not allow enough room for description (really irritates me!!! my old LG had tons of room to write)
-Not many spaces in the calendar function either
-Alarm could be better, goes off one time and stops
-If you haven't stopped whatever you are doing on the phone (calendar, calculator etc.) and just shut the phone, it says operating because it's still running the previous application
-Buttons when light up are a light green color, I miss the bright blue on other phones
-Cannot change volume with side keys
-Don't like that if you have a pic on the screen-saver, you cant see anything but the time, date is not displayed.

Overall, I am very pleased with this phone. I go through phones about every 6 mts. I have had Motorola's, LG's, nokia's and others. I am pleased with the size of this phone also, it's so easy to slip in my pocket. If you are not interested in the MM, this is the phone to buy.

Hope this helped!!!
These reviews helped make my decisions!
Thanks to all!



Jan 21, 2005 by eckounlmted609

this is absolutely with outta dought in my mind the best cell phone ive ever had. i just switched from verizon to sprint a few months ago and the phone i had with verizon, the LG VX6000 was horrible the only good thing about that phone was the camera. But with this phone it has a great clear speaker, the pictures come out clear and in a very good quality, you can save about 40 pictures on here(compared to the 20 on the LG VX-6000), i have not had one dropped call or been in one area with out service( even out in the middle of the woods it still had service when the LG wouldnt have had anyservice at all, and this phone actually works inside of buildings that other phones arent able to get service inside of ), and its a very styleish phone. over all i love this phone its the best phone possible its a must have . .

I Love It!!


Jan 11, 2005 by crazy x nights

Well, ive had this fone for about a week and a half... And what can i say, i love it! I was previously a nextel user and i will never go back... there fones are soo featureless compared to this phone... i havent had too many problems with typing on the keypad of the phone like most other users state... but thats my opinion...

Excellent Screen!
Camera takes Beautiful pictures!
External Color Display!
Loud Original Ringtones!

Keyguard when flip closed
Problem with sprint blingtones.. not loud at all

lights up green...
mediocre ringtones

all in all, i recommend this phone to anyone who considers buying it!... e-mail me if you have anymore questions! iiblaze95ii@yahoo.com



Sep 2, 2004 by Queerlyairick

If your looking for a good phone go for the 8200! I own a third party direct sales center that offers all major carriers and all of my business and personal phones are with Sprint. I just purchased 40+ of these phones to activate in place of all of the 8100's that I'm currently using. One of the best phones i have seen yet! no other carrier or phone can come close to that of Sprint or Sanyo.



Aug 29, 2004 by bluedice06

So far ive had this phone for a week. I absolutly love it. I love how u can choose from 3 different colors silver, midnight blue and red. I have the red.

Pros:Everything about it
Cons: None so far

Trailer park impracticalities


Aug 25, 2004 by wfasching

I got this phone because the reviews on this site said it was a good phone. I have been using cellular service as my primary phone for the past 4 years. In that time I have owned two Nokia phones that I loved. I decided to try a different phone and am begging to go back to Nokia. I have only had the Sanyo 8200 for a month. All the ring tones sound straight out of the trailer park! No practical tones to use for work. All have a porno music sound to them. Also, it is not as easy to change to a silent or vibrate mode as the Nokia’s. When you take this phone in public you want an easy way to make it quiet. Sanyo does not offer it.

The controls/menus are a bit tricky to navigate because of the pivoting control has the enter/ok direct in the middle.

The camera controls could be better too. I keep taking pictures when I try to exit the camera mode.

Overall, I love my old Nokias

Why all the praise?


Aug 9, 2004 by gripper

Distorded sound output at volume required in public places.

Impossible to open without pressing one of the external buttons.

Ready link good for some business but a silly for indivuals.

THE CAMERA IS THE WORST. Pictures have louse defination and are just plain fuzzy.

The rest is fine but gee wiz all that praise leaves me wondering.

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